Lucha Underground (January 7, 2015)


We begin things this week with people in traditional Aztec garb (I guess) dancing about the ring while drummers drum. Dario Cueto is in the middle of the ring with the new Lucha Underground Championship. He tells us that tonight we are going to crown the first Lucha Underground Champion in a match he came up with completely on his own: AZTEC WARFARE!

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Lucha Underground (November 30, 2016)


We kick things off with a Previously on Lucha Underground reel showing us Black Lotus getting her arm broke by Pentagon Dark and then showing up with a gaggle of Japanese ladies to wreck shit on him. It’s time to Lucha!

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Lucha Underground (December 3, 2014)


We begin things backstage where Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson is signing a contract with Dario Cueto. Dario tells him, “When I invited Johnny Mundo to Lucha Underground, I wanted to use him as an example that no matter the talent, the reputation, the flash, no one is safe. Put everyone on notice because violence is my favorite kind of entertainment.“ Champagne gets busted out and Big Ryck lights up a cigar.

It’s Lucha Underground!

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Lucha Underground (November 12, 2014)


Previously on Lucha Underground a bunch of crap happened including Chavo Guerrero Jr. tapping out to Blue Demon Jr. and later beating down Blue Demon Jr. with a chair…

We start with Konnan peering out of Dario Cueto’s office window at the crowd as the chant “Lucha! Lucha!” Konnan is like, “Yo jefe, Lucha Underground’s got it like that! People are coming out of the woodwork to check this out. Odelay! Arriba la rasa!” He then tells Dario that he’s got three of the best luchadors from Mexico ready to fight tonight because they are always ready to fight so they never have to get ready to fight when it’s time to fight.

Dario asks if there was any trouble at the border. Konnan says there was some issues but he took care of them. Dario then makes a match for later in the night between Konnan’s three guys: Fenix, Drago, and Pentagon Jr.

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Lucha Underground (November 5, 2014)


The gangbangers that took out Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma are already in the ring introducing themselves. They are known as Cortez Castro, Cisco, and Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson. One of the dudes is like, “We’re not here to play games. We’re here to beat people up and take their money.“

This causes Johnny Mundo to come running out and start wrecking house on the dudes in the ring. Ezekiel Jackson bails pretty quickly while Castro and Cisco grab some chairs to go wreck Mundo’s shit, but before they have a chance to use them, Prince Puma runs out to even the odds.

This prompts Dario Cueto to bust out of his office and do his best Teddy Long as Smackdown GM impression…

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