Steel (WCW 1990)

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One of Kevin Nash’s countless bad gimmicks! I give you one half of the Master Blasters: Steel!

The Gobbledy Gooker (WWF Survivor Series November 22, 1990)

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I feel bad for Hector Guerrero. The dude was Lazer-Tron, he was “one of Eddie’s brothers,” but Thanksgiving Day 1990, the embarrassment of Hector Guerrero reached levels never again matched in professional wrestling when he debuted at Survivor Series as a giant turkey.

That being said the Gobbledy Gooker is something that we still talk about today. Granted it’s usually in a mocking fashion, but that’s more than can be said for Just Joe or Swoll.

Happy Thanksgiving Hector Guerrero!

Ultimate Warrior, Jack Tunney & Hulk Hogan (WWF 1990)

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Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan sign the contract for their Champion vs. Champion match at Wrestlemania VI. Ultimate Warrior in street clothes is the best thing ever.

Kowabunga & Ken Wayne vs. The Twilight Zone (USWA August 18, 1990)

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Quasar and Nebula have trouble getting on the same page in this tag team bout against Kowabunga and his new B.F.F., Ken Wayne.

Kowabunga vs. Ken Wayne (USWA August 4, 1990)

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Ken Wayne apparently thought that Kowabunga was a moron in a turtle costume, but after the wrestling ninja turtle pinned him 1-2-3 in a quick match, he earned Wayne’s respect.

Following the match Kowabunga did the worst karate demonstration imaginable before Jeff Gaylord, Scott Braddock and Downtown Bruno interrupt things and beat up Kowabunga because he sucks before Ken Wayne chases them off with a wooden bar stool.

Memphis baby!