NXT (September 13, 2017)

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We’re back with another action packed episode of NXT. How weird is it that going into this episode I knew what the majority of the matches were going to be because they hyped them up last week during the show? Zany isn’t it?

Match 1: Peyton Royce & Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riot & ????

We see the clip from the Performance Center they showed last week where Ruby Riot asked for a handicap match against the Iconic Duo but Regal put the kibosh on that and told her to find a partner and he’d give her a tag team match.

Riot proceeds to come out by herself and starts off the match without anyone in her corner. Riot takes control at the bell, but quickly gets cut off by the Iconic Duo who take control and use their superior numbers to keep Riot from building any momentum. While this is going on we see Nikki Cross out in the crowd creeping towards the ring.

Back in the ring Royce maintains control. She lays in some knee strikes and then tangles Riot up in the ropes. The Iconic Duo work quick tags and continue to double team Riot. There’s some miscommunication between the Iconic Duos that give Riot a moment to recover. Nikki Cross, however, jumps up onto the ring apron in Ruby Riot’s corner and proceeds to HOT TAG herself into the match.

Nikki Cross runs wild and kicks the shit out of Royce and Kay while Ruby Riot looks on all like, “What the fuck is going on?” Cross hits her fisherman’s neckbreaker and then tags Ruby Riot back in and wanders off somewhere. Riot heads up top and hits a top rope senton to pick up the win.

Winners: Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross

This was a fun little TV match that added a new wrinkle to the feud between Ruby Riot and the Iconic Duo and gave all four women something to do until the powers that be figure out what they’re doing with the Women’s Championship. [**]

Last Week at the Performance Center…

We see the footage of Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss giving Johnny Gargano shit about DIY breaking up. Gargano’s going to be taking on one of them next!

Meanwhile Backstage…

A blonde interview lady talks to No Way Jose. Jose says he’s pissed off at Lars Sullivan for ruining the biggest conga line Brooklyn had ever seen and for generally being a dick. Last week he got in Sullivan’s face and got laid out, but No Way Jose is determined to teach Lars Sullivan a lesson about messing with conga lines and challenges him to a match next week. I kind of like No Way Jose as a promo guy.

Match 2: Johnny Gargano vs. Riddick Moss (w/ Tino Sabbatelli)

Moss tries to overpower Gargano early on while Gargano attempts to outwrestle him. Moss gets the best of the exchange and takes Gargano down to the mat. Moss chucks Gargano across the ring.

Gargano’s back up and attempts to pick up the pace. Gargano goes for a rana but Moss counters it. Gargano slides out but runs into a back elbow. Moss then lays into him with knees and elbows. Another big toss from Moss leaves Gargano laid out as we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We come back from the break and Moss has Gargano in an abdominal stretch. Gargano fights out but Moss slams him into the corner. Moss works over Gargano in the corner with body strikes and then whips Gargano across the ring to the opposite corner.

Gargano get fired up and lays in some strikes and then avoids a charge from Moss and nails him with a seated kick. He then sends Moss out to the floor and nails him with a cannonball off the apron.

Sabbatelli tries to get involved but Gargano fights him off and heads back in, but Moss hurks him up for a powerbomb. Gargano manages to escape and lock on the Gargano Escape but Moss makes it the ropes. Gargano is poleaxed by this. The commentary wonders whether or not Gargano is till questioning himself.

Moss slams Gargano like a sack of shit, but he can’t put away Gargano away. Sabbatelli gets involved again but Gargano fights him off and the nails Moss with a slingshot spear to pick up the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

So I’ve been watching a lot of 1997 WCW Monday Nitro as of late which means I’ve been treated to…no that’s not right…I’ve endured a fair number of Steve “Mongo” McMichael matches. This kind of felt like watching one of those matches. Moss hit a bunch of big power moves that always looked like they were a hair away from legitimately killing Johnny Gargano much in the same way every Mongo match went.

Moss got a shit ton of offense in and then Gargano won. I guess they’re still trying to play up the fact that Gargano’s not himself after DIY broke up but I wonder if there isn’t someone else they could have put him up against to have this same match without him having to run the risk of getting legitimately maimed? [½*]

Match 3: The Street Profits vs. The Ealy Brothers

Early on one of the Ealy Bros. steals Dawkins’ headband and gets punched in the face for his troubles. Montez Ford comes in and the Profits take control. The Profits hit a zany double team maneuver where one dude leaps over the other onto the back of an Ealy. The repeat it on the other Ealy.

NXT 20170913 - 001.gif

The Ealys do twin magic and then make a comeback on Ford. Both men make tags and Dawkins runs wild hitting a dropkicks, elbows and corner splashes. Dawkins nails whatever Ealy is in with him with a spinebuster and then Ford hits a frog splash to pick up the win.

After their win the Street Profits go out into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Winners: The Street Profits

Street Profits remain undefeated on NXT television and over as fuck. This match got them another dominating win and will help to establish them as a team to be reckoned with. The Ealy Brothers are big dudes and twins so they probably stick around for awhile, but they still need a lot of work if they ever hope to get to those lofty heights reached by other twin tag teams such as the Bella Twins and The Bruise Brothers! [*]

Video Package!

We get a video package about Asuka’s run in NXT. A bunch of people talk about how awesome she is. It’s solid video package.

Meanwhile Backstage…

A blonde interview lady asks Regal what is going to happen with the Women’s Championship. Regal says he’s got some things to consider and he’d let us know how they’ll determine the new champion in the next few week. This was filmed before Kairi Sane won so he doesn’t mention her getting a shot at the title.

Next Week on NXT!

Aleister Black will speak for the first time ever (on NXT) next week!

Meanwhile Backstage…

A blonde interview lady asks Wolfgang about his shot at the UK Championship. Wolfgang plans on winning. He then heads down to the ring. The blonde interview lady then asks Pete Dunne about the match. Dunne gives less than zero fuck and just bites his belt and heads out to the ring.

Match 4: Wolfgang vs. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne’s UK Championship’s on the line here. Wolfgang earned himself a title shot after pinning Tyler Bate in a tag team match with Dunne a couple weeks back.

Dunne tries to ground things from the onset, working over Wolfgang’s arm. Wolfgang fights back to his feet but Dunne stays on his arm. Wolfgang fights him off and takes him down with a cravat.

Dunne comes back and lays into Wolfgang with forearms and kicks. He goes back to Wolfgang’s arm but Wolfgang does some World of Sport fuckery to take Dunne down before hitting a gut wrench suplex. He follows up with a big corner splash and then heads up top but gets cut off by Dunne.

Dunne does the British guy finger breaking spot and then wrecks Wolfgang’s shit with a DDT on the apron as we head to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We return from break to find Dunne working a hanging kimura. He keeps his focus on Wolfgang’s arm, but Wolfgang powers out and hits a suplex to escape. They go back and forth until Wolfgang nails Dunne with a big spear that causes Dunne to roll out to the floor.

Wolfgang goes for a dive and takes Dunne out with a tope. He heads back in and hits a moonsault that scores him a near fall. Dunne mounts a comeback hitting Wolfgang with an X-Plex and then heads up top only to get cut off by Wolfgang who hits a stalling superplex. Wolfgang then goes back up top for a senton, but Dunne counters into an armbar.

NXT 20170913 - 002.gif

Wolfgang fights and escapes the armbar, but runs into a big forearm from Dunne. Dunne follows up with kicks but Wolfgang connects with a popup powerslam that earns him a near fall. Dunne comes back with a German suplex, but Wolfgang fights back and nails Dunne with a lariat.

Dunne fights back and counters another popup powerslam with a forearm and then connects with the Bitter End to put Wolfgang away and retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Winner: Pete Dunne

This was a solid main event for TV but wasn’t as great as some of the other UK Championship matches we’ve seen. Both guys put in decent work here, but it lacked some of the drama the other matches had. [***]

WCW Monday Nitro Circa 1997 Ending…

After the match Adam Cole & Co. show up and slide into the ring. Dunne slowly puts his belt down and puts his hands up as if to say, “I’m not threat,” but then Dunne attacks and lays into the ROH Boys with fists, but eventually the numbers prove too much for him.

NXT 20170913 - 003.gif

Wolfgang hits the ring to attempt to make the save. Everyone is losing their shit. This is awesome! Dunne rolls out of the ring and then heads back up the ramp. The fans are not pleased. Cole and his dudes beat on Wolfgang while Dunne looks on from the stage and then runs down to the ring. OH SHIT IT’S ON!

NXT 20170913 - 004.gif

Wait, no. Dunne grabs his belt and heads back up the ramp and just kind of shrugs when Adam Cole looks over at him. What a cunt. Eventually Tyler Bate and Trent Seven show up and Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly bail out through the crowd. The show goes off the air with Moustache Mountain and Wolfgang staring daggers at the ROH guys. WE’RE OUTTA TIME! WE GOTTA GO!

Final Thoughts

Goddamn what a fucking awesome ending to this show. Not since the early days of the nWo has a wrestling angle gotten me this pumped up. The face turn fakeout from Pete Dunne had me going, “FUCK YEAH PETE DUNNE! Wait, where’s he going? OH SHIT IT’S BACK ON! Wait, what? Oh Pete Dunne you cunt…” in the span of like 60 seconds. This entire thing with the ROH guys has so far been booked really well. I like that they got the British lads involved to give it more an a feeling that no one’s safe. Kudos!

Even without this hot angle, the show was pretty decent. The UK Title match was solid and the stuff with Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot is an interesting development in the women’s division and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with it. All in all a pretty solid hour of wrestling action.


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