WWF Super Astros (November 22, 1998)

super astros

On a Sunday afternoon in either late 1998 or early 1999 I was flipping through the channel when I came across some wrestling taking place within a WWF ring, though I wasn’t familiar with any of the guys involved in the matches…and the commentary was in Spanish. The show was Super Astros; part of the then WWF’s attempt to break into the Latin American market. The other day while randomly YouTubing, I discovered what appeared to be the entire run of the show uploaded in full, so why not randomly review episodes of a WWF show from the late 90s that aired on Sunday afternoons on Univision?

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Lucha Underground (December 3, 2014)


We begin things backstage where Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson is signing a contract with Dario Cueto. Dario tells him, “When I invited Johnny Mundo to Lucha Underground, I wanted to use him as an example that no matter the talent, the reputation, the flash, no one is safe. Put everyone on notice because violence is my favorite kind of entertainment.“ Champagne gets busted out and Big Ryck lights up a cigar.

It’s Lucha Underground!

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Lucha Underground (November 26, 2014)


Lucha Underground begins with Konnan, entering Dario Cueto’s office. The one time Wolfpac member tells Cueto that he stopped Prince Puma from coming into Cueto’s office and wrecking house on him after Cisco and Castro attacked Puma last week.

Dario offers Konnan a drink, but Konnan turns him down. Cueto tells him that Castro and Cisco for Big Ryck, not him and that he’s got no beef with Puma. Konnan then says that he wants a match…Puma vs. Big Ryck in a Boyle Heights Street Fight and asks Dario if he knows what a Boyle Height Street Fight is. Before Dario can reply, “I’m assuming it’s like a South Philly Street Fight or a Chicago Street Fight or any of the myriad of other geographically based street fights that exist in pro-wrestling,” Konnan tells him that it’s a fight, not a wrestling match and that anything goes.

Dario Cueto is amenable to this and agrees to the match and then goes to take a sip from his booze, but Konnan snatches the glass out of his hands and is like, “You know what? I think I will take that drink after all,” and then chugs it and leaves the office. Dario has a look of disgust on his face and dumps the ice and liquor dregs from the glass into a trashcan.

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Lucha Underground (November 5, 2014)


The gangbangers that took out Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma are already in the ring introducing themselves. They are known as Cortez Castro, Cisco, and Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson. One of the dudes is like, “We’re not here to play games. We’re here to beat people up and take their money.“

This causes Johnny Mundo to come running out and start wrecking house on the dudes in the ring. Ezekiel Jackson bails pretty quickly while Castro and Cisco grab some chairs to go wreck Mundo’s shit, but before they have a chance to use them, Prince Puma runs out to even the odds.

This prompts Dario Cueto to bust out of his office and do his best Teddy Long as Smackdown GM impression…

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Lucha Underground (October 29, 2014)


Lucha Underground begins with a masked man saving dude wearing a hoodie from a beatdown in an alley and then giving some awesome voice-over history lesson about the Seven Mystical Aztec Tribes and how they started lucha libre. The old man in the mask asks the hoodie guy, “Will you join us?” Hoodie guy seems to be into it. It’s time for Lucha Underground!

Meanwhile in Mexico…

A real sleazy businessman by the name of, Dario Cueto shows up at Triplemania and dumps out a briefcase of money to try and convince the AAA luchadors to come fight for him in America.

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