Megumi Kudo vs. Mayumi Ozaki (FMW April 18, 1997)

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This match has it all! Barbed wire! Megumi Kudo spamming suplexes like her name is BROOOOOOOOOOOCK Lesnar! A chain! A chokehold big swing! In ring psychology! Japanese ladies in mom jeans!

Terry Funk vs. The Sheik (FMW 5th Anniversary Show May 5, 1994)

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Do you like bleeding old men? Forks? Pants being on fire? Chairs being chucked at random? Strangulation? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions than have I got a wrestling match for you!

If none of those things tickle your fancy this match also has Sabu in pants that look like tin foil, a guy with dodgy monster gloves and face paint carrying a torch, and Terry Funk climbing up a wall in a baseball stadium!

But wait! There’s more! Order now and get a guy yelling in Japanese over a PA telling people to get out of the way as a pair of bleeding old men chase each other slowly through a crowd as our special gift to you!

Abdullah the Butcher & Terry Funk (AJPW December 15, 1977)

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In December of 1977, Terry Funk and his brother, Dory Funk Jr., took on the team of Abdullah the Butcher and The Sheik in a bloody tag team battle in Sumo Hall in Tokyo.

Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes (WWWF October 24, 1977)

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An in his prime Dusty Rhodes makes his way to Madison Square Garden to take on Superstar Billy Graham for the World Wide Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship in a Texas Death Match. Announcer Vince McMahon helpfully informs us that that means it’s a no holds barred situation. There will be blood!

The opening portion of this match is your standard issue pre going national WWF match. Lots of rest holds and slow clubbering. “When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?!” I shout at my television in dismay. This is a Texas Death Match with Dusty Rhodes after all not a Bruno Sammartino vs. Buddy Rodgers match. There should be blood and chaos.

Suddenly it happens: Dusty Rhodes is busted open. I guess from getting his head smashed into a steel barricade, but who knows? Superstar gets a rope out from under the ring and tries to tie up Dusty. Dusty escapes and literally hangs Superstar. Superstar is bleeding all over the goddamn place for some reason.

There’s blood everywhere. Both men are in a bad way. They collapse center ring. Superstar drapes his arm over Dusty Rhodes for the three count. Rhodes is livid and beats the shit out of Superstar Billy Graham some more before the champ heads out of the ring and back to the locker room. Dusty follows after as the microphone drops from the ceiling and the ring announcer declares Superstar the winner and still WWWF Champion.

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Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. The Mongolian Stomper

Atsushi Onita vs. Mr. Pogo (FMW May 4, 1995)

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Eternal rivals Onita and Pogo compete in a No Rope Barbed Wire Double Hell Deathmatch.  I’m not entirely sure what the “double hell” part of that ludicrous title refers to, but there is a shit ton of barbed wire all over the place.

The match itself is pretty much what you’d expect from these two.  There’s blood and fire, barbed wire bats, flaming barbed wire bats, Mr. Pogo’s boot, Mr. Pogo breathing fire, a sickle to the back…pretty much FMW’s Greatest Hits.

The end of the match is kind of weird, because after pinning Pogo, Onita says some stuff to him and there seems to be mutual respect between the two men who just finished killing each other.  Normally Mr. Pogo matches end with him continuing to beat down whoever he just fought until he gets chased off by some third party, but here he just has a hangdog look and hangs around while Onita celebrates by drinking beer in the middle of the ring while “Wild Thing” blares.

The Great Nita vs. King Pogo (FMW March 15, 1995)

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Atsushi Onita (doing a parody/homage of Great Muta) takes on the regal, King Pogo, in a street fight.  There’s fire, green/red mist, dudes getting stabbed with a sickle and a decide lack of selling of offense.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this match is the fact that Pogo comes to the ring barefoot, but still busts out a cowboy boot to hit Onita with.

Freddy Krueger vs. Jason the Terrible (WING We Love WING December 20, 1992)

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Another WING mat classic pitting two of the most technically sound grapplers of the 1990s against one another…or two guys in sketcky masks whacking each other in the head with things and bleeding all over the place.  It’s definitely one of those two things though.

This particular match is a loser leaves town (for three months) match.  Find out who gets to stay and who will be forced to not get thrown into fire or barbed wire for three months.