WWE Saturday Morning Slam (February 23, 2013)

Saturday Morning Slam

My quest to watch and review every single episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam rolls on! Today I’m checking out the episode from February 23, 2013. As is always the case with Saturday Morning Slam, this episode begins with shots of the crowd as Voice Over Guy welcomes us and hyperbolically hypes up the matches will be getting this morning. WWE Diva Champion Kaitlyn will be taking on Natalya in the main event, but first one half of the Usos, Jey Uso, will be in action with the recently returned Jack Swagger.

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WWE Mixed Match Challenge (September 25, 2018)

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Logo

Time for another installment of the only main roster show I watch regularly: MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE! This is the September 25, 2018 installment which I missed because I moved and was redoing the interior of my new place and was staying somewhere with shitty internet for about a month. BACKLOG BAYBAY!

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (January 26, 2013)

Saturday Morning Slam

Time to check out another slamming episode of Saturday Morning Slam. Your cool-ass pal, Voice-Over Guy informs us that Kofi Kingston will compete in this morning’s main event, but first we’ll see The Miz going up against Darren Young in our opening contest. Apparently people have been waiting all week for this match after their backstage confrontation. If you say so Voice-Over Guy…

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (January 12, 2013)

Saturday Morning Slam

I’ve only got a handful of episodes of Saturday Morning Slam left that I’ve yet to review on this illustrious webpage so let’s check off one more and take an in depth dive into the January 12, 2013 installment. We kick things off with Voice Over Guy informing us that Randy Orton will be making his Saturday Morning Slam debut today and will be taking on Damien Sandow after their confrontation backstage during last week’s episode.

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The Conquistador vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dr. Winston Von Voorhees vs. El Hombre Sin Nombre vs. Franz The Belgian Waffler vs. Gregor Valkan vs. Stanislav The Squeezer vs. The Chilean Sea Bass vs. The Sultan of Shawarma vs. Thunder Montgomery (WWE RAW October 8, 2018)

So the WWE is heading back to Saudi Arabia for some more of that sweet, sweet oil money and this time around they’re apparently having a tournament to determine who the best wrestler in the world is. Baron Corbin, the Raw GM, decided to hold a ten man battle royal, the winner of which would get a spot in that tournament.

He put himself in the match and then filled the remaining nine spots with enhancement talent in 1980s style ethnic gimmicks. The match would see the return of WWE Legend The Conquistador alongside this bevy of local talent pretending not to be local.

The match was pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Baron made short work of the job guys while the Conquistador chilled on the outside. Conquistador then came in at the end and laid waste to Corbin with German suplexes and tossed him out of the ring and then revealed himself to be none other than Kurt Angle who picked up the win and qualified for a chance to get that Saudi money!

Winner: Kurt Angle

On occasion I like goofy bullshit like this. For an angle this match did it right since they kept it short and had the heel end up looking like an idiot. It also gave a bunch of dudes a chance to get on TV which is good for young dudes (and Flash Flanagan) trying to get that money! [NR]

WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 2 (September 12, 2018)

WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 logo

Welcome to night two of the 2018 edition of the Mae Young Classic. We start things off with a Mauro Ranallo narrated recap package of what went down last week in the Mae Young Classic before going to Full Sail for tonight’s matches. Once again our commentary team for the evening is Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Beth Phoenix. They go over a couple of the matches we’re going to see tonight before throwing it to…

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (January 5, 2013)

Saturday Morning Slam

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an episode of Saturday Morning Slam and I had 30 minutes to kill so I figured to rectify that and check out the first episode from 2013. Our pal Voice Over Guy informs us that the Tag Team Champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan, will be in action today…in singles matches against members of 3MB.

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