ECW Hardcore TV (April 2, 1996)

I got a request to review the main event from this episode of Hardcore TV and figured that it’s been awhile since I looked at mid-90s ECW so I might as well just watch the entire episode. So here it is, the April 2, 1996 installment of Hardcore TV, which I believe was filmed the day before.

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WCW Tuesday Nitro (July 18, 2000)


This is a special Tuesday installment of WCW Monday Nitro. No, there aren’t NBA playoffs or anything of that sort, they got preempted for on Monday so TNT could air a made for TV movie. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

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USWA Championship Wrestling on WMC-5 (June 29, 1991)

uswa logo

I’m going down to Memphis today for whatever reason with a random episode of USWA Championship Wrestling on WMC-5. We’ve got Dave Brown and Michael St. John calling the action at the WMC Television Studio this morning. The run down the matches we’ll see this morning and then tell us that after the break will get down to action.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (October 27, 2012)

Saturday Morning Slam

Voice Over Guy welcomes us to, and I quote, “the most action packed, high flying half hour,” on television. He speaks, of course, of a random episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam from 2012. He informs us that this morning’s main event will see the United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro, taking on Derrick Bateman but first we’re kicking things off with “the superstar who defies extinction,” Brodus Clay.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (October 13, 2012)

Saturday Morning Slam

Goddamn do I love me some WWE C-Shows! Let’s take a look at yet another fine episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam from the year 2012.

Voice Over Guy welcomes us and tells us that this week’s huge main event will feature Sin Cara going up against Jinder Mahal. Maybe I don’t love WWE C-Shows from 2012 as much as I thought I did. From here we head to the ring for action. I guess we’re getting two matches this week.

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WWE Saturday Morning Slam (October 6, 2012)

Saturday Morning Slam

I don’t know why I love Saturday Morning Slam as much as I do, but here’s another review of an episode I missed the last time I got on a Saturday Morning Slam kick. This week we aren’t fucking around with Pop Quizzes or Voice Over Guy introductions as we go immediately from the opening video to the arena for action!

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WWE Mixed Match Challenge (April 3, 2018)

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Logo

It’s time for the finals of the Mixed Match Challenge. The commentary team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the show and show us how to use our phones before throwing it backstage where Rusev and Lana are shown dicking around on their phones. Rusev is claiming that good ol’ Bob Roode is a cheater. Elsewhere backstage Big E and Lana are also dicking around on their phones and eating pancakes out of a little briefcase.

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IMPACT Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground (April 6, 2018)

Impact vs. LU

We’re at the Sugar Mill in New Orleans for this crossover event between Impact (née TNA) and Lucha Underground. Our hosts for the evening are Matt Striker and Josh Mathews. ECW ’09 commentary team all up in this mug!

Melissa Santos and some random blonde lady who is apparently Impact’s backstage interview lady come out to hype the crowd. Since this is on Twitch instead of basic cable Melissa Santos tells the crowd to make “some fucking noise,” or something like that before introducing the competitors for the first match.

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