WWF Super Astros (December 13, 1998)

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It’s time for another exciting 20 some odd minutes of Attitude Era WWF produced lucha libre! Why am I reviewing a short lived Spanish language WWF program that’s nearly 20 years old? I don’t know, but it’s time for Los Super Astros!

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WCW Thunder (January 8, 1998)

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In 1997 the WCW had done gangbusters. Nitro was one of the highest rated shows on TV or maybe just on cable. They were so successful and making so much money that they decided to add a another show to their TV schedule in addition to Nitro and Saturday Night and Worldwide and Main Event and whatever else they already had. That show would air on Thursday nights and be known as Thunder. This is that show.

This is the premiere episode so we get a pretty stacked card with something like three different title matches signed plus the Larry Zbyszko vs. Eric Bischoff match from Starrcade ’97 in its entirety, which I sure the fans in the arena are going to love. So let’s take it away!

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Goldberg vs. Leroy Howard (WCW Worldwide June 6, 1998)

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Another episode of Worldwide, another victim to Goldberg’s streak. Leroy Howard (or Lee Roy Howard as his graphic lists him) gets maimed in like 30 seconds. Not even the announcers know how many wins Goldberg has at this point. “I think this might be 92, but it could be more. We have to check with Mike Tenay and find out for sure!”

Goldberg’s Streak Count: 92~98?

WWF Super Astros (November 22, 1998)

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On a Sunday afternoon in either late 1998 or early 1999 I was flipping through the channel when I came across some wrestling taking place within a WWF ring, though I wasn’t familiar with any of the guys involved in the matches…and the commentary was in Spanish. The show was Super Astros; part of the then WWF’s attempt to break into the Latin American market. The other day while randomly YouTubing, I discovered what appeared to be the entire run of the show uploaded in full, so why not randomly review episodes of a WWF show from the late 90s that aired on Sunday afternoons on Univision?

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Ultimate Warrior (WCW Monday Nitro August 17, 1998)

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The Ultimate Warrior’s WCW debut.

“Hardwork” Bobby Walker vs. Rick Fuller (WCW Worldwide January 17, 1998)

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Back in the 90s I loved me some WCW B and C Shows mostly because they’d have the most batshit insane matchups of all time. Want to see Macho Man take on Ultimo Dragon? Want to watch former ECW stalwarts wrestle the highest flying luchadors Mexico had to offer? Worldwide, Pro, and Saturday Night were the places to be.

But beyond those weird “Yeah, Booker T wrestled Robbie Brookside on an episode of Saturday Night” matches that happened you’d also get bizarre “enhancement talent” vs. “enhancement talent” bouts that were oddly engaging.

Here we have “Hardwork” Bobby Walker taking on one of WCW enhancement hosses, Rick Fuller. Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan have an uncomfortable conversation in which Tony tells Brain that “Hardwork” Bobby Walker isn’t related to “Hardbody” Harrison (another black enhancement guy) and it seemed like he was about 3 seconds away from declaring that Bobby Heenan thinks all black people look alike, but I digress.

Fuller’s the bigger man and had at this point gotten some B and C show victories under his belt so he’s my pick to win. Bobby “The Brai” Heenan says that Fuller should wrestle on Nitro though since that’s where the real international talent is and goes on to compare Rick Fuller to a horse as the match gets underway.

Fuller gets some offense in before “Hardwork” goes to town. He outquicks Fuller and even gets the big man up in a power slam before pinning him: one, two, three for the upset victory.

Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Macho Man Randy Savage, Konnan & Scott Norton (WCW Spring Stampede April 19, 1998)

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The nWo helps Macho Man to the back after he beat Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in a No DQ Match.