NXT (August 8, 2018)

NXT 2017 Logo

We open the show with clips of Ciampa winning the NXT Championship as well as what went down last week with Gargano chasing Ciampa off and taking credit for his victory over Aleister Black. We see Black lay him out. It’s time for NXT!

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NXT United Kingdom Championship (June 26, 2018)

NXT UK Championship Logo

Time for night two of the 2018 UK Championship Tournament. We kick things off with a video package highlighting want went down on night one as well as spotlighting some of the wrestlers who will be competing tonight.

We then head back to Royal Albert Hall where we are joined by Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness once again. They run down the card. If the rebranding in the opening video package and fact that three NXT titles are on the line hadn’t made it obvious, the ring ropes are now yellow and the ring apron is emblazoned with the NXT logo, making it clear that this is now an NXT event.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (December 29, 2012)

Saturday Morning Slam

This was another year-end “Best Of” episode of the Slam, but I watched it for the sake of completion, so here are some brief notes and such about what went down. The show begins with your friend and mine, Voice Over Guy, telling us that that this is another “Best Of” episode and explaining that in today’s main event we’ll see John Cena take on Heath Slater, but first one half of the tag team champions, Daniel Bryan, will be in action against Tyson Kidd.

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WCCW (March 13, 1982)

WCCW logo

The Network is missing a week of WCCW which means Marc Lowrance’s promise from two weeks back is happening today! THE CHAMP IS HERE! No, not that Champ, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion circa March 1982, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! Let’s see what Flair’s up to at the Sportatorium as we check in with another installment of World Class Championship Wrestling from 1982.

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WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament (June 25, 2018)


We start things off with Johnny Saint standing in an NXT ring in Royal Albert Hall. This opening kind of ends up being a spoiler of things to come since the show didn’t air live. Saint does a voice over and talks about the history of grappling in the UK before we get the show open and head to the commentary team for the evening, Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness.

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