WCW Worldwide (January 7, 1996)


With Wrestling Society X wrapped up I need some other random-ass wrestling thing to watch during my lunch break at work and it looks like mid-90s WCW C-Shows is what that’s going to be so let’s check out this episode of WCW Worldwide from January 7, 1996.

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Kevin Sullivan & “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer vs. Zan Panzer & Robbie Idol (NWA World Championship Wrestling March 3, 1990)

Sullivan and Sawyer murder the two men unfortunate enough to have to face them in this match for a few minutes. Sometimes in a squash match the job guy will get one or two moves in before being completely destroyed, but that is not what happens here at all. Sawyer and Sullivan take turns manhandling Idol and Panzer who get in no offense to speak of.

The finish of the match sees Panzer get hurled out to the floor while Sawyer goes up top. He nails Idol with a big splash and covers him, but then lets him up. Sawyer goes back up top and nails Idol with another big splash. He makes another pin attempt but again lets him up. The ref thinks this is bullshit and disqualifies Sawyer for kicking too much ass awarding the match to Idol & Panzer.

Sawyer doesn’t seem to care and proceeds to choke out Idol before biting his ear. Sullivan storms off (in disgust according to the announcers) while Sawyer mauls Idol. A crew of wrestlers run out from the locker room to attempt to pull Sawyer off Idol but they are unable to do so.

Eventually Kevin Sullivan reemerges with a chain and all the guys from the locker room scatter. Sullivan chokes Sawyer with the chain and with the chain wrapped around Sawyer’s neck pulls him off Idol to bring an end to the carnage. Jim Ross, on commentary, says that he has no desire to interview Sullivan and Sawyer after the break.

Winners: Zan Panzer & Robbie Idol

This is the sort of shit I kind of miss in wrestling today. Sure guys who can do flips and shit are cool and a good addition to what wrestling can be but I miss scary motherfuckers completely and utterly wrecking house on hapless losers, which is exactly what happens here. [**½]

Meanwhile Backstage…

Back from break we get an interview with Sullivan and Sawyer. They are joined by the third man in their triad, Cactus Jack who more or less just lurks in the background while Sullivan rants about Buzz Sawyer’s mother being a nomad who wandered the deserts. Half of what Sullivan says gets bleeped out which makes it hard to follow what he’s talking about but I think that the story is that Sawyer was born in a wasteland and abandoned and then raised by wolves and thus is not responsible for the way he acts. It’s one of those promos that made the people involved in the promo seem like the most dangerous fuckers in the world and that rules.

WCW Monday Nitro (September 25, 1995)


Time for another old-ass episode of Monday Nitro because I’m a miserable old fuck who doesn’t have a ton of free time. Let’s check this shit out! We’re live from somewhere. I have no idea where exactly since Eric Bischoff doesn’t mention it. He’s joined by Bobby Heenan, Mongo, and Mongo’s dog, Pepe, who is dressed as a horse for some reason this week. Continue reading “WCW Monday Nitro (September 25, 1995)”

WCW Monday Nitro (September 11, 1995)


Sometimes you just want to watch a random 23 year old wrestling show with zero political implications attached to it which is why I watched the second ever episode of WCW Monday Nitro this weekend. Coming to us live from Miami, FL the hosts for the evening are Eric Bischoff, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, and Bobby Heenan.

We kick things off with one of the most important debuts in the history of WCW: the classic WCW Monday Nitro set. This is hands down the best non-PPV set in the history of this great sport. Come at me bro!

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WCW Monday Nitro (August 21, 2000)


We start things off with clips of what went down with Goldberg and Russo last week before we go live to Vince Russo’s office. Russo’s on the phone with “Scott,” imploring him to relax. Jarrett walks in and is all pissed off that Goldberg cost him the title last week. He wants Goldberg tonight. Russo says that everyone does and told him to go wait for Nash.

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