Lucha Underground (November 30, 2016)


We kick things off with a Previously on Lucha Underground reel showing us Black Lotus getting her arm broke by Pentagon Dark and then showing up with a gaggle of Japanese ladies to wreck shit on him. It’s time to Lucha!

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Kana & Minoru Suzuki vs. Syuri & Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Kana Produce ProMania Party October 7, 2014)

Before she became the longest reigning champion in NXT history and beat Goldberg’s streak, Asuka wrestled as Kana in Japan. On occasion she would play booker and book her own shows. This match is from one such card.

While other bookers/wrestlers would perhaps be more inclined to book themselves as worldbeaters, Kana here books herself to get roughed up by a 60 something year old Yoshiaki Fujiwara and on occasion, slapped around by her own partner, Minoru Suzuki in this mixed tag team match from 2014.

The World’s Cutest Tag Team vs. Tommy Dreamer & Ivelisse Velez (FWE October 3, 2014)

I’m a sucker for callbacks in wrestling.  When Kane mentioned electrocuting Shane’s balls this week on Raw I marked out a bit.  Similarly when Tommy Dreamer reverted to his “Gross Guy Who Puts Disgusting Things In His Mouth” gimmick in the midst of this intergender tag team match it put a smile on my face.

The gross thing in question is a lollipop that was in Joey Ryan’s mouth, on the mat, in Joey Ryan’s chest hair, in Joey Ryan’s trunks, and lastly in Tommy Dreamer’s ass.