WWE 205 Live (August 22, 2017)


It’s time for some high flying, death defying crusierweight action. It’s time for 205 Live! Tonight we start things off with highlights from the SummerSlam Kickoff Show of Neville vs. Tozawa for the Cruiserweight Championship where Neville ends up winning his title back.

After the opening video we head to the arena. Vic Joseph and Corey Graves are on commentary. This apparently is the nightcap to SummerSlam Week according to Graves who gives us a rundown of the two huge matches we have tonight and then we head to the ring for action!

Match 1: Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

Prior to the match Nese mocks the fans in attendance for never going to the gym. He counts his abs and flexes a lot which is funny because Drew Gulak isn’t exactly Mr. Universe (dude needs some ICOPRO).

Nese and Alexander are in to start. Nese poses a bit and goes for an early rollup but Alexander escapes and levels him with a dropkick. Nese tags Gulak in and Alexander forearms him in the jaw and tags in Metalik.

Metalik and Alexander double-team Gulak before Alexander heads out. Metalik keeps up a brisk pace, hitting a lucha arm drag before nailing Gulak with a ropewalk missile dropkick that scores a near fall.

Gulak fires back, popping Metalik square in the jaw to take control. He tags in Nese who goes for a baseball slide, but Metalik avoids it and sends them out to the floor and then hits them with a mammoth moonsault.

Back in the ring, Metalik gets cut off by Nese who gets him up in the Tree of Woe, setting up for his bicycle kick crunches thing he does, but Alexander walks over to the corner on the apron, and helps Metalik down before Nese gets started. Nese complains to the ref, allowing Metalik a chance to rollup him for a near fall.

Nese sends Alexander to the floor. Metalik drops Nese to the mat and then goes up top. He hits a high crossbody off the ring post and then tags in Alexander. Nese also makes the tag, but Alexander’s was a HOT TAG so he runs wild, hitting an enziguri and a springboard clothesline that gets two on Gulak.

Gulak and Alexander collide for a double down, but Alexander manages to make the tag. Metalik goes up to the ropes and hits a ropewalk splash on Gulak, but Nese comes in to break up the pin. This brings in Alexander to deal with Nese. The heels get sent to the outside and Metalik and Alexander hit huge stereo dives on the outside.

205 Live 20170822 - 001.gif

Alexander and Gulak head back in the ring and Gulak gets hit with the Lumbar Check allowing Alexander and Metalik to pick up the win.

Winners: Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik

This was a really fun match, and one that the crowd seemed to get into. I could stand for a weekly multi-man lucha fuckery match on 205 Live since that is that’s what I watch this show for: tiny dudes flipping around and flying into one another. [***¼]

Meanwhile Backstage…

Titus O’Neil is in the locker room with Tozawa. Titus is nervous about Tozawa’s upcoming match against Neville and wonders why Tozawa didn’t wait and recover a bit after their match at SummerSlam before the rematch. Tozawa tells him not to worry and Titus is like, “You’re right! Now give me two claps and a Ric Flair!”

*Clap! Clap! “WOOO!”*

Meanwhile in the Ring…

Jack Gallagher comes out in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and slacks. He has taped fists. He’s going to be facing The Brian Kendrick in a Gentleman’s Duel tonight so there’s a table in the ring festooned with weapons. There’s a kendo stick, an umbrella and a trio of weapons from Clue (rope, candlestick, lead pipe).

Gallagher says that Kendrick has insulted him and disrespected him and because of that Gallagher hasn’t been very gentlemanly as of late, but sometimes when people rub you the wrong way you just have to knock them out.

Kendrick shows up on the Titantron and calls Gallagher pathetic for surrounding himself with toys. He calls Gallagher a clown again and says that he won’t play games with Gallagher because he’s a fighter, not a clown, but he found an opponent for Gallagher: an actual clown.

The clown comes down to the ring and does that thing where he pulls a million handkerchiefs out of his coat and then gets in the ring. The clown squirts water in Gallagher’s face and then removes his glove and slaps Gallagher with it. Gallagher’s had enough and destroys the clown with a headbutt.

205 Live 20170822 - 002.gif

Gallgher then proceeds to kick the shit out of the clown. Gallagher goes over to the table and looks over the weapons. Someone in the crowd yells for him to use the pipe, but Gallagher instead just knocks everything off the table.

Before Gallagher can live out his ECW fantasies and put a dude through a table, The Brian Kendrick shows up and attacks Gallagher from behind, beating him down with an umbrella. He then powerbombs Gallagher through the table and gets on the mic. Kendrick says that they both got to beat up a clown tonight and then challenges him to a No DQ Match next week.

Another lousy segment in this lousy angle. I like both dudes, but this “you’re a clown” nonsense is lame. Even lamer? The fact that they didn’t use Doink the Clown in this segment. I probably would have popped huge if Doink had been the clown sent out to duel Gallagher, but they didn’t much to my dismay. Anyway, for as stupid as this feud is, 205 Live generally does well with feud ending matches and the match between these two next week should be decent enough.

Highlights for Children!

We get highlights of the match between Daivari and Rich Swann from last week. Originally it was scheduled to be Swann vs. TJP but Perkins withdrew from the match. We see Swann just about to win when TJP’s music hits and he hobbles out onto the stage on crutches. Swann gets distracted and Daivari picks up the win.

Meanwhile Backstage…

TJP is playing video games. His leg is in a knee brace. Swann shows up and wants to know what happened last week. Perkins says that he had hurt his knee in their last match when he beat Swann, and wanted to go out to show Swann that he’d been injured. He didn’t know that they were going to play his music or that it would distract Swann.

He tells Swann that he cost himself the match against Daivari, but not to be too hard on himself. Focus on getting that win back from Daivari and then after that they can see who the better man is. Swann seems amenable to this so I guess that match is going down next week…or maybe on Raw.

Next Week on 205 Live!

Gallagher has accepted Kendrick’s challenge. The two will go one on one in a No DQ Match next week on 205 Live!

Match 2: Akira Tozawa (w/ Titus O’Neil) vs. Neville

The match starts out pretty slowly. Neville focuses his attacks on Tozawa’s previously injured arm before Tozawa grounds him and applies a cravat. Neville goes for some quick pin attempts and the crowd lets him have it, chanting, “You’re a wanker!” at him. Neville does not look pleased by this.

Both men go for kicks that get countered and then work their way into the corner. Tozawa lights Neville up with chops, but gets cut off by Neville. Tozawa hits a sunset flip and then puts the boots to Neville.

Neville bails to the floor and Tozawa hits the ropes for a dive but Neville moves out of the way before Tozawa can leap so Tozawa puts the breaks on and goes for something else, but Neville ends up back in control. He slows the pace down and goes back to work on Tozawa’s arm and shoulder to set up for the Rings of Saturn.

Tozawa hits a sunset flip, but Neville comes back with a dropkick that sends Tozawa out to the floor. The King of the Cruiserweights heads up top and hits a big moonsault out to the floor and lands on his feet because he’s awesome.

The ref checks on Tozawa and tries to hold Neville back. Tozawa tries to fight back but Neville slams his arm into the LED board and kills him. The ref administers the ten count. It looks like Neville’s going to lose via count out, but Tozawa makes it back into the ring at the last possible second. Neville then proceeds to drag him back out to the floor and slam him into the barricade.

Back in Neville heads up top but is cut off by Tozawa, so Neville heads back out to the floor. Tozawa yells “AH! AH! AH!” and gets the crowd behind him and the hits a suicide dive. The fight on the apron and Tozawa sends Neville back down to the floor and then nails him with a cannonball. He rolls Neville back in and covers for two.

Tozawa hits a snap Saito suplex and heads up top but Neville crotches him on the top rope. Neville lays into him with strikes and then heads up with him, looking for the superplex. Tozawa fights back but Neville gives zero fucks and still just wrecks his shit with a superplex. After they crash to the mat though it’s Tozawa that’s able to capitalize as he cradles Neville for a near fall. He follows up with a desperation lariat, but Neville nails him with a running dropkick and pins him for another near fall.

Both men struggle to their feet and Neville swings at Tozawa, but Tozawa drops him with a big right and then rolls Neville up for two. Tozawa seems fired up. He hits a running boot and a spin kick, but Neville gets him in the Rings of Saturn.

They do reversals on the mat for a bit, trading cradles back and forth before return to their feet. Tozawa boots Neville in the head and then heads up top for the senton. Unfortunately for him he misses and Neville locks on the Rings of Saturn immediately.

205 Live 20170822 - 003.gif

Tozawa has no choice but to tap out and Neville retains the cruiserweight championship.

Winner: Neville

This was a fantastic match. The pacing was good and they were given enough time so nothing felt rushed. Even in defeat Tozawa still looked strong since he lost due to a single mistake at the very end rather than being completely outclassed.

I hope that they do something else with Tozawa if this is the end his program with Neville. The dude’s good in the ring and seems to be one of the few guys from 205 Live that are really over with the live crowds. [****]

Still in the Ring…

After the match Neville gets on the mic and makes Neville noises for a bit and then talks about how Tozawa was a shit champion and is going to end up a footnote in the history of the King of the Cruiserweights. He talks about how great he is for a bit before Enzo’s music hits.

Enzo shows up and does his usually shtick and then makes his way down to the ring and talks about how 205 Live is now the realest show in the room before he drops his mic. Neville could not give fewer fucks about Enzo and walks away.

205 Live 20170822 - 004.gif

Enzo spazzes out in the ring and calls Neville “SWAFT!” as the champ walks up the ramp and then takes off his ugly Cosby sweater to end the show.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty solid episode of 205 Live and definitely worth watching. The tag match was fun, high flying action, and is precisely the sort of thing we need more of from the cruiserweight division. The title match was also really solid, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since Neville and Tozawa are both great and they were given a lot of time to be great in the ring.

As for Enzo, I honestly don’t know. I understand why they’d put him there. He’s over with the crowds, but without Cass doesn’t really have anything to do on Raw, plus by putting him in matches against the cruiserweight dudes could help him improve in the ring. It could also be a complete disaster, so we’ll have to see as we go forward.


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