Haystack Calhoun vs. Buddy Rogers (NWA Chicago April 14, 1961)

Headlocks and hammerlocks are the order of the day until Haystack invents the Fat Guy Wrestler move set and slams his girth into Rogers and nails him with a big splash. Rogers gets fired up and hits a bunch of dropkicks that send Calhoun tumbling out of the ring. A ring rope breaks and Calhoun and apparently bloodied, and stuck under the ring and thus unable to answer the rapidfire 1960s ten count. Probably one of the better fuck finishes I’ve seen recently.

Also the belt Rogers is wearing here I think is the same NWA United States Championship belt thatwould  become the first version of the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship a couple years after this match.


Jim Graham vs. Bozo Brown (NWA Chicago October 10, 1950)

Time for some NWA Chicago! Today we have the youngster, Jim Graham, taking on Bozo Brown. I don’t know who Jim Graham is/was, but Bozo Brown would go on to be “Spaceman” Frank Hickey and wrestle everywhere pretty much until he died in 1993 (some of his final matches were teaming with a young Brian “Grandmaster Sexay” Christopher).

The Code of Honor is not adhered to by Brown as the match gets underway, and oh what a match it is! If you like sloppy 1950s action with lots of hip tosses and rest holds this is the match for you. The announcer kind of improves it by delivering random sardonic one liners (“I’ll put gravel in your oatmeal!”) throughout the match, but other than that it’s a pretty bare bones match.

Graham ends up picking up the win when Bozo Brown goes out to the apron and gets counted out in ten legit seconds. Having watched a million WWE matches where the 10 count sometimes takes a full minute I have to admit that I was kind of confused when the bell rang seconds after Brown went to the outside.