Viewtiful Joe & Hero vs. Biomonster DNA & Joker (DDT D-Day 2003 May 4, 2003)

It’s fuckin’ Biomonster DNA! Here we have my main biomonster teaming up with a dude dressed like a Putty from Power Rangers taking on a couple of dudes in dodgy hero costumes. It’s DDT y’all!


Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena (WWE SmackDown November 6, 2003)

John Cena in his Doctor of Thuganomics persona takes on Rey Mysterio in this match from 2003. It’s a pretty decent match and then there’s a ref bump so Cena punches Mysterio in the dick. Cena wins LOL!

After the match Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Nathan Jones, Big Show and Matt Morgan come out and tell Cena that he’s going to be the fifth man on Lesnar’s Survivor Series team. Cena’s like, “NO ONE TELLS JOHN CENA WHAT TO DO!”

A-Train/Albert/Lord Tensai appears in the ring and takes out Cena and the Lesnar’s dudes hit the ring and wreck shit on John Cena, finishing him off with a chairshot to the head. Ruthless Aggression y’all!