Goldberg vs. Hugh Morris (WCW Monday Nitro September 22, 1997)

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Everything must have a beginning, and this match here is Bill Goldberg’s…unless of course you count dark matches, which we don’t.

Goldberg’s Streak Count: 1

WCW Thunder (January 8, 1998)

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In 1997 the WCW had done gangbusters. Nitro was one of the highest rated shows on TV or maybe just on cable. They were so successful and making so much money that they decided to add a another show to their TV schedule in addition to Nitro and Saturday Night and Worldwide and Main Event and whatever else they already had. That show would air on Thursday nights and be known as Thunder. This is that show.

This is the premiere episode so we get a pretty stacked card with something like three different title matches signed plus the Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff match from Starrcade ’97 in its entirety, which I sure the fans in the arena are going to love. So let’s take it away!

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Goldberg vs. Leroy Howard (WCW Worldwide June 6, 1998)

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Another episode of Worldwide, another victim to Goldberg’s streak. Leroy Howard (or Lee Roy Howard as his graphic lists him) gets maimed in like 30 seconds. Not even the announcers know how many wins Goldberg has at this point. “I think this might be 92, but it could be more. We have to check with Mike Tenay and find out for sure!”

Goldberg’s Streak Count: 92~98?

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 (January 29, 2017)

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I love gimmick matches and in my rather humble opinion there is no finer gimmick than the Royal Rumble. Thirty men enter. One man walks out with a shot a championship gold. There are usually some comedic spots, some decent in-ring action, and a surprise entrant or two that make it a must watch PPV, more so even than the Granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania. So how was the 2017 Rumble? Let’s find out.

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Goldberg (WWE 2003)

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Gooooooldberg! Gooooooldberg! Gooooooldberg!

Goldberg vs. Roadblock (WCW Saturday Night October 11, 1997)

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One of Goldberg’s early victories against one of my all time favorite denizens of WCW Saturday Night, Roadblock.

Goldberg Streak Count: 3

Goldberg vs. Jerry Flynn (WCW Saturday Night February 21, 1998)

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I love that one of the subplots to Bill Goldberg’s meteoric rise to fame was the fact that according to “The Professor” Mike Tenay Jerry Flynn always gave him a run for his money and ranked among the “most competitive bouts” Goldberg had ever had.

Enjoy this most competitive three minute and forty-five second (with intros and replays) bout between these two titans.

Goldberg Streak Count: I don’t know! Somewhere in the range of 13 to 77.

Goldberg vs. Manny Fernandez (WCW Main Event December 13, 1997)

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I don’t know who this Manny Fernandez is, but he sure as hell isn’t the Raging Bull Manny “Invander #3 Maiming” Fernandez. Whoever he is, Fake Manny Fernandez takes on a heelish proto-Goldberg in this bout. Goldberg’s a douchebag in the match and it’s pretty awesome.

Goldberg Streak Count: 12

Goldberg vs. Jerry Flynn (WCW Monday Nitro April 28, 1998)

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Were it not for the magnificence of Ellsworth, Jerry Flynn might be my favorite “enhancement talent” of all time. I love the way he bellows, “Get that camera outta my face!” on the way to the ring. Flynn would get some victories in his career, but they would not come this night.

Goldberg Streak Count: 78