NWA:TNA Weekly PPV #45 (May 21, 2003)


I’m diving back into the old days of TNA with another one of their weekly PPVs. This is PPV #45 from May 21, 2003. Why am I watching this one? Because it was randomly on an external hard drive I found while cleaning up my office the other day. I have no idea what’s going on with TNA at this point.

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W*ING The Curse of the Barbed Wire Bat (June 4, 1995)

WING The Curse of the Barbed Wire Bat Title Card

It’s been way too long since I’ve reviewed any sleazy Japanese deathmatch shit from the 1990s so today we’re going to right that wrong and check out the W*ING tape, The Curse of the Barbed Wire Bat. Steel yourself for lots of brawling and dudes in dodgy monster masks bleeding profusely!

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ECW Hardcore Heaven ’95 (July 1, 1995)

ECW Hardcore Heaven '95

This is a show I’d heard a lot about back in the day when I was into real sleazy garbage wrestling and shit like that because of the Taipei Deathmatch but I’d never actually seen it until I got the WWE Network and watched it, which automatically makes it 90% less sleazy than it would have been if I’d traded a 3rd generation tape of the Big Japan Supermarket Deathmatch for a dubbed copy of this, but whatever. Let’s get extreme!

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ECW (June 20, 2006)


We get a cold open with a fortune teller (Shelly Martinez/Ariel/That Lady With the Boobs/etc.) using tarot cards to recap what happened on Raw the night before. Apparently ECW invaded and Sabu left John Cena bleeding. Tonight there will be a tag team event pitting Van Dam & Angle against Edge & Orton. For all the dumb shit WWE’s ECW did I think this is honestly a pretty cool way to recap a show.

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