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Goldberg vs. Hugh Morris (WCW Monday Nitro September 22, 1997)

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Everything must have a beginning, and this match here is Bill Goldberg’s…unless of course you count dark matches, which we don’t.

Goldberg’s Streak Count: 1

Giant & Hulk Hogan (WCW Monday Nitro September 18th, 1995)

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R.I.P. Hulk Hogan’s motorcycle.

Ultimate Warrior (WCW Monday Nitro August 17, 1998)

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The Ultimate Warrior’s WCW debut.

Terry Funk vs. Vampiro (WCW Monday Nitro May 29, 2000)

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Terry Funk defends his WCW Hardcore Championship against Vampiro in a hardcore, no disqualification match that ends in a no contest when Vampiro douses the Funker in gasoline and tries to set him on fire. Sting comes in to make the save and Vampiro fucks off. WCW 2000!

Goldberg vs. Jerry Flynn (WCW Monday Nitro April 28, 1998)

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Were it not for the magnificence of Ellsworth, Jerry Flynn might be my favorite “enhancement talent” of all time. I love the way he bellows, “Get that camera outta my face!” on the way to the ring. Flynn would get some victories in his career, but they would not come this night.

Goldberg Streak Count: 78

Scott Hall & Kevin Nash (WCW Nitro June 10, 1996)

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“You been sitting out here for six months, running your mouth. This is where the big boys play, huh? Look at the adjective: play. We ain’t here to play. Now he said last week that he was going to bring somebody out here. I’m here. You still don’t have your three people. You know why? Because nobody wants to face us. This show is about as interesting as Marge Schott reading excerpts from Mein Kampf. Yeah, (you don’t want) no trouble because you know I’ll kick your teeth down your throat. Where’s your three guys? What you couldn’t get a paleontologist to get a couple of these fossils cleared? You ain’t got enough guys off a dialysis machine to get a team? Yeah, where’s Hogan? Where’s Hogan, out doing another episode of Blunder in Paradise? Where’s Macho Man, out doing another Slim Jim commercial? You want to say something? … Bring what you got. The measuring stick just changed around here, buddy – you’re looking at it.” – Kevin Nash

Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair vs. Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Monday Nitro October 4, 1999)

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I guess Sting and Luger are the heels in this match.  There’s a stupid run-in at the end where DDP comes in to attack Flair and Hogan but for some reason Luger blindly puts DDP in the torture rack thinking it’s either Hogan or Flair or something, regardless of the fact that DDP was wearing long pants (which Luger’s hand would have touched when putting DDP up in the torture rack) while Flair and Hogan both had bare legs. WCW ’99!