WCW Monday Nitro (April 28, 1997)


Ric Flair loves to fight with Big Boys That Love to Roughhouse! We get footage of him fighting and ultimately pinning Vader that apparently proves the point that Ric Flair is not afraid of Kevin Nash while also burying a dude who was no longer with WCW.

We go to the announce team for the evening: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Larry Zybyszko. They tell us that because of the NBA Playoffs, Nitro is only an hour long this week and then some bagpipes hit.

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Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Fit Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE WrestleMania 22 April 2, 2006)

Back before it was its own deal the Money in the Bank match was part of WrestleMania, like the Andre the Giant Memorial Colossal Jostle is now. This right here is the second one and for some goddamn reason it features Ric Flair in it. He’s like 56 years old or something and yet still gets superplexed off the top of the ladder at one point by Matt Hardy. I am surprised that his bones didn’t turn to dust after that move.

RVD wins and later does the honorable thing and cashes in in advance, challenging John Cena for the title at One Night Stand.

WCW Thunder (January 8, 1998)


In 1997 the WCW had done gangbusters. Nitro was one of the highest rated shows on TV or maybe just on cable. They were so successful and making so much money that they decided to add a another show to their TV schedule in addition to Nitro and Saturday Night and Worldwide and Main Event and whatever else they already had. That show would air on Thursday nights and be known as Thunder. This is that show.

This is the premiere episode so we get a pretty stacked card with something like three different title matches signed plus the Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff match from Starrcade ’97 in its entirety, which I sure the fans in the arena are going to love. So let’s take it away!

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Antonio Inoki & Ric Flair (WCW/NJPW Collision in Korea April 29, 1995)

In an industry where weird occurrences are the norm, perhaps one of the strangest events of all took place in April of 1995, when WCW and NJPW went to North Korea to hold two days of grappling in Pyongyang headlined by Japanese wrestling legend, Antonio Inoki, taking on the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair.

Sports Illustration had a pretty decent oral history of the entire thing a while back that you can read here.

Bob Backlund vs. Ric Flair (Georgia Championship Wrestling July 4, 1982)

This title vs title match saw NWA Champion Ric Flair face off against the WWF Champion, Bob Backlund, at The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. As was par for the course with bouts of this sort during the territories period, after 20 minutes the match ended in a double count out.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (WWF Prime Time Wrestling December 16, 1991)

During the match Shawn Michaels gets knocked out due to hitting the guardrail on the outside.  Fellow Rocker, Marty Jannetty (wearing an awesome Overkill t-shirt) comes out to help his friend and does so by rolling an unconscious Shawn Michaels into the ring to avoid being counted out.  Ric Flair promptly pins the unconscious Shawn Michaels.  Roughly three weeks later Shawn Michaels would kick Jannetty’s head through a window in Brutus the Barber Beefcake’s Barber Shop.

Val Venis vs. Ric Flair (WWE Sunday Night Heat January 2, 2005)

I have always been somewhat fond of the B and C-shows when it comes to wrestling.  Sure your Nirtos and Raws had all the surprising plot twists and shocking debuts, but things like Jakked or WCW Worldwide had really insane bouts between people you would never expect to have wrestled.  Case in point?  This 2005 match between the Nature Boy, Ric Flair and the Big Valboski, Val Venis.