NXT (August 23, 2017)

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We start things off with a video package highlighting TakeOver: Brooklyn III while Code Orange plays. WWE always does a solid job of video packages and highlights and this is no exception.

We head to the Barclays Center for tonight’s wrestling action which means these matches were recorded prior to TakeOver and that they’re more or less going to be wrestling for wrestling’s sake, which is fine by me.

Match 1: No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan(?)

I guess this was supposed to be a match. I mean the bell did ring as Jose headed out so I guess he was probably scheduled to compete against someone whether or not Sullivan was supposed to be his opponent in the match I have no idea.

Jose comes out and starts a conga line with some people from the front row. This apparently made Lars Sullivan angry because he runs out and wrecks house on No Way Jose causing the conga line people to scatter.

NXT 20170823 - 002.gif

Sullivan then rolls Jose into the ring, hits a flatliner, and then heads up the ramp without pinning Jose.

Winner: No Contest

This was a fine little angle. People love Jose so having him come out and dance probably got the live crowd excited. Lars continues to look like a bad ass. These two will probably end up an odd-couple tag team when this is all over with. [NR]

Highlights for Children!

We get highlights from the Gargano vs. Almas match from TakeOver.

Meanwhile Backstage…

An interview lady interviews Gargano about his loss and asks if he lost the match at TakeOver because of a t-shirt. Gargano says that he’s not going to make excuses. He lost because of himself. He’s disappointed with the results but he knows people still believe in him so he’s got to work harder. TakeOver wasn’t the end of Johnny Wrestling.

Highlights for Children!

We get highlights of Asuka beating Ember Moon to retain her NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver.

Meanwhile Backstage on Saturday…

Asuka gives a backstage press junket to the international press who are just the regular interview women with their backs to the camera and one dude who can speak Japanese (probably Funaki or some other Japanese speaking WWE staff member). She basically says that she’s still the champ because she’s better than Ember Moon.

As the segment ends we get Mauro showing us a news story from WWE.com stating that Asuka had been injured at TakeOver (a broken collarbone allegedly) and that she’d be out six to eight weeks. I don’t know if this is legit or not, but if it is I wish her a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile Backstage…

The interview lady is standing by with Wolfgang and UK Champion, Pete Dunne. They’ll be taking on Moustache Mountain in tonight’s main event.

Dunne talks about how the WWE UK brand began when he won the title at TakeOver: Chicago. Wolfgang interrupts and says that after they win their match tonight he wants a shot at the title.

Dunne tells him, “Don’t get ahead of yourself mate,” and then walks off.

Match 2: Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Sarah Logan

Logan used to be “Crazy” Mary Dobson. She’ll be taking part in the Mae Young Classic which debuts on the WWE Network this Monday.

She and Royce lock up and and do some back and forth wrestling until Logan trips up Royce and starts working over her arm. Royce fights back and drops Logan with a spin kick and then works her over in the corner. Royce does some zany standing split thing to choke out Logan and then gets her in something akin to Tajiri’s Tarantula in the ropes.

NXT 20170823 - 003.gif

Royce slaps Logan around a bit but Logan catches her and levels her with a German suplex. Logan follows up with strikes and chops before hitting a dropkick that earns her a two count.

Billie Kay attempts to help Royce, but ends up on her ass after a tug of war spot with Royce playing the part of the rope. It doesn’t seem to matter though because Royce still cuts off Logan and hits the fisherman’s suplex for the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

This was a fine little TV match. I understand why they gave the Iconic Duo the win here (they’d been putting over a lot of the uppercard women as of late) but I don’t know if I’d have had them beat any of the women in the Mae Young Classic. They could have just as easily bested someone like Liv Morgan here so to not make the Mae Young Classic seem like a tournament for chumps. [**]

Highlights for Children!

We get more highlights from TakeOver. This time we see the tag team title match and the NXT championship match including the stuff with the ROH guys running in for post-match beat downs.

Meanwhile Backstage on Saturday…

We see Bobby Roode bossing his lackey around telling him to get his suit and his bags and get the car ready. The interview lady tries to ask him about his loss but Roode tells her to hit the bricks. Roderick Strong shows up and blows Roode a kiss so Roode scream, “GET THE CAR!” at his manservant.

Meanwhile at SmackDown Live…

Bobby Roode made his SmackDown debut. We see clips from his debut.

Meanwhile Backstage at SmackDown Live…

The interview lady is like, “Now that you’re on SmackDown Live are you done with NXT?”

Roode says that he’s still got some unfinished business in NXT. He has to take care of Roderick Strong and also get his NXT title back from Drew McIntyre before he makes SmackDown as glorious as he made NXT.

Highlights for Children!

We get to see highlights of the match between Itami and Aleister Black.

Meanwhile Backstage After TakeOver…

Dudes attempt to interview Aleister Black but he’s not interested in answering their questions and just walks out of the arena with his suitcase.

Meanwhile Backstage…

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate are walking backstage. The main event is coming up next!

NXT 20170823 - 001.gif

Match 3: Moustache Mountain vs. Wolfgang & Pete Dunne

Moustache Mountain come down to the ring together. Wolfgang and Dunne do not. Dunne gets one of the biggest pops of the entire SummerSlam Weekend. Dude is super over.

Bate and Dunne start off doing a bunch of World of Sport style mat work. The crowd is chanting “UK!” at them. They end their exchange with double kip ups and have a standoff as we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We return from break as Bate drops Dunne with a dropkick and tags in Trent Seven. They hit some double team moves but Dunne cheap shots Seven and tags in Wolfgang. Seven cuts him off with a DDT, but he gets distracted by Dunne which allows Wolfgang to hit Seven with a spear that earns him a near fall.

Dunne gets tagged back in. He works over Seven’s arm and does the British wrestler in 2017 finger break spot. Dunne puts the boots to Seven and then tags Wolfgang back in.

Wolfgang runs over Seven a few times with shoulder blocks, but eventually Seven hits a desperation tiger suplex. Both men make HOT TAGS, but Seven’s HOT TAG is a HOTTER HOT TAG!

Bate goes for a German suplex but Dunne flips through and lands on his feet so Bate takes his head off with a lariat. He the gets him up in an airplane spin that went about eight thousand rotations. I have no idea how neither man puked but they didn’t. Bate covers but Dunne kicks out at two.

Things break down as Seven and Wolfgang go out to the floor. Dunne sends Bate throat first into the top rope, but Bate rebounds off the ropes and nails Dunne with Bop n’ Bang. Dunne comes back with a step up enziguri.

Bate goes for the Tyler Driver ’97 but Wolfgang gets the blind tag when they’re near the corner. Bate hits Dunne with the move and covers but gets waved off since Dunne isn’t the legal man.

Wolfgang heads up top and hits Bate with The Howling (how Bate ended up in position for it I don’t really know). Wolfgang covers and picks up the win for his team.

NXT 20170823 - 004.gif

Winners: Wolfgang & Pete Dunne

I really enjoy when they bring in the UK guys because their style is really different from anything else in the WWE which makes their matches fun to watch. Tonight was no exception. A good showing from all four guys here.

I hope we don’t have to wait until the next TakeOver to see these guys again. Hopefully the stuff between Dunne and Wolfgang prior to the match tonight gets followed up on and we get a title match between these two sometime during the next set of NXT tapings. [***½]

Final Thoughts

As is generally the case with NXT after a TakeOver the bulk of this show was recaps from TakeOver with a couple matches that are more or less wrestling for wrestling’s sake. The matches tonight were pretty good, but nothing earth shattering so it’s a pretty easy episode to skip if after a two plus hour TakeOver and six hour SummerSlam you are all wrestled out.


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