ECW Hardcore TV (February 22, 1994)


Tonight’s show begins¬†with a video hyping the Terry Funk/Shane Douglas feud and their upcoming match on March 5th before the opening video.

In the ECW Command Center…

Joey Styles is here to welcome us to the show and to be like, “Remember that big tag team brawl that took place last week in the episode you watched five minutes before this one because it’s 2017 and you’re binge watching this stuff on the WWE Network? No? Check it out!”

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ECW Hardcore TV (January 25, 1994)


Joey Styles is in the ECW Command Center and welcomes us to NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. He tells us about how the Public Enemy didn’t get to wrestle last week on TV because of the epicness of Terry Funk’s match with Shane Douglas and then shows us footage of Jay Sulli breaking the news to them.

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