NXT (August 30, 2017)

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The show begins outside the Full Sail Arena. Sanity and security geeks are all laid out. People call for Regal who shows up and tells someone to get the medics as the unknown assailants run off into the night.

Inside the arena Percy Watson is like, “It must have been those ROH guys!” and Nigel McGuiness is like, “You don’t know that. It could have been anyone.” None of this matters though because the champ is here!

Opening Talky Segment…

Drew McIntyre shows up in a suit with the championship belt and heads down to the ring. He gets “You deserve it!” chants for a bit before he talks. McIntyre says that the NXT Championship is his life and all the sacrifices he’s made over the last 17 years have led to this moment. He knows that winning the title’s just the beginning because once you have it you also have a huge target on your back.

He calls out Fish, Cole and O’Reilly and tells them that they and everyone else in the locker room are on notice. This is Drew McIntyre’s world now and if you want a shot at the title all you have to do is step into the ring, look him in the eyes, and ask him for a fight like a man.

Cue Roderick Strong.

Roddy comes down to the ring and congratulates McIntyre and then says he doesn’t care about “them (the ROH boys)” or what happened at TakeOver. All he cares about is his family…and also that title that Drew McIntyre has. He says that after he beats Roode tonight he wants a shot at the title.

Drew seems pleased by this and says he’s glad that Roddy was a man and challenged him face to face and then adds that he hopes he’s ready to get knocked out like a man too. Drew’s music hits and he heads out to end the segment.

Meanwhile Backstage a Week Ago on SmackDown Live…

We see the same interview with Roode after his SmackDown debut that we saw on last week’s episode of NXT. He talks about his unfinished business in NXT and how once that’s taken care of he’s going to make SmackDown glorious.


Mauro gives us an update on Asuka’s injury. We see a picture of an x-ray that she posted on Twitter. Her collar bone is fractured. She’ll be at Full Sail next week to give everyone an update on her condition.

Match 1: Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Ruby Riot

A few weeks back Riot bested Kay in singles competition. The Iconic Duo was not pleased by this an after the match told her that all she did was prove lightning could strike once, and so we have this quasi rematch tonight.

They lock up and Riot muscles Royce to the corner, but Royce fights back and starts talking trash to Riot. Riot takes her down and gets her in a side headlock that Royce counters into a head scissors.

Riot escapes and nails Royce with a dropkick that earns her a two count. She stays on Royce, grounding her, but Royce fights back to her feet and lays out Riot with a kick. She follows with forearms and more kicks that send Riot out to the floor as we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We return from break to find Royce and Riot back in the ring with Royce in control. She slaps Riot around which fires Riot up. Riot hits some clotheslines and some kicks before nailing Royce with a dropkick. She sends Royce into the corner and hits a superkick that earns her another near fall.

Riot heads up top, but she’s cut off by Royce who follows her up. The jostle up top and Riot shoves Royce off but Royce manages to connect with a spin kick to set up for a Death Valley Driver. She covers and gets a decent near fall. Royce has a temper tantrum and goes for another spin kick, but Riot avoids it and nails her with a powerbomb and goes for the cover.

NXT 20170830 - 001.gif

Kay breaks up the pinfall by pulling Royce out of the ring to the floor. Riot then proceeds to take them both out with a suicide dive.

Back in Royce grabs onto the ring skirt which causes the ref to admonish her. While the ref is busy scolding Royce, Kay lays out Riot with a kick and then rolls her back into the ring. Royce hits a fisherman suplex on the already unconscious Ruby Riot to pick up the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

This was a pretty decent match that I liked more than their previous encounter. They had an energetic little match that the crowd was super into. Even the finish at the end was fine for this match since it plays into the storyline and will undoubtedly lead to Ruby getting a partner and some sort of tag team match. [***]

Meanwhile in William Regal’s Office…

Regal is talking about the attack on Sanity when Kassius Ohno shows up and politely apologizes for interrupting before requesting a match against Itami. Regal agrees and makes the match for next week. Ohno thanks him but is worried about shenanigans and requests that the match next week be a No DQ match. Regal has no problem with this and makes the match.

Hype Video!

We get a hype package for Heavy Machinery. STEAKS & WEIGHTS! They’re in action next!

Match 2: Heavy Machinery vs. Damien Aweel & Edwin Negron

Big boys who love to roughhouse! Otis starts off and wrecks house on whatever enhancement guy was fool enough to start off the match for his team. He completely dominates the dude and the tags in Tucker Knight to continue the onslaught.

Aweel and Negron attempt to mount some offense, but it goes badly for them. Heavy Machinery hit the Compactor and Dozovic pins both men, just to make sure the legal man gets pinned.

NXT 20170830 - 002.gif

Winners: Heavy Machinery

I love these big goofy motherfuckers! This was a solid squash match to get the Heavy Machinery lads back on TV and more importantly back on track after their loss to the Authors of Pain a few weeks back. It was just big boys roughhousing and making their opponents look like geeks. Sometimes that all I want out of a wrestling match. [**]

Meanwhile Last Week on NXT…

We see Lars Sullivan killing No Way Jose from last week’s episode which was actually a dark match from TakeOver, but who cares…NXT sometimes uses old ECW time travel stuff from episode to episode and we just have to let it slide.

Earlier Today in William Regal’s Office…

Regal meets with Lars Sullivan to punish him for his recent actions. Regal is very much a proponent of ironic punishments. “You’ve beat up three tag team partners, so next week you will face three opponents in a three on one handicap match,” says a grinning Regal.

Sullivan gives zero fucks and walks away.

Next Week on NXT…

In addition to Lars Sullivan taking on three men and the No DQ match between Itami and Ohno, Andrade “Cien” Almas will take on Cezar Bononi, a man who scored an upset victory over him a few months back. Holy shit is that a callback. Way to remember your continuity NXT and have payoffs for stuff.

Asuka will also be on hand next week to give us all an update on her condition.

Match 3: Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode

The crowd chants, “Thank you Bobby!” as Roode stands in the center of the ring. The bell gets underway with Roode jawing with Strong telling him that he’s a failure and this will always be his NXT, but before he can finish saying “It will be glorious,” Strong shoves him down and the match begins in earnest.

NXT 20170830 - 003.gif

Roode fights back with chops and punches. Roode and Strong go back and forth for a bit before Roode grounds Strong. Strong fights back and nails Roode with a dropkick. He follows up with a pair of backbreakers that send Roode rolling out to the apron.

Strong follows after him and they trade strikes. They fight on the outside. Roode sends Strong into the ringpost and then slams him into the steel steps. He follows up with a spinebuster on the outside before we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We come back from break to find Roode still in control. He nails Strong with a neckbreaker and covers but Strong kicks out at two. Roode stays on him, choking him out for a bit before hitting a side backbreaker. Roode hits another and mocks Strong for a bit before putting the boots to him.

Strong gets fired up, but Roode quickly gets back in control by whipping Strong into the turnbuckles and then grounding him with a chinlock. He knees Strong in the back, but Strong manages to fight back and hit a gut buster that earns him a near fall. Strong is favoring his back though and is slow to follow up.

They trade strikes with Strong hitting a lariat and some chops. He goes for a suplex but Roode counters. It doesn’t matter though because Strong scores a near fall after connecting with a backbreaker. He then hits a tiger bomb and gets Roode in the Strong Hold, but Roode gets to the ropes. He hits Strong with the TKO and covers for two.

Both men are slow to get to their feet, but once they do they trade strikes. Roode gets the better of the exchange and manages to nail Strong with a spinebuster. Roode gets Strong in position for the Glorious DDT, but Strong counters with an Angle Slam that he follows up with a knee strike. He covers but Roode kicks out at two and rolls out to the apron. Strong goes after him and tries to pull him back in but Roode stuns him off the ropes.

Roode heads up top but Strong goes up after him and they battle on the top rope. Strong gets shoved to the mat, but he manages to hit a step up enziguri that crotches Roode before Roode can capitalize. Strong goes back up top and hits a superplex that takes a lot out of both men. It takes him some time to make the cover giving Roode time to recover and kick out at two.

Both men are on their knees in the center of the ring. They trade strikes for awhile and work their way back to their feet where Roode manages to hit with the Glorious DDT. Strong rolls before Roode covers and manages to get his foot on the bottom rope before the three count.

Roode yells at Strong and calls him an embarrassment to his family. This is the wrong thing to say to “Family Man” Roderick Strong and it gets him fired the fuck up. He hits a bajillion knee strikes, takes off his kneepad, hits another knee strike and then nails Roode with a The End of Heartbreak. Strong’s not done yet though! He blows Roode a kiss and then nails him again with The End of Heartbreak and covers.

NXT 20170830 - 004.gif


Winner: Roderick Strong

This was a great main event and easily one of the better matches I saw this week. These two have really good chemistry with one another and a believable reason to be feuding. Roode did the old school thing and put Strong over on his way out of the company, making Strong look…well, strong and giving closure to their feud before he heads up to SmackDown full time. [****]

WCW Monday Nitro Circa 1997 Ending…

After the match, McIntyre comes out on the stage with his belt and stares down Strong, but suddenly Cole, Fish and O’Reilly are on him! They kick the shit out of him and Cole DDTs him on the stage. Strong just sits in the ring and watches this happen. WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?!

Security geeks show up and get laid to waste as well, but then Regal and more security geeks appear and the ROH guys saunter off declaring, “This is our NXT!” Regal and some security geeks give chase to the back, but the ROH guys escape, and run off into the night as the show ends. The only thing missing was Tony Schiavone screaming, “WE’RE OUTTA TIME! WE GOTTA GO!!!”

Final Thoughts

This was a goddamn fantastic hour of television wrestling. The in ring stuff was all fantastic and the stuff with the ROH guys have me interested in what happens next. Even if they hadn’t set up an entire show’s worth of matches for next week I’d be tuning in to see what’s going to happen next and how Strong plays into this entire thing.


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