WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 7 (September 4, 2017)


As has become the routine, we start things off with a video package narrated by Mauro that highlights the road the eight quarter finalists have taken to get to this point before throwing it to JR and Lita at Full Sail. They run down the matches that will take place tonight and then we head to the ring for ring introductions as the action gets underway.

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WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 5 (September 4, 2017)


We’re kicking off Round Two of the Mae Young Classic. The wheat has been separate from the chaff so to speak as the sweet sixteen looks to continue their journey tonight. We get another hype video with Mauro Ranallo doing the voice over before heading to Full Sail where we are joined by Jim Ross and Lita on commentary. The remaining 16 women are on stage together as the show gets underway.

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WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 1 (August 28, 2017)


We start things off with a video package, narrated by Stephanie McMahon that shows us women wrestlers throughout history. We go from Mae Young and Moolah to Wendi Richter and Sensational Sherri. From Bull Nakano and Alundra Blayze to Trish, Lita, and Chyna before seeing the current batch of women wrestlers. It’s a pretty solid opening package and makes me wish that WWE did more documentaries and stuff on the network.

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Mickie James vs. Princess KimberLee (Chikara National Pro Wrestling Day February 6, 2016)

Kimber Lee is the Chikara Grand Champion here, but this is a non-title match. Decent grappling in the first few minutes before Mickie James gets annoyed at her inability to put Kimber Lee away and starts heeling it up. At one point she kicks Kimber Lee in the midsection and shouts, “NO BABIES FOR YOU!” which is horrible and hilarious.

Less than a year after this match took place both women would be in the WWE with Mickie James facing Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship in a one off match that impressed the powers that be so much she earned herself a spot on the Smackdown roster and Kimber Lee appearing in NXT where she has thus far appeared as “enhancement talent.”

NXT (May 3, 2017)


Match 1: Killian Dain (w/ Eric Young) vs. Danny Burch

Danny Burch tries to fight Killian Dain at the bell, unloading with some strikes and kicks that Dain more or less shrugs off before he beats Burch down. He hits a slam and a running senton that lay out Burch.

The crowd starts chanting “SHAVE YOUR BACK!” at Dain. Audience participation I can appreciate. Dain does not shave his back, but instead hits some elbow drops.

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