Bob Backlund vs. Ric Flair (Georgia Championship Wrestling July 4, 1982)

This title vs title match saw NWA Champion Ric Flair face off against the WWF Champion, Bob Backlund, at The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. As was par for the course with bouts of this sort during the territories period, after 20 minutes the match ended in a double count out.

Kurt Angle vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (WWF Raw October 8, 2001)

Oh Invasion, why did you make so little sense?  Today we have Kurt Angle defending the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against “Alliance” Steve Austin.  Why did Steve Austin join the Alliance?  I have no idea.

Jim Ross makes up some on the fly bullshit while calling the match about Austin being obsessed with getting the WWF World Heavyweight Championship back and not actually giving a shit about the Alliance, which honestly is a pretty good reason for Austin to ally himself with the Alliance and clearly shows that Good Ol’ J.R. put a lot more thought into this entire clusterfuck of an event more than anyone else actually booking it.

William Regal (who was WWF commissioner at the time) randomly joins the Alliance in the middle of the match after spending the first half of the match being a dick to Steve Austin.  I wonder why William Regal never reverted back to Steven Regal after joining the Alliance.