Wrestling Society X Episode 10 (November 13, 2007)


Well kids, it’s time to check out the final episode of MTV’s Wrestling Society X. This episode never actually aired on MTV and was only seen by the public when the complete series DVD was released after the show was cancelled. Let’s check it out!

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Wrestling Society X Episode 8 (March 14, 2007)


It’s a weekday and I’ve got a lunch break to kill so why not look at another random-ass episode of Wrestling Society X. Today we’re checking out the 8th episode of the show which, unless there’s more bait and switch, is going to be headlined by a big WSX Championship match between Ricky Banderas and the champ, Vampiro.

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Wrestling Society X Episode 4 (February 27, 2007)


It’s a work day and I’ve got a lunchbreak to kill, so let’s check back in with my favorite 2007 wrestling promotion that aired on MTV, Wrestling Society X! The show begins with the announcers hyping an upcoming Human Tornado match and then throwing it to Fabian Kaelin to “shout out” the opening match, and oh how he shouts it out!

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Wrestling Society X Episode 3 (February 13, 2007)


Apparently Wrestling Society X is like a tennis ball tube full of Pringles to me because once I popped, I find myself quite completely unable to stop. Today at lunch I watched yet another episode of this short lived foray into professional wrestling by MTV. It’s the third episode because that’s what makes sense to watch in terms of chronology. Let’s check it out!

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Wrestling Society X Episode 1 (January 30, 2007)


So I guess I’m back to watching wrestling. I don’t want to shell out money for the WWE Network right now because I could very well decide to go back to being a movie guy tomorrow so I think I’m going to stick with random junk that’s on YouTube which is why today I’m looking at the first episode of Wrestling Society X.

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WCW Monday Nitro (August 21, 2000)


We start things off with clips of what went down with Goldberg and Russo last week before we go live to Vince Russo’s office. Russo’s on the phone with “Scott,” imploring him to relax. Jarrett walks in and is all pissed off that Goldberg cost him the title last week. He wants Goldberg tonight. Russo says that everyone does and told him to go wait for Nash.

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