Mick Foley

WWF Invasion (July 22, 2001)

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It’s time for the Invasion. I somehow missed out on this when it happened and haven’t seen it since, but I know its reputation. Everyone does. Does the Invasion deserve the amount of shit that’s been heaped upon it? Let’s find out!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt kicks things off for us, talking about war as clips of WCW and ECW dudes invading WWF are shown. This is really a weird way to kick off a PPV. Fireworks happen. JR welcomes to the Gund Arena as we get down to the ring for action.

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Kane vs. Mankind (WWF Raw Is War August 24, 1998)

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Attitude Era Checklist:
☑ Chairshots to the head.
☑ Thumbtacks
☑ A Stone Cold Steve Austin Run In
☑ Tag Team Champions That Hate Each Other
☑ Vince McMahon Involvement
☑ A No DQ Match Ending In A No Contest

Yup, this sure is an Attitude Era Monday Night Raw match…

The Steiner Brothers vs. Cactus Jack Manson & Rick Fargo  (WCW Saturday Night December 16, 1989)

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I love how the Steiners are all smiles and hugging babies and letting kids hold championship belts at ringside before beating the fuck out of Mick Foley in his WCW debut.

Mankind vs. Big Show (WWF Smackdown December 23, 1999)

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Triple H in a cage! McMahons feuding with wrestlers! Run-ins! A swerve! It’s the Attitude Era in all its glory!

Cactus Jack vs. Terry Gordy (IWA King of the Deathmatch August 20, 1995)

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Cactus Jack goes up against Terry Gordy in a Barbed Wire Bat and Thumbtacks match in the first round of the infamous Japanese deathmatch tournament.