WCW Monday Nitro (September 25, 1995)


Time for another old-ass episode of Monday Nitro because I’m a miserable old fuck who doesn’t have a ton of free time. Let’s check this shit out! We’re live from somewhere. I have no idea where exactly since Eric Bischoff doesn’t mention it. He’s joined by Bobby Heenan, Mongo, and Mongo’s dog, Pepe, who is dressed as a horse for some reason this week. Continue reading “WCW Monday Nitro (September 25, 1995)”


TNA Impact! (December 20, 2007)

impact logo tna 2004

Christmas has come early this year! The official IMPACT Wrestling YouTube channel uploaded the single greatest Christmas themed wrestling show of all time. I speak, of course, of the December 20, 2007 episode of TNA Impact. So strap yourself in for a review of 2007 TNA and all that that entails!

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Deonna Purrazzo vs. Matt Riddle (Beyond Wrestling & WWR Lit Up April 5, 2018)

This is Matt Riddle’s third match of the day according to commentary. He’s already faced Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr., the later of whom he bested a few hours earlier for the EVOLVE Championship.

Riddle and Purrazzo shake hands to begin. CODE OF HONOR ALL UP IN THIS MUG! Purrazzo goes for an ankle lock, apparently targeting the same limb that ZSJ worked over during their EVOLVE match. She then works an arm wringer for a bit.

There’s a bit of a playful tone to the early part of the match with each wrestler slapping the other’s hand away after exchanges or rope breaks, but eventually Deonna applies a Fujiwara Armbar and shit gets real.

Riddle goes for the Bro To Sleep but Purrazzo escapes and stomps on Riddle’s bare feet to take back over on offense. Purrazzo scores a near fall off a crossbody and seemingly has things under control but Riddle catches her on a headscissor attempt and powerbombs her. He follows with a knee strike with is enough to Purrazzo away.

Afterwards, Riddle explains to the crowd that he had to wreck shop on Purrazzo because she was kicking his ass and then offers to shake her hand.

Winner: Matt Riddle

This was short and probably a bit by the numbers but you can’t really fault them for that since Riddle had already been through two wars earlier in the day. I liked the story they told here with Riddle, either due to exhaustion or just not taking Purrazzo serious, ended up getting schooled for the bulk of the match until he finally woke up and picked up the quick win. [**½]

Brock Lesnar vs. Manabu Nakanishi (NJPW Battle Final 2005 – Day 11 December 10, 2005)

I recently decided that Manabu Nakanishi is my favorite pro-wrestler, primarily because he’s a mountain of a man that posts pictures of the insane amounts of food he consumes on Twitter. Because he’s now my favorite I figured it would probably be advised to watch some of his matches. This random match against Brock Lesnar for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship was a random thing that popped up when I searched for him.

Lesnar’s the champion here. Nakanishi takes the fight to him at the bell. This fucking rules. It’s just two big motherfuckers wailing on each other for a couple minutes before Brock Lesnar decides it’s time to have the Brock Lesnar Match™ and starts spamming suplexes. Shinsuke Nakamura’s in a tracksuit watching from the audience.

Eventually they end up out on the floor. Lesnar posts Nakanishi but gets distracted by Nakamura and Nakanishi blasts him from behind. Back in the ring Nakanishi goes up top and wrecks shop on Lesnar with a missile dropkick.

Lesnar gets back to his feet and Nakanishi hits a series of running double axe-handles that stagger Lesnar. He eventually manages to knock the champ off his feet. He gets Lesnar up in the torture rack but Lesnar hammers him in the head to escape. Nakanishi comes off the ropes but Lesnar catches him with a knee. Lesnar gets Nakanishi up and powerbombs him and then hits the F5 to retain in four minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Not a five star mat classic or anything, but this is everything I love about pro-wrestling. It was just two massive bastards hammering on each other. If this had gone any longer than it did it probably would have been less enjoyable than it was but a four and a half minute brawl between, to borrow a turn of phrase from JR, “two Brahma bulls,” is never not enjoyable. Plus the post credit stinger of Brock Lesnar talking about catching koi and smoking them so he could eat them is the sort of random nonsense promo shit I miss in 2018 WWE. [***]

WWF King of the Ring 2000 (June 25, 2000)

WWF King of the Ring 2000.jpg

Having been working through the awfulness that is WCW 2000, I decided to go and see how the other half was living and check out a WWF PPV from the same time. So why King of the Ring 2000? Because I’m also randomly watching all the Wrestling Observer’s worst matches of the year and this PPV contains the apparent worst match of 2000 which, given the shit I’ve seen on Nitros from that year, is truly an incredible feat. So let’s get on with the show!

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AWA ESPN Championship Wrestling (March 4, 1986)


The redankulous AWA Team Challenge Series pilot filled me with such joy that I’ve decided to watch the other limited AWA offerings the WWE Network has available. This is a review of an episode of AWA ESPN Championship Wrestling that’s clearly only on the WWE Network because it’s got rookie of the year edition of Shawn Michaels debuting on it. So let’s check it out!

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (April 20, 2013)

Saturday Morning Slam

Voice Over Guy welcomes us to a “heart-stopping” installment of Saturday Morning Slam. Somehow a show that promises to stop hearts is okay to show to small children but images of random blows to the head are no go.

Voice Over Guy continues by saying that Saturday Morning Slam GM, Mick Foley, is going to make a major announcement. Camera crews have apparently caught up with the GM, so let’s see what this major announcement is!

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