WWE House Hardy Halloween (October 28, 2018)

House Hardy Halloween Logo

When all the legal rigmarole regarding the Broken Universe was finally settled and Matt Hardy brought the character to the WWE I thought his crazy little corner of the wrestling world was the perfect sort of thing for the WWE Network and longed for a Broken/Woken Universe series. My wish has finally become a reality with the House Hardy Halloween.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (January 12, 2013)

Saturday Morning Slam

I’ve only got a handful of episodes of Saturday Morning Slam left that I’ve yet to review on this illustrious webpage so let’s check off one more and take an in depth dive into the January 12, 2013 installment. We kick things off with Voice Over Guy informing us that Randy Orton will be making his Saturday Morning Slam debut today and will be taking on Damien Sandow after their confrontation backstage during last week’s episode.

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Scarlett Bordeaux, Keyra & La Hiedra vs. Lady Maravilla, Lady Shani & Vanilla (AAA September 7, 2018)

I’m not even going to front. I totally watched this because the preview image on YouTube was Scarlett Bordeaux sticking her ass out at some luchadora. The match itself wasn’t that great. The luchadoras worked hard, Bordeaux was hot and did some basic pro-wrestling moves and took a sloppy looking armdrag and then got out of the ring while more accomplished grapplers did flips and shit.

The middle section of the match had Bordeaux’s trio clear the ring and beat down anyone who tried to get back into the ring. They eventually get sent out to the floor by Maravilla, Shani and Vanilla who then more or less repeat the spot.

The finish of the match saw Keyra hit Lady Maravilla with the Code Red to get the pin.

Winners: Keyra, Scarlett Bordeaux & La Hiedra

Like I said everyone worked pretty hard here. Scarlett Bordeaux was probably the worst worker, but did what she needed to do and then got out of the way for the most part. [**]

Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Curry Man vs. Johnny Devine vs. Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy vs. Super Eric (TNA Bound For Glory IV October 12, 2008)

Oh how I love me some gimmick matches. What we got here is a 10 Man Steel Asylum Match from TNA’s 2008 Bound For Glory. What’s a Steel Asylum Match you ask? It’s really quite simple, it’s WWE’s old big blue cage with a curved roof on it and a hole at the top of the roof. To win the match you have to climb the wall of the cage, monkey bar over to the hole in the center and pull yourself out.

All ten of the dudes in the match are pretty solid workers, but with ten dudes and a wonky gimmick to boot this is a clusterfuck from the get go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun clusterfuck, but it’s basically dudes doing crazy looking moves at a million miles an hour so you don’t even have a chance to register half the stuff that’s happening.

The finish sees Curry Man of all people scale the wall and make his way towards the hole only to be cut off by Sonjay Dutt and thrown from the top of the cage down into the ring. Jay Lethal comes up behind Dutt and they have a fistfight that leaves Sonjay dangling from the roof of the cage by his legs, leaving Lethal free to pull himself out of the cage, securing victory and a shot at the X-Division Championship.

Winner: Jay Lethal

This was an all action match. The ten dudes involved worked hard and the crowd was really into the high spots. As an opening contest this worked. As I’ve said before, I don’t need tons and tons of this sort of match, but it’s a fine thing to have on a wrestling card. [***¼]

BC Killer vs. Ruby Raze (SBW Brawl In Newhall February 28, 2015)

Time for some random intergender wrestling. I’ve never seen Ruby Raze before but BC Killer showed up in my new favorite terrible wrestling promotion, Urban Wrestling Federation.

I guess the story here is that Ruby Raze is undefeated in this promotion and asked for a match against BC Killer.

The match begins with BC (who appears to be wearing a garbage bag) telling Raze to go back to the locker room. She responds by forearming him in the face. He says she gets one of those. She responds to this by unloading on him with forearms.

She runs wild for awhile, hitting a big spear for a near fall, but ultimately gets cut off. BC Killer does some power moves on her and some clubbering, and some fat guy wrestling moves and ultimately picks up the win after hitting a Vader Bomb.

We get a bit of the post match as well where Raze offers a handshake as a show of good sportsmanship only for BC Killer to take her head off with a clothesline.

Winner: BC Killer

Ruby Raze looked pretty good on offense and I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing more of her matches. BC Killer on the other hand didn’t really show me anything here that I haven’t seen countless other “big man” wrestlers do before. [*½]