IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground (April 6, 2018)

Impact vs. LU

We’re at the Sugar Mill in New Orleans for this crossover event between Impact (née TNA) and Lucha Underground. Our hosts for the evening are Matt Striker and Josh Mathews. ECW ’09 commentary team all up in this mug!

Melissa Santos and some random blonde lady who is apparently Impact’s backstage interview lady come out to hype the crowd. Since this is on Twitch instead of basic cable Melissa Santos tells the crowd to make “some fucking noise,” or something like that before introducing the competitors for the first match.

Match 1: Chavo Guerrero vs. Caleb Konley vs. Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal vs. Matanza Cueto vs. Moose

I thought this was a six man tag team match, but I was mistaken and it’s just a six man clusterfuck. They all brawl to start and the ring clears save for Moose and Matanza who have a stare down and then hoss shit up with shoulder tackles. Matanza drops Moose, but Moose does a big boy kip up and the dropkicks The Monster Matanza out to the floor.

Everyone comes back in from the floor and we get all six men taking turns facing off each other in the ring which ultimately leads to a decent exchange between Evans and Sydal. Moose and Matanza eventually come back and clear the ring once more so we can have another hoss fight.

Moose dumps him out to the floor but then gets sent out as well courtesy of a dropkick from Chavo. It’s then time for the parade of dives! We then get a suicide dive from Konley. Sydal then heads up top and hits a big moonsault that takes out the pile of humanity. Not to be outdone Evans does a springboard corkscrew moonsault to the floor to take everyone out. Evans then rolls Sydal back in and hits a standing twisting moonsault for two.

Moose heads back in and spears Sydal and proceeds to run wild, but gets cut off by Konley who sends him out to the floor with a backfist. Matanza’s back and hurls Konley across the ring before nailing him with the Wrath of the Gods to pick up the win.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

This was a decent enough opener but did the thing most multi-man clusterfucks are prone to do and had guys randomly selling bumps for ages that they’d barely even register in a normal one on one competition. Also the ending kind of came from out of nowhere, but it was a fast paced, exciting match that got the crowd hyped up. [**]

Meanwhile in the Ring…

After the match Chavo gets in the ring and asks for a mic. He talks about how each season Lucha Underground asks itself what it can do to top the prior season. He says that on June 13th we’ll get a chance to see how they topped season 3. We are then shown a trailer for season 4. Lucha Underground’s back baby!

Match 2: Taya Valkyrie vs. Allie (c)

Allie’s Impact Knockouts Championship is on the line here. Allie wants a handshake but Taya just slaps her hand away. Taya overpowers Allie in the opening moments of the match, taking her down with a waistlock. Allie makes a pouty face while Taya talks shit to her.

Allie gets back to her feet and comes off the ropes with a clothesline but Taya responds with some stomps as Matt Striker and Josh Matthews have a discussion about the differences between “Impact Taya” and “Lucha Underground Taya.”

Allie comes back with a pair of armdrags. She goes for a third, but Taya blocks her. Allie then comes back with a crossbody and covers for two. This just pisses off Taya who sends Allie into the corner and nails her with a double knee to the back of the head, made all the more vicious by the “heavy berserker boots,” she’s wearing according to Matt Striker.

Taya then does the arrogant heel cover of stepping on Allie’s chest with one foot to add insult to injury. Allie kicks out at two. Taya with a leg splitter for one. She follows with a chop in the corner, but Allie comes back with one of her own. We get some back and forth between then before a flurry of offense from Taya drops Allie.

Taya is firmly in control until Allie counters a whip and hits a Russian legsweep that gets one. Taya immediately gets back to her feet and begins clubberin’ Allie. The crowd (who is very much a Lucha Underground crowd) actually starts getting behind Allie so kudos to both women’s work here.

Taya misses a corner charge and suckers Allie into charging at her only to sidestep her at the last second and send Allie into the turnbuckles. Taya slaps on a quasi-dragon sleeper, but she doesn’t seem to be looking for a submission. She then hits Allie with a hairpull X-Factor.

Taya continues to bully Allie, laying in kicks and facepalming here which finally causes Allie to snap. She fires up and lays in some strikes and then hits a running lariat in the corner. She follows with sliding forearms in the corner and covers for two.

Taya winds up with her neck on the turnbuckle. She catches a dropkick to the ass that earns Allie another two count. Taya fights back and hits a sloppy release German suplex that looked more like a throw. A corner clothesline follows from Taya before she starts spamming double knees in the corner. She covers for two.

Allie fights off the Road to Valhalla and nails a DDT for two. She goes for a German suplex but Taya blocks it. Allie comes off the ropes. A tilt-a-whirl is blocked but Allie connects with a lungblower. She follows with a Codebreaker and covers. One! Two! Three! Allie successfully defends her championship.

Winner: Allie

For a random match with little to no build this was pretty decent. I haven’t seen much of Allie prior to this, but she looked pretty good here and worked well with Taya. I think these two could probably have a really good match if they were given more time and had a reason beyond Impact vs. Lucha Underground to be fighting over. [**½]

Match 3: oVe vs. Teddy Hart & Scott Steiner

Why are Teddy Hart and Scott Steiner teaming up? Because there was an open contract and apparently these are the two cats that signed on the dotted line. I have no idea.

Whatever the reason for this unlikely team up, Teddy Hart, being Teddy Hart, starts the match before the bell even rings by randomly doing a moonsault onto the Crist boys out of the floor because what else really would he do?

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 001.gif

Hart then hits a powerbomb/backstabber combo before proceeding to nearly kill Jake Crist with a botched electric chair drop. He tags Steiner but Steiner doesn’t actually come in so the OVE lads begin working Hart over. The braintrust that is Striker and Mathews claim that because Steiner was just randomly chilling on the middle of the apron the tag was not legal or something. I don’t know.

Steiner just stands on the apron chilling in his nWo Wolfpac t-shirt, occasionally yelling, “Fuck,” as Jake and Dave continue to make quick tags and beat Teddy Hart down. Hart tries to fire up but gets cut off by oVe and pummeled some more.

Eventually Hart hits the Code Red and makes the HOT TAG to Scott Steiner. Steiner stands wild as Jake and Dave Crist run at him and get suplexed. A belly to belly gets a two count. The Crist brothers head up top but are caught and dumped with more rough suplexes (often proceeded by the double deuce).

Steiner gets the Steiner Recliner and Jake Crist taps out. Afterwards Steiner chucks the ref out of the ring because what else really would he do?

Winners: Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart

This was not particularly good. The Crist brothers worked a pretty generic TV style tag match while Teddy Hart was Teddy Hart with all that that entails and Scott Steiner was a dude in his fifties who rarely wrestles anymore. I guess Steiner looks like a badass and if that’s something Impact is trying to put across here they succeeded. [*]

Match 3: King Cuerno, Drago & Aerostar vs. Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier & DJ Z

The LU guys are out first. Aerostar has a glowing facemask and a goddamn blowtorch for some reason.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 002.gif

Not to be outdone by Aerostar’s lightup mask, DJZ’s entire body is covered with LED. Unlike Aerostar though, DJZ removes this gear before the match begins.

Drago and Everett to start. The shake hands and it’s off to the races. They go a million miles an hour from the opening with Drago flipping over Everett and blasting him with a kick before Everett nails a shoulderblock through the ropes. Drago ends up out of the floor and tags in Aerostar from the floor somehow.

Aerostar and DJ Z are in now. Mathews “didn’t realize Aerostar competes in the lighted mask.” Striker tells Mathews that “Aerostar does whatever Aerostar wants,” and apparently what Aerostar wants to do is a corkscrew bodypress.

DJ Z comes back with an elbow in the corner and drops Aerostar with a kick. DJ Z then shouts, “DJ!” and the crowd shouts, “Z!” back at him and fire off a DJ air horn. It is hilarious. He does some more stuff in the ring and does the air horn bit again and it’s still great! Aerostar goes out to the floor, and DJ builds up a head of steam for a dive, only instead of diving he does the horn thing once again. This rules!

We get tags to Cuerno and Dezmond Xavier, the sole guy in this match I’ve never seen before. Xavier with a shot to the midsection, a kick, and a sloppy looking dropkick that’s enough for a two count.

Cuerno moves on a corner charge and takes over on offense, nailing Xavier with a kick to the spine. Xavier fires back with chops that BUST CUERNO’S NIPPLE OPEN! JEEEESUS! Xavier tries for some zany fake out hiptoss that’s really sloppy looking elbow. It sends Cuerno out to the floor. Xavier goes for a tope but gets cut off at the ropes by Cuerno with a step up enziguri.

Back in the ring Xavier hits an Ace Cutter and tags are made. Aerostar and Drago come in and get leveled by DJ Z with a crossbody. The horn is back! We get some combination neckbreaker/DDT from Z before he hits a dive to the floor.


Xavier takes everyone out with a corkscrew somersault. Everett tries for a dive but gets cut off by Cuerno. Drago hits the ring for a dive of his own as Striker proclaims that “it gets contagious.” Aerostar then does a step up belly flop looking thing to take everyone out.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 003.gif

Cuerno sets up for the ARROW FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL, but Everett comes flying in with a dropkick to ruin it. The crowd is none to pleased by this so Everett does a random springboard corkscrew deal into the scrum on the floor.

Back in the ring, Drago runs wild with superkicks but he gets caught by DJ Z with a powerslam. DJ Z and Everett hit a version of More Bang For Your Buck and cover, but Aerostar flies in to break up the pin.

Drago hits a DDT on Everett with an assist from Aerostar. Aerostar then takes out DJ Z with a rolling cutter. He goes for the pin, but Xavier is in to break it up. Xavier with an X19 around the ringpost on Aerostar. He then goes foes a handspring kick that Aerostar has to kind of run to get into position for.

Xavier covers but Cuerno’s in to nonchalantly break up the pin. Cuerno’s got his t-shirt back on to protect his wounded nipple. He tries for the Thrill of the Kill on Xavier as Matt Striker is Matt Striker on commentary. Everett connects with the Disaster Kick to break that up though. The kick doesn’t land square but “the toe may have caught Cuerno,” according to commentary.

The finish comes when Everett misses a 450 on Cuerno and Cuerno locks a modified Indian deathlock on him and gets Everett to tap. After the match the Impact guy and Lucha Underground guys shake hands and raise each other’s arms in a show of respect.

Winners: King Cuerno, Drago & Aerostar

This is pretty much the kind of match I wanted to see when I learned that this event was going down. I wanted to see flippy guys without masks doing flips at flippy guys with masks and vice versa and that was precisely what this match was. It was all breakneck speeds and dives and airhorn stupidity and bloody nipples and it ruled. [***⅔]

Match 5: Trevor Lee (w/ Caleb Konley) vs. Marty the Moth (w/ Famous B.)

This was supposed to be Trevor Lee vs. Famous B., but before the match Famous B. came out and cut a promo telling people to call 423-GET-FAME and then telling Lee that he knew he’d come to the ring with backup so he got some backup of his own who will be taking his place in the match tonight. That backup is Marty the Moth!

They brawl at the bell and Marty dumps Lee out to the floor. He follows with a Tope Con Hilo. Konley gets involved on the outside which brings Famous B. into the fracas to hit Konley with a superkick. While this is going on Lee nails Marty with a running punt from the apron.

They head back in and Lee goes on the attack with a series of rights. He the slams Marty’s head against the turnbuckle but Marty tells him, “That’s not how you do it!” and then proceeded to bash his own head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 004.gif

Marty gets fired up but Lee rakes the eyes to cut him off and then hits a powerbomb for a two count. He proceeds to choke Marty out, grounding the action, but Marty fights to his feet. He fires up and hits Lee with a series of moves before leveling him with a flapjack.

Marty connects with a double underhook DDT and covers for a near fall. He heads up top but Konley once again interjects himself in the match. Famous B. takes Konley out and Marty goes for a moonsault, but the distraction gave Lee enough time to recover and he rolls out of the way and gets Marty in a roll up (with a handful of tights) to pick up the win.

Winner: Trevor Lee

This was overall fine and both guys looked decent but it was short and there was a lot of interference. To be honest it seemed like the sort of match you’d see on a weekly TV show as part of a build to a PPV match. [**]

Match 6: Killshot & The Mack vs. LAX (c) (w/ Diamante)

LAX’s Impact World Tag Team titles are on the line here. Killshot and The Mack are two thirds of the Lucha Underground Trios Champions (along with the absent Dante Fox).

LAX come out with Diamante instead of Konnan who is apparently recovering from hip surgery. Killshot and Ortiz start things off in the ring. Ortiz gets an early near fall off a Northern Lights suplex and then blasts The Mack out on the apron like he’s playing WWE 2KWhatever on Playstation.

LAX work over Killshot in the corner but he fights out of it. Santana makes the tag and Santana comes in with a senton atomico. We get Santana and Killshot trading slaps for awhile, but Santana gets cut off after missing a corner charge and tags in The Mack.

The Mack comes in with strikes. Santana connects a rana but Mack comes back with an armdrag and a big avalanche in the corner. Mack then does the Jack Gallagher headstand in the corner, but unlike Gentleman Jack he proceeds to shake his dick at Santana.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 005.gif

Santana’s in shock so Mack comes down of the ropes and levels him with a shoulder tackle. Killshot tags in and the do some double team tag team moves. Killshot nails Santana with a flying double stomp to his arm and covers for two.

Mack comes back in. Santana tries to fight him off but gets blasted by The Mack with a headbutt. Finally Santana makes the tag to Oritz, but before leaving the ring he rolls back and nails Mack with a cutter.

LAX double team Mack. We get a standing moonsault from Santana and a double flapjack. Ortiz then hit the most GIFerrific move of the night when he planked into a headbutt on Mack and just laid on him for the pin. It looked awesome but only got a two count.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 006.gif

A clothesline follows but Mack cuts Ortiz off with a pop up punch and an exploder suplex. Santana comes in and unloads with rights on Mack. Mack reversed on an Irish whip and runs into a dropkick from Ortiz.

Killshot comes in and we’ve got ourselves a fourway. All four dudes are just blasting each other with kicks. Santana drops Killshot with a roundhouse to the head and the gets him up in a fireman’s carry, but Killshot somehow counters this with a mid-air Killstomp that knocks Santana out of his bandanna. The crowd is really getting into this.

Mack nails Santana with a big forearm and then wrecks his shit with a face wash kick. Killshot delivers a kick of his own before Mack flattens Santana with a cannonball in the corner. They cover but Ortiz is in to break up the pin.

Killshot takes out Ortiz and they work up top where Killshot launches Ortiz into a POUNCE from Mack. SHADES OF MONTY BROWN!! Ortiz is dead and rolls out of the ring onto the floor.

Santana comes back and fights off Killshot and The Mack by himself but he gets cut off with a pop up knee. He then gets double teamed by The Mack and Killshot. Mack lifts Santana up in the powerbomb position and Killshot comes off the top with a Killstomp during the powerbomb. Only a two count!

Santana is dead but Ortiz is in for the save. He takes out The Mack and then drops Killshot. A DVD follows and Santana gets back to his feet. LAX go for a pop up AA but Ortiz loses his footing and falls. He just gets back up and hits the AA on Killshot will the crowd chants, “You fucked up,” more because that’s what you’re supposed to do at indie wrestling shows than anything else. Santana goes for the pin while Ortiz dives on The Mack. Killshot is able to kick out.

LAX continues the two on one advantage. Ortiz gets down on his hands and knees and Santana comes off his back with a somersault senton in the corner. Ortiz gets Killshot up in a powerbomb position and Santana comes off the top rope with a Buff Blockbuster to pick up the win and retain the Impact World Tag Team Titles.

Winners: LAX

There were a couple of minor botches here, but other than that this was a really solid tag team battle between the top teams from Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. Good back and forth here. Some cool high spots. An homage to Monty Brown by Willie Mack. There was a lot to like here. The only negative here was I felt like during this match Matt Striker was at his most Matt Striker-esque and John Mathews was being Josh Mathews which didn’t do the in ring action any favors. That being said, along with the six man tag match and the main event this one is worth checking out even if you don’t feel like watching this entire show. [***½]

Match 7: Eli Drake vs. Cage

Drake is out first. He cuts a promo on the crowd or something it’s kind of hard to hear because for some reason the ring mic is super quiet. Brian Cage comes down to the ring and Drake talks about how he and Cage shouldn’t fight because they used to rule the west together as The Natural Selection or something. He says they should just go and get a beer together.

Cage seems cool with it, but Drake takes a swing at him that Cage dodges and the match is underway. Cage dominates early on, tossing Drake around with his freakish power and screaming, “I’M A FUCKING MACHINE!” Superkicks follow to drop Drake.

Drake comes back and cuts him off with a flapjack before working cage over with strikes. He then connects with a stun gun on Cage off the ropes before putting the boots to him. A neckbreaker follows for two. Drake tries to ground things but Cage fights to his feet and goes for the discus lariat but Drake avoids it and puts Cage back down with a powerslam. He hits an elbow for one.

Drake wastes time celebrating and then misses a knee drop which allows Cage to make a comeback. He lays in rights and runs wild with clotheslines before hitting an enziguri and a German suplex. Drake retreats to the apron and Cage levels him with the deadlift suplex for two. Cage heads up top but Drake heads up after him and hits a superplex. ONE! TWO! NO!

Cage comes back with a knee strike but Drake manages to fire back with a neckbreaker and a dropkick. Cage turns him inside with a lariat for two. Drake tries for the Gravy Train but Cage counters it and destroys Cage with a rolling lariat to pick up the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

This was a fine match with Cage continuing to pick up steam as a major player with Impact Wrestling, getting another big win over a former champion. The commentary, which has been pretty bad throughout, did include a rather excellently, albeit unintentionally, hilarious moment. Striker at one point explained to Mathews how Cage once had a gauntlet imbued by the power of the gods and Mathews absolutely no sold it which made it seem like the stupidest thing ever. In reality it’s only like the 8th stupidest thing that happened on Lucha Underground. [**½]

Match 8: Eddie Edwards vs. Jeremiah Crane
“I Quit” Match

This match came about due to Sami Callihan/Jeremiah Crane legitimately breaking Eddie Edwards’ face with a baseball bat on Impact a few weeks back.

Edwards takes the fight to Crane immediately as Crane makes his entrancing, hitting a dive out on the floor. They brawl on the floor for awhile. Crane fights back and manages to turn the tide by powerbombing Edwards into the ring apron.

Crane goes under the ring apron and gets a turnbuckle that he grinds into Edwards face for a bit. Crane then spits on his hand and slaps Edwards in the chest as Mathews goes on and on about how Callihan is a “son of bitch,” while Striker is like, “He’s selling tickets and that’s a good thing.”

Edwards battles back, choking Crane out. He goes for a chop on Crane against the ringpost, but Crane ducks it so Edwards ends up smashing his hand into the post. They repeat the spot a moment later with Crane being the one who chops the post.

They fight by the entrance and then head to the back for a moment. They come back out and Edwards lays in chair shots to take control. He then begins hurling chairs at Crane. He rolls Crane back into the ring and gets a bunch of chairs from fans in the crowd that he piles up ringside. Edwards then goes for a suplex onto the chairs but Crane escapes it and hits a running boot that sends Edwards to the floor.

Crane sets up some chairs out on the floor and hurls some back into the ring. He and Edwards then work back to the apron, trading strikes. Crane goes after Edwards’ eye and goes for an apron piledriver, but Edwards blocks it and nails Crane with an enziguri before hitting a fisherman’s buster on the apron.

Back in the ring, Edwards piles up a bunch of chairs. He works over Crane with chair shots before attacking Crane’s eye with a claw. Crane escapes with a low blow and then follows with a shoulder breaker. He misses a corner charge though and ends up going into a chair allowing Edwards to take back over on offense.

Crane refuses to quit so Edwards keeps throwing chairs at him. Crane repeatedly yells “Kiss my ass!” into the microphone when the ref asks him if he wants to give it up. Crane gives Edwards the double deuce. Edwards responds to this indignity with a chair assisted Boston Knee Party.

Edwards sets up chairs and they work to the top. Edwards tries to a sunset flip onto the chairs but Crane reverses it and tries for a sunset bomb into the chairs, but knocks them over so he just hits Edwards with a chair and gives him a Death Valley Driver onto the remaining chairs.

Crane tries to get Edwards to quit but a defiant Edwards yells, “Kiss my ass Solomon Crowe!” causing an “NXT! NXT!” chant to break out. Crane hits more chair shots and then heads out to the floor. He grabs a guardrail and drags it back into the ring. Crane sets the guardrail up in the corner and goes to powerbomb Edwards on to it, but Edwards lowblows Crane and ends up powerbombing him into the guardrail instead.

Edwards then sets up a chair on Crane’s chest in a callback to the spot that broke Edwards’ face. He gets a chair to smash into it, but oVe runs out which distracts Edwards. Edwards attacks them but Crane recovers during the melee and blasts Edwards in the head with a chair, knocking him out.

Crane then goes out to the floor and gets a baseball bat out from under the ring. He sets up a chair on Edwards’ face and looks to replicate the spot that begat this entire feud. The referee attempts to intervene but Crane takes him out.

Don Callis heads out and yells at Crane and throws in the towel on Edwards’ behalf, but Crane doesn’t give a shit. Moose runs out with a chair and chases Crane out of the ring. Someone, Crane I’m assuming, spits on Moose from off camera as he leans over the ropes.

Winner: Jeremiah Crane

This match was decent enough up until the ending. I understand why they had the ending they did since it makes more sense to have the blowoff to the feud happen at a pay per view rather than a random free crossover event that was being broadcast on Twitch so the ending they went with was about as good as it could have been in order to continue the feud.

Both guys worked hard here, but there was a lot of dead spots while guys were setting up plunder for the next highspot that kind of made the match drag in places, though part of that also could be due to the fact that we’ve seen a lot of really fast-paced Lucha Underground stuff on this card. [**½]

Meanwhile in the Ring…

The ring crew pull junk out of the ring while the blonde Impact Wrestling announcer lady informs us that at Impact Redemption Pentagon Jr. will take on Fenix.

Match 9: Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix vs. Austin Aries

This was supposed to be a tag team match with Fenix and Austin Aries taking on Pentagon Jr. and Alberto El Patron, but Patron’s not here so the match is now going to be a triple threat match and thus probably way better than it would have otherwise been.

Aries comes out with a bajillion belts like he’s cosplaying as Ultimo Dragon circa 1996. We get a “Fuck Del Rio!” chant from the crowd to start things off. Aries lays across the top turnbuckle and kind of shrugs. Fenix and Pentagon don’t seem to care either.

The match begins with Pentagon trying to do the cero miedo thing in Aries face but Aries blocks it only to eat a superkick from Fenix. We then get a rapidfire series of moves. Pentago kicks Fenix. Aries elbows Pentago. Fenix dropkicks Aries. Pentagon with a slingblade on Fenix. Aries hits Pentagon with a back suplex before getting sent to the floor, leaving the Lucha Brothers alone in the ring.

Fenix takes Pentagon over. Pentagon lifts him in the corner to the apron only to eat a kick from Fenix who then goes for a moonsault dive, misses, lands on his feet, catches Pentagon again and does some lucha rope fuckery into a wristlock takeover. Aries then comes flying in with a missile dropkick for two.

Aries follows with a diving elbow to Fenix’s back for a two count. Pentagon’s back in to break things up. He hits some zany DDT and gets a two count on Aries. He goes for a pin on Fenix, but again only gets two. Pentagon argues with the ref.

Aries goes behind but eats an elbow from Pentagon. Aries tries for some handstand deal but gets blasted in the gut. Pentagon then goes for a dive, but turns around and runs right into a cutter from Fenix. Aries chops Fenix who reveres a whip and Aries hits a dive onto Pentagon on the outside. Not to be outdone, Fenix hits a corkscrew dive to the floor that wipes out Aries.

Back in the ring Fenix works over Aries, drilling him with strikes and back elbows. Aries crotches Fenix up top and ties him up in the ropes but Fenix manages to get free, land on his feet and hit a bridging German suplex for two.

Pentagon heads back in and nails Fenix with a powerbomb for two. He then goes for the package piledriver, but Aries cuts him off with by clapping his hands into Pentagon’s head. Aries goes for the discus forearm, but Pentagon grabs the ropes to stop himself. Aries hits a neckbreaker in the ropes and then heads up top.

450 connects for a two count. Aries locks on the Last Chancery but Fenix comes in to make the save by stomping on Aries’ stomach. Fenix blasts Aries with a series of brutal chops and hits a running forearm in the corner. He then sets Aries up top and goes for a muscle buster. Aries counters out and gets two off a schoolboy. He gets Fenix in the Last Chancery but this time it’s broken up by Pentagon.

Pentagon attacks, laying in chops. He and Fenix decide to work together and double team Aries. Fenix then does some acrobat shit, launching Pentagon into Aries for a corner cannonball.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 007.gif

Their alliance comes to an end when they both go for the pin. We get a chop exchange between the two before Aries gets back to his feet and joins in the festivities. Stereo superkicks from the Lucha Brothers send Aries out of the ring to the floor. He’s out cold.

We get some brief back and forth from Pentagon and Fenix before Fenix comes off the ropes and Pentagon catches him with an insane pop up powerbomb for two.

Impact vs. Lucha Underground 20180406 - 008.gif

Pentagon then hits the Pentagon Driver to pick up the win.

After the match Pentagon slaps hands with fans as he makes his way to the back and we are shown Aries still dead at ringside.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

This was a solid Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix match that also had Austin Aries in it. He kind of felt like a third wheel at times but I don’t really fault him or the other two dudes since they were all probably planning for a tag match where undoubtedly Pentagon Jr. and Fenix would have done basically the same spots they did here while Aries worked more with El Patron, but that all went to shit. Either way it was a decent match, and will probably get Impact people hyped to see Pentagon and Fenix at the PPV. [***]

Final Thoughts

I liked this as a one off thing. It was cool seeing dudes that don’t usually wrestle against one another in the ring together and it’s something I hope they do again in the future since the matches were, for the most part, enjoyable. This one’s definitely worth checking out if you want to see some unique matchups.


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