Jun Kasai vs. Mizuki Watase (DDT DNA 21 September 30, 2016)

Apparently Watase asked for this to be made into a Hardcore match because he wanted to face Kasai at 100% or something.

Kasai seems pretty reluctant initially to go hardcore, and has the ref push aside the chair that Watase uses in the beginning after Kasai disarms him, but it doesn’t take long for Kasai to use one of Watase’s chairs against him and turn the match into a ringside brawl.

Watase gets sent into chairs as Kasai takes a beer can from someone in the crowd, drinks some and then heads back in with Watase. He places the can in the center of the ring and then bodyslams Watase onto it a couple times in a spot that looked like it sucked.

They brawl some more out on the floor and Kasai gets out a table and sets it up ringside. He lays Watase on the table, but Watase recovers and chucks some chairs at Kasai and then puts him on the table instead. He then hits Kasai with a Diving Body Press but this is a Japanese table so it just falls over instead of breaks. Bad times for Jun Kasai.

They head back in where Kasai takes over on offense, breaking a chair over Watase’s head. He hits some stuff including a Reverse Tiger Driver but Watase manages to kick out. Eventually Kasai heads up top, puts on some goggles and nails Watase with the Pearl Harbor Splash to pick up the win.

Winner: Jun Kasai

This was a decent enough hardcore match I suppose though it probably would have been more fun if I understood Japanese since Kasai spent like half the match delivering monologues to the audience that they laughed at. It wasn’t all comedy though; the beer can and table spots both looked like they sucked. [**⅔]


Makoto Oishi vs. MAO (DDT DNA 21 September 30, 2016)

These two dudes are members of the NωA stable and are challenging each other to determine which of them is the sub-leader of the group.

They start by walking around in a circle in the ring hyping up the crowd and trying to get them to yell their names before locking up. They work some back and forth stuff early on. MAO gets sent into the corner and Oishi charges. MAO floats over and goes for a head scissors but Oishi slams his knee into the turnbuckle and drops him.

Oishi then proceeds to work over the knee for the majority of the match. MAO gets one of two moments of offensive flurry but inevitably ends up collapsing at the end of it because he’s selling the knee.

The end of the match sees Oishi attempt a suplex which results in series of reversals. MAO ends up spiking Oishi on his head after a head scissors and rolling him up to eke out a victory.

Post-match they shake hands in a show of respect.

Winner: MAO

This was a decent little match with good ring psychology from Oishi and good selling from MAO. The first time he leapt up and hit the ropes and did a leapfrog I was kind of ready to roll my eyes but the fact that he basically collapsed at the end made it fine. I can buy a guy getting an adrenaline rush and running wild for a minute or so and then just collapsing. [**½]

Mickie James vs. Princess KimberLee (Chikara National Pro Wrestling Day February 6, 2016)

Kimber Lee is the Chikara Grand Champion here, but this is a non-title match. Decent grappling in the first few minutes before Mickie James gets annoyed at her inability to put Kimber Lee away and starts heeling it up. At one point she kicks Kimber Lee in the midsection and shouts, “NO BABIES FOR YOU!” which is horrible and hilarious.

Less than a year after this match took place both women would be in the WWE with Mickie James facing Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship in a one off match that impressed the powers that be so much she earned herself a spot on the Smackdown roster and Kimber Lee appearing in NXT where she has thus far appeared as “enhancement talent.”

TNA One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown 2016 (April 22, 2016)


This is a pretty solid concept: a PPV from a major wrestling company that solely features women’s wrestling matches. Unfortunately the company in question is TNA and they have a pretty poor track record with…well, pretty much all the things. Let’s get ready to fumble!!!!

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TNA Total Nonstop Deletion (December 15, 2016)


We’re in Cameron, North Carolina tonight for Total Nonstop Deletion. Senor Benjamin tells us (en Español) that we shouldn’t try this at home and Vanguard 1 informs us that no drones were harmed in the making of this event.

From there it’s time for a montage! Reby’s playing a piano. Matt Hardy’s in a dilapidated boat in the middle of a lake. Jeff Hardy is doing edgelord landscaping. Things are about to get broken!

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WWE SmackDown Live (November 22, 2016)

SmackDown Live Logo

After a quick recap of the events that transpired Sunday at Survivor Series on Sunday, SmackDown Live is underway.

Commissioner Shane McMahon, looking like slightly warmed over dog shit makes his way down to the ring for the opening talky portion of SmackDown. He talks about how he’s not 100% because of Survivor Series and gives props to the Raw team and the SmackDown team except for Dean Ambrose.

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