Barbed Wire

Megumi Kudo vs. Mayumi Ozaki (FMW April 18, 1997)

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This match has it all! Barbed wire! Megumi Kudo spamming suplexes like her name is BROOOOOOOOOOOCK Lesnar! A chain! A chokehold big swing! In ring psychology! Japanese ladies in mom jeans!

Atsushi Onita vs. Mr. Pogo (FMW May 4, 1995)

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Eternal rivals Onita and Pogo compete in a No Rope Barbed Wire Double Hell Deathmatch.  I’m not entirely sure what the “double hell” part of that ludicrous title refers to, but there is a shit ton of barbed wire all over the place.

The match itself is pretty much what you’d expect from these two.  There’s blood and fire, barbed wire bats, flaming barbed wire bats, Mr. Pogo’s boot, Mr. Pogo breathing fire, a sickle to the back…pretty much FMW’s Greatest Hits.

The end of the match is kind of weird, because after pinning Pogo, Onita says some stuff to him and there seems to be mutual respect between the two men who just finished killing each other.  Normally Mr. Pogo matches end with him continuing to beat down whoever he just fought until he gets chased off by some third party, but here he just has a hangdog look and hangs around while Onita celebrates by drinking beer in the middle of the ring while “Wild Thing” blares.

Mr. Pogo vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (FMW Summer Spectacular August 28, 1994)

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A street fight death match.  How this is any different than any other FMW match I don’t really know.  They brawl on the floor.  Barbed wire bats come into play.  Fire is involved.  Pogo uses a sickle on Matsunaga’s back.  Pretty standard early 90s Japanese garbage wrestling.

Atsushi Onita vs. Tarzan Goto (FMW September 23, 1991)

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No Ropes Exploding Barbed Wire Cage Deathmatch

Kana (WNC August 30, 2012)

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Kana (aka Asuka) in a barbed wire board intergender deathmatch.