Jun Kasai vs. Mizuki Watase (DDT DNA 21 September 30, 2016)

Apparently Watase asked for this to be made into a Hardcore match because he wanted to face Kasai at 100% or something.

Kasai seems pretty reluctant initially to go hardcore, and has the ref push aside the chair that Watase uses in the beginning after Kasai disarms him, but it doesn’t take long for Kasai to use one of Watase’s chairs against him and turn the match into a ringside brawl.

Watase gets sent into chairs as Kasai takes a beer can from someone in the crowd, drinks some and then heads back in with Watase. He places the can in the center of the ring and then bodyslams Watase onto it a couple times in a spot that looked like it sucked.

They brawl some more out on the floor and Kasai gets out a table and sets it up ringside. He lays Watase on the table, but Watase recovers and chucks some chairs at Kasai and then puts him on the table instead. He then hits Kasai with a Diving Body Press but this is a Japanese table so it just falls over instead of breaks. Bad times for Jun Kasai.

They head back in where Kasai takes over on offense, breaking a chair over Watase’s head. He hits some stuff including a Reverse Tiger Driver but Watase manages to kick out. Eventually Kasai heads up top, puts on some goggles and nails Watase with the Pearl Harbor Splash to pick up the win.

Winner: Jun Kasai

This was a decent enough hardcore match I suppose though it probably would have been more fun if I understood Japanese since Kasai spent like half the match delivering monologues to the audience that they laughed at. It wasn’t all comedy though; the beer can and table spots both looked like they sucked. [**⅔]


Survival Tobita vs. Ken the Box (EWF February 27, 2000)

Survival Tobita finally gets one over on his eternal rival, Ken the Box, besting him by countout when Ken is unable to get into the ring for their match, but Survival Tobita is very die hard and challenges Ken to a rematch right then and there. A Texas Deathmatch I suppose.

Tobita heads out to the floor where he is dropped repeatedly by spinning backfists from Ken. Tobita manages to get back to his feet, but is busted open. Ken hits him again, sending him into the crowd. Tobita is unable to answer the ten count and Ken the Box once again emerges victorious.

Winner: Ken the Box

This is a fantastic bit of wrestling as performance art. It is so ludicrous and over the top and Jim Cornette would hate it, but the crowd is more into this the a lot of the stuff I see on Raw or Smackdown circa today. If you’re a person who only cares about “workrate” and stuff like you’ll probably hate this, but I’m not one of those people so this was great! [***]

Makoto Oishi vs. MAO (DDT DNA 21 September 30, 2016)

These two dudes are members of the NωA stable and are challenging each other to determine which of them is the sub-leader of the group.

They start by walking around in a circle in the ring hyping up the crowd and trying to get them to yell their names before locking up. They work some back and forth stuff early on. MAO gets sent into the corner and Oishi charges. MAO floats over and goes for a head scissors but Oishi slams his knee into the turnbuckle and drops him.

Oishi then proceeds to work over the knee for the majority of the match. MAO gets one of two moments of offensive flurry but inevitably ends up collapsing at the end of it because he’s selling the knee.

The end of the match sees Oishi attempt a suplex which results in series of reversals. MAO ends up spiking Oishi on his head after a head scissors and rolling him up to eke out a victory.

Post-match they shake hands in a show of respect.

Winner: MAO

This was a decent little match with good ring psychology from Oishi and good selling from MAO. The first time he leapt up and hit the ropes and did a leapfrog I was kind of ready to roll my eyes but the fact that he basically collapsed at the end made it fine. I can buy a guy getting an adrenaline rush and running wild for a minute or so and then just collapsing. [**½]


Big Show vs. Kane (WWE Backlash 2006 April 30, 2006)

Dear God, this match…of all the random full length matches WWE could put up for free on the internet in an effort to get people to sign up for the WWE Network, this is the one they selected.

So Show and Kane have a hoss fight. They slowly clubber one another for awhile. JR calls it an “ugly match” which is code for “I also think this match is complete shit, but I have to act like it isn’t.”

They colossal jostle for awhile until the arena suddenly is bathed in a weird, red light, while voices muttering, “May 19!” are piped in over the PA.

Kane starts beating himself up. Show gets in the ring, seems like he missed a cue or something, heads back out of the ring, grabs a chair, gets back in the ring, brains Kane with the chair causing the voices to stop and the lights to return to normal, and then just heads up the ramp looking absolutely disgusted.

Complete and utter shit.


The Zombie vs. The Sandman (ECW June 13, 2006)

After watching One Night Stand I decided to start watching WWE’s version of ECW. I’ve made a huge mistake…


Travis Huckabee vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova (Chikara Aniversario: School Reunion May 27, 2017)



Haystack Calhoun vs. Buddy Rogers (NWA Chicago April 14, 1961)

Headlocks and hammerlocks are the order of the day until Haystack invents the Fat Guy Wrestler move set and slams his girth into Rogers and nails him with a big splash. Rogers gets fired up and hits a bunch of dropkicks that send Calhoun tumbling out of the ring. A ring rope breaks and Calhoun and apparently bloodied, and stuck under the ring and thus unable to answer the rapidfire 1960s ten count. Probably one of the better fuck finishes I’ve seen recently.

Also the belt Rogers is wearing here I think is the same NWA United States Championship belt thatwould  become the first version of the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship a couple years after this match.


Mankind vs. Big Bossman (WWF Raw Is War November 30, 1998)

Mankind’s Hardcore Championship is on the line in a ladder match, but the deck is stacked against him. Can Mankind overcome the odds or with The Corporation reign supreme? Watch this match and find out!


Yumi Fukawa vs. Nobue Endo (AJW July 27, 1996?)

This is bizarre. After a hype package for Yumi Fukawa talking about how she’s a master of fighting in any environment we head to a water slide park.

Nobue Endo comes down a water slide and the proceeds to beat up Yumi Fukawa poolside. Fukawa chucks Endo off some bridge thing into a pool to turn the tables. There’s an underwater figure four leg lock applied and a ref shows up and the match gets underway in earnest.

They wrestle on a couple gym mats that have been set up at poolside while visitors to the water slide park look on. There are dropkicks and armbars and stuff before Fukawa picks up the win with a backslide.

After the match Miss Hong Kong, who was apparently at the water park, expresses her appreciation for the match stating she’d never seen women wrestle before and thought it was sexy.


Kurt Angle vs. The Brooklyn Brawler (ECW August 1, 2006)

I have absolutely no idea why this match happened but the fact that Kurt Angle faced The Brooklyn Brawler in ECW in 2006 is one of those things that make me love wrestling.