Lucha Underground (February 11, 2015)


Watching the entire run of Wrestling Society X episodes has left me with a strong desire to get back into Lucha Underground so that’s what we’re doing here today! Let’s return to the Temple to see what everyone’s favorite luchadors are up to!

Highlights for Children!

We start things off with a video package that recaps of Big Ryck getting beat down by the Crew and getting his eye burnt out, Fenix’s upset victory over Mil Muertes and Catrina making out backstage with Fenix, Johnny Mundo taking on Cage and getting attacked by Cuerno during the match, and Alberto El Patron winking at Dario Cueto.

Meanwhile in Dario Cueto’s Office…

Dario’s with Alberto El Patron. He thanks him for coming to his temple and tells Alberto that he’s always admired him, “Your suits. Your cars. I like it.”

El Patron replies, “And I like your key. What does it unlock?”

Cueto rubs his nose like a cokefiend and changes the topic, asking El Patron why he’s come to the Temple. El Patron tells him that he’s looking for a place to plant his flag and he likes what the Temple represents, but before any of that, there’s something he wants to get off his chest. Dario tells him that as much as he likes and admires Alberto, “this, my friend, is a temple for combat.”

Alberto tells him that he knows that it is but if Dario grants him this one favor “this place will never be the same and the next time I come to your office to ask you for something, it will be for blood.” This promise of future blood intrigues Dario but as Alberto begins to speak we head to the Temple for action.

Meanwhile in the Temple…

Mariachi El Bronx is back in the Temple to serenade us and our hosts for the evening are Matt Striker and Vampiro. Vamp’s apparently forgotten his mariachi outfit this evening. Striker informs us that tonight Alberto el Patron will be given an open mic to talk about whatever is on his mind.

Match 1: Argenis vs. Fenix

Argenis is already in the ring. Striker talks about how he’s part of a lucha dynasty being the younger brother of the botchtastic version of Sin Cara (Mistico/Myzteziz) and the son of some dude named Dr. Karonte.

Fenix comes out in some pink attire that leads to Vampiro talking about how Fenix must be tough to wear pink to a fight. Fenix playfully walks the top rope before getting in the ring. The two tecnicos then shake hands as the match gets underway. CODE OF HONOR ALL UP IN THIS MUG!

The fans are clearly behind Fenix as the match begins. Fenix comes out early hiptossing Argenis into a knee only to end up getting booted in the ass by Argenis. Argenis then sends Fenix out to the floor with a headscissors and follows with the first dive of the evening. Striker goes on and on about Mexico’s AAA promotion while Fenix hits a dive of his own, hitting Argenis with a corkscrew moonsault off the second rope.

Back inside, Fenix springboards into a dropkick. Argenis hits a huracanrana and then catches Fenix in some wacky looking slam that leaves Striker (thankfully if only for a moment) at a loss for words. Argenis nails Fenix with a hard chop but Fenix comes back with a chop of his own. Fenix follows with some ropework and then connects with a springboard kick.

20150211 - Lucha Underground S01E14 - 001.gif

We see Catrina make her way down to the ring as Fenix nails Argenis in the head with a running kick from the floor. Fenix heads up but gets cut off by Argenis. Argenis hits a top rope Frankensteiner and covers but only gets two. We see Catrina smile as she watches from ringside. Meanwhile over on commentary Vampiro is about to cum in his pants though it’s not entire clear if it’s because of Catrina’s hotness or the violence on display in the ring.

Speaking of violence in the ring, Fenix drills Argenis with a kick that sends him out to the floor. Fenix follows up with a springboard tornillo to the floor.

Back in Fenix hits Argenis with a hard chop. Argenis hoists Fenix up with one arm and drives him into the mat with a cool looking slam that earns him a near fall. He then goes for a Tombstone Piledriver but Fenix reverses it and nails Argenis with a sit-down piledriver to pick up the win.

Following the match Catrina slides into the ring and crawls on top of the bested Argenis all while staring at Fenix. She licks Argenis’ face while continuing to stare at Fenix who seems perplexed by all of this.

Winner: Fenix

This was a good sprint of a match. Lots of cool moves and Fenix is very over with the crowd at the Temple. Argenis, who up to this point has more or less just been a guy, looked pretty good here too. [***¼]

Meanwhile Outside…

We see footage of Alberto El Patron arriving in a sports car as we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

Meanwhile Backstage…

Mil Muertes and Catrina are backstage. Catrina talks to Mil about his loss to Fenix and attempts to tell him what he needs to do but Mil puts a finger on her lips to silence her and then hurks her up by the throat and screams, “I NEED NOTHING!” at her. We get a shot of her dangling feet before puts her down and walks off.

Meanwhile in the Hallway…

Mil storms off down a hallway as Chavo emerges from another room at an inopportune moment. They stare each other down for a bit with Chavo not appearing to show any fear. He turns to walk away but then wheels back around to try and suckerpunch Mil. Mil catches Chavo’s punch and then grabs him by the throat and throws him into the walls.

“Next week you pay your debt!” Mil growls as Chavo sinks to the ground.

Meanwhile in a Confessional Booth…

We’re in the booth with a priest as Big Ryck confesses his sins…or more accurately confesses his upcoming sins. “Forgive me father for I am about to sin,” Ryck says, “I’m going to destroy three Judases who betrayed me.”

We are shown a video recap of The Crew burning out Ryck’s eye with a cigar as Ryck continues his confession. “I promise you, these hands won’t shed innocent blood. Bael is a leech who only came around when the getting got good. And Cortez Castro, he done screwed up. Mr. Cisco’s a worthless little rat. I’m going to hold him to the same fire he held me to. I led them, I fed them, I protected them, and now it’s time for Big Ryck to go old testament.”

The priest tells him, “I bless you my child. I pray for you to go in peace.” Ryck lights up a cigar and replies, “Thank you father, but even God said vengeance is mine.” Ryck then turns towards the camera and we see that he now sports a cool-ass eyepatch.

Match 2: Son of Havoc (w/ Ivelisse) vs. Johnny Mundo

Before the match Havoc’s son gets on the mic and says that Dario’s finally given him some real competition and dedicates his upcoming victory to the “baddest bitch in this building and the love of my life,” Ivelisse. Ivelisse tugs on Son of Havoc’s beard which I guess is foreplay for them.

Mundo’s out next and he’s still selling the injury to his leg that he suffered last week. The selling would get spotty during the match and ultimately didn’t play into the finish at all but I like that at least there’s an attempt at consistency

Johnny sweeps the leg and hits Son of Havoc with a tornillo while Striker talks about Mundo’s injured knee. Mundo misses a kick and gets rolled up by Havoc’s kid for an early near fall. Havoc follows up with a handspring elbow in the corner but then misses with a quebrada and rolls out to the floor.

20150211 - Lucha Underground S01E14 - 002.gif

Mundo chases after him and eventually drops Havoc via parkour skills. Mundo hoists Havoc up to slam him into the ringpost but Ivelisse interjects herself, pulling Havoc off Mundo’s shoulders. Havoc then sends Mundo into the ringpost to drop him. Havoc then does his wacky planking off the ringpost elbow drop thing that does.

Back inside, Mundo briefly sells his knee after blasting Havoc with a dropkick as Havoc comes flying in off the ropes. Mundo heads up top but crashes and burns after getting tripped up by Ivelisse. Havoc capitalizes, hitting a corner elbow and then a running senton splash that earns him a two count.

Havoc knees Mundo in the back as he pulls back on his arms. Mundo fights back to his feet and sends Son of Havoc into the corner with a donkey kick. Mundo grabs Havoc by the legs to pull him out of the corner but Havoc flips out and lands on his feet.

Mundo catches him with a spear and then unloads on him with a barrage of punches in the corner. Havoc stops a corner charge but ends up running into a clothesline a moment later. Havoc gets put up top but cartwheels off the ropes.

Havoc attempts a sunset flip but ends up eating a big knee strike from Mundo. Mundo goes for the End of the World, but Havoc avoids it. Havoc connects with a springboard double stomp on Mundo and then hits a standing moonsault for another near fall. They exchange kicks and Mundo tosses Havoc into the ropes. Havoc bounces off them with that weird fake dive thing he does and connects with a back elbow that he follows with a standing shooting star press for another two count.

Son of Havoc heads up top but gets cut off by Mundo who tries for a super rana. Havoc holds on though and Mundo crashes and burns. Havoc’s offspring then stands on the top rope for a long ass time while Ivelisse yells at him to do a move. Havoc goes for a 450 splash but Mundo gets his knees up. Mundo sweeps the leg and then hits the Fin del Mundo to pick up the win.

After the match King Cuerno runs in and attacks Johnny Mundo, taking him out with the Thrill of the Hunt.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

This was a pretty fun match with both guys doing a lot of cool shit in the ring. Son of Havoc looked really good here and is a ton of fun to watch. As is always the case Lucha Underground did a good job of having matches feed into multiple on going storylines with this match continuing the Son of Havoc losing streak/Ivelisse getting frustrated with him plot as well as the developing feud between King Cuerno and Johnny Mundo. [***½]

Match 3: Ricky Mandel vs. Pentagon Jr.

The opening to this match is hilarious with Vampiro going on and on about Rick Mandel (who got a jobber entrance) blinding Jake “The Snake” Roberts and being a former AWA Champion and shit as if he’s Rick Martel. Matt Striker spoils the fun by informing Vampiro that he’s confusing Mandel with someone else.

The fans are thoroughly behind Pentagon as he makes his down to the ring. Mandel is able to hang with Pentagon for a bit until Pentagon drops him over his knee, flips Mandel and then boots him. Pentagon then follows up with a couple brutal chops (that he hushes the crowd before delivering).

Mandel makes a bit of a comeback but is quickly cut off by Pentagon who footstomps him. Mandel comes back with a dropkick and then comes off the ropes but Pentagon catches him with a dropkick. Pentagon covers but picks Mandel up at two and wags his finger at Referee Rick Knox, signifying he’s not done yet with Mandel. Pentagon connects with a slingblade to drop Mandel. He follows up by stomping on Mandel’s arm and then picks him up in a torture rack. Pentagon hurls Mandel into the corner. Pentagon then comes flying in with a dropkick to Mandel’s head.

Pentagon slaps on an armlock submission hold and Mandel quickly submits but Pentagon does not release the hold. Referee Rick Knox attempts to get Pentagon to release the hold but Pentagon shoves Knox off and breaks Mandel’s arm. The fans cheer wildly for this causing Vampiro to call them “sadistic.”

20150211 - Lucha Underground S01E14 - 003.gif

While the referee and backstage staff check on Mandel, Pentagon gets on the mic and informs his master that he’s made another sacrifice for him and then kowtows in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

A fine squash match. Pentagon continues to look like a monster in Lucha Underground and the post match speech furthers the “who’s his master?” storyline and adds to the mysterious aura of Pentagon Jr. [NR]

Meanwhile in the Temple…

The announcers make a big deal about how Alberto El Patron is about to speak his mind. Matt Striker is randomly wearing a baseball cap for some reason now. Melissa Santo does the ring announcement and Alberto El Patron emerges with the AAA Mega Championship. As he makes his way to the ring he highs fives and hangs out in the crowd who are amped as fuck.

Eventually he gets in the ring and gets on the mic. He pulls a Ric Flair and begins taking off his clothes, throwing aside his suit jacket and necktie, declaring that he doesn’t need to try and impress anyone tonight since he’s among family and friends.

He talks about how he grew up in the business and learned about respect and passion from his uncles Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico and from his father, Dos Caras. He says that he loved wrestling as Dos Caras Jr., but had a place he had to conquer: the United States. El Patron says that he became and idol and icon for his people but in the WWE (he doesn’t name them by name but it’s implied) the would hug him and praise him but when he turned around they would stab him in the back.

Patron then talks about how in December he became the first luchador to win every major singles title in North America (sorry TNA/Impact, but you don’t rate as a “major title”) before saying that he’s come to Lucha Underground because it’s the one place where the word “equality” means something. In Lucha Underground no one will hold you back because of the color of your skin but only if you can’t get the job done in the ring. The fans chant, “El Patron,” at him.

As Alberto tells the crowd in the Temple that the revolution begins tonight El Texano Jr. appears behind him and whips El Patron with his bull rope.

20150211 - Lucha Underground S01E14 - 004.gif

Texano wraps the rope around his fists and pounds on Alberto and as the show ends Texano holds up the AAA Mega Championship belt and stands over the downed El Patron. Texano shouts in Spanish that Alberto stole the belt from him and he’s coming to get it back.

Final Thoughts

As is often the case this was a very good episode of television wrestling. The storylines continue to be engaging and flow well from one thing to the next and the in ring action remains top notch. El Patron’s promo was probably the best promo I’ve heard him deliver but I was a little underwhelmed by the Texano ambush. That’s probably partially on me since I don’t really follow AAA and thus have little to no knowledge of him or his (at the time) ongoing feud with Alberto. I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end but at present I don’t really care about those two feuding.

On the opposite end of things, there some something that surprised me by how invested it got me in a feud, namely the Big Ryck promo. Seriously! That single two or three minute video has me pumped up for Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson running wild on dudes dressed like gangbangers. I love Lucha Underground.


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