Gatoh Move Japan Tour #429 (May 21, 2019)

Gatoh Move Logo

I’ve been kind of down on WWE as of late and have been watching a bunch of random-ass wrestling stuff online during my lunch break. Today I decided to check out a recent show of Emi Sakura’s Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling. Though originally founded in Thailand it looks like most Gatoh Move shows are held in Japan.

This show was held at Ichigaya Chocolate Hiroba in Tokyo, Japan with 76 people in attendance. There is no ring here, just a mat on the floor. I wonder if this is going to be like that Dungeon Match Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock had back in the day. I will mark the fuck out if someone gets their head put through the ceiling.

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Lucha Underground (February 25, 2015)


On occasion I get on Lucha Underground kicks where it’s the only wrestling show I want to watch. I’m currently in the midst of one so here’s a review of the February 25, 2015 episode or Season 1 Episode 16 if you’re nasty.

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TNA Hardcore Justice 2012 (August 12, 2012)

TNA Hardcore Justice 2012

Today I continue my haphazard exploration of IMPACT/TNA/Whatever by taking a look at the August 2012 PPV, Hardcore Justice. We kick things off with a video package of people hitting each other with plunder while text on the screen promises us, “THERE WILL BE BLOOD!” I’m going to hold you to that TNA Hardcore Justice!

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OWE Phase 1 (December 5, 2018)


Awhile back as part of all the AEW hoopla they announced working relationships with a couple of overseas promotions, one of which was Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. I’d never heard of them before and did some Googling to find out more and what my initial searches turned up piqued my interest. An article on Voices of Wrestling quotes former WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor, Ho Ho Lun, as saying, “OWE is putting wrestling into Kung Fu.” As someone who spent the bulk of his youth watching Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest movies a wrestling promotion that marries kung fu and pro-wrestling together is very good to me, and so I decided to check them out.

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