WWE 205 Live (July 11, 2017)


We kick things off with Tozawa talking Titus on speaker phone backstage. Titus says that Tozawa shouldn’t feel bad about how he beat Neville on Raw because due to that victory Titus should be able to get Tozawa another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship.

Daivari shows up and hangs up on Titus and then tells Tozawa that he doesn’t deserve a rematch and that he should worry about Daivari, not Neville since they have a match coming up next!

After the opening video we head to the arena. Corey Graves and Vic Joseph are on commentary and after giving us a run down of the matches we head to the ring for action.

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

The match gets underway and Daivari takes Tozawa to the corner where he beats him down and takes control early on. Daivari grounds Tozawa but Tozawa fight back and hits a rana.

A running kick and a standing senton from Tozawa follow. He gets fired up and levels Daivari with a snap Saito suplex and then heads up top. Neville runs out and shoves Tozawa off the top rope to draw the DQ.

Outside the ring Neville slams Tozawa into the barricades before chucking him back into the ring. He kicks Tozawa a few times and then locks on the Rings of Saturn.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

The match that took place prior to the run-in was pretty solid. Tozawa and Daivari work pretty well together and I think could put on a decent match if given the time. That being said, I don’t have any problem with the run-in finish in order to continue the Neville/Tozawa feud. Having Neville be furious at Tozawa after beating him on Monday and thus destroying him here tonight makes sense with his character. [**]

Paid for by the Committee for a Better 205 Live…

We see a highlights of Drew Gulak going up to the top rope in his match against Mustafa Ali and then we go to Gulak dressed up like a politician doing a press conference. He says that during his match against Ali he had a momentary indiscretion and dove off the top rope like a show off. He apologizes and says that he’s going to redouble his efforts to make 205 Live better and challenges Ali to a Two Out of Three Falls match next week to prove once and for all that his ground based offense is superior.

Highlights for Children!

We are shown highlights of Rich Swann’s dealings with TJP and clips from their match last week.

Match 2: Rich Swann vs. Mario Connors

Mario Connors is rocking some Ultimate Warrior boot tassels, which is an awesome thing to do in 2017. Before the match can begin, TJP’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ringside area to get a closer look at the in ring action.

Swann outwrestles Connors early on and they cut to TJP looking impressed on the outside. Back in the ring they pick up the pace. Swann hits a stomp when Connors goes for a dropdown, but then misses on an attack in the corner.

Connors scores with a dropkick that earns him a two count. He starts to take control, but Swann fights back with rights so Connors nails him with a Tornado DDT that Swann sold like death.

Swann fights back and kicks Connors in the dome and covers, but Connors kicked out. Swann drops him again and then goes up top and hits the Phoenix Splash to pick up the win.

After the match TJP gets on the mic and praises Swann for his win and then asks if he thinks he put forth his best effort. Swann nods, but TJP doesn’t think he did. He then says that he bets he could beat Connors in half the time it took Swann. He asks Connors if he’s willing to have another match and Connors agrees. That match is going to start right away!

Winner: Rich Swann

This was a pretty fun TV match. Surprisingly Connors got a decent amount of his shit in and looked pretty decent in doing so. Swann, meanwhile, continues to be one of the best booked pure babyfaces on the WWE roster. [**]

Match 3: TJ Perkins vs. Mario Connors

I guess this is a beat the clock match. Perkins has Swann’s time put up on the Titantron and the match gets underway. He goes for a knee bar but Connors gets him in a roll up for two. Perkins then hits the Detonation Kick and pins, picking up the win in 28 seconds.

Winner: TJ Perkins

When Connor got the roll up I thought that he was going to win and TJP was going to end up looking foolish thus leading to another heel turn or something, but they didn’t go that route. He won. His friendly competition with Rich Swann will continue. I hope they go the Matt Hardy vs. MVP route and have hot dog eating contests and basketball events and stuff just to see who the best man it. [*]

Meanwhile in the Ring…

Jack Gallagher’s music hits, but The Brian Kendrick comes out. Again he’s cosplaying as Jack Gallagher. He gets on the mic and calls Gallagher a “third rate William Regal,” (as if that’s an insult), and talks about how Gallagher doesn’t deserve to be in the WWE since he’s just a joke. Kendrick talks about all his hard work and the sacrifices he made to be in the WWE which brings out Gallagher.

Gallagher cuts a promo as he walks down to the ring, saying that he’s been fighting since he was 16 and understands that it’s a privilege to be in the WWE. He congratulates Kendrick for earning a second chance in the WWE after pissing away his first chance by being a git and then says he isn’t a third rate William Regal, he’s a first rate Jack Gallagher, and that he can do as he likes because he can back it up in the ring.

Gallagher then attacks Kendrick and after they brawl for awhile Gallagher headbutts Kendrick out to the floor. Kendrick gets an umbrella and then beats down Gallagher with it until refs come out and send Kendrick off.

I think these two will undoubtedly have a good gimmick match when they do the feud ending gimmick match on 205 Live in a month or so, but before tonight the actual feud isn’t doing much for me. I thought both Kendrick and Gallagher cut really good promos here that seemed more genuine than a lot of the nonsense they usually get.

Match 4: Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox)

This is an I Quit match so the only want to win is to get your opponent to say, “I Quit.” The match gets underway with some counters and stuff but then both dudes realize that this is an “I Quit” match and start unloading with fists.

Alexander sends Dar to the floor with a dropkick and follows after to beat Dar down out on the floor. They brawl over to the steps and Alexander goes for a package piledriver or something on top of the steps, but Dar fights out of it and trips up Alexander allowing him to take control of the match.

Noam Dar starts to work over Alexander’s arm. He gets Alexander in some submission holds, but Cedric refuses to quit. Dar pulls a cover off the turnbuckle, but Alexander manages to get Dar’s fingers in the turnbuckle screw and pulls them the wrong way. It’s kind of gross. Dar rakes Alexander’s eyes to escape and sells like his hand is seriously fucked.

They brawl on the apron for a bit and Dar gets punched in the face, but manages to avoid the apron suplex. Alexander then goes for a moonsault out to the floor, but he misses and Dar goes after his knee. Dar continues to work over the knee, but Alexander fights back and nails him with a spinning back elbow and then hits a Flatliner on the ramp.

They head back to the ring and do some stuff. Again Dar goes out to the floor. Alexander takes him out with a dive, but Dar fights back. He slams Alexander in the ring apron and then chucks him over the commentary table.

“You may wanna move Vic,” says Corey Graves as bodies are hurled in their general direction.

Dar gets a chair, but Alexander dives over the announce table and takes Dar out. They head back in and Alexander hits a springboard clothesline. Alexander goes for the chair, but Dar goes after his knee and then sets up the chair. Alexander takes him out with a handspring kick.

Alexander traps Dar’s arm in the chair and tells Dar to quit and then stomps on the chair. Dar remains defiant and again Alexander stomps on the chair. He asks Dar to quit, but Dar responds by slapping Alexander in the face. Alexander then stomps the shit out of the chair and Dar quits.

205Live 20170711 - 001.gif

After the match, Dar gets on the match and is like, “I quit! I quit! I quit Alicia Fox!” He says that he was never really into her and that he was just using her and if she thought differently she was as stupid as she looks.

He says that he’s the youngest wrestler on Raw or 205 Live at 22 years old and is a world class athlete and has a woman in “every continent.” He says that he could have any women in the arena that he wanted. Fox is crying now.

He says that he knew Alicia Fox would get him attention, but she’s become more trouble than she’s worth. He tells her that she means nothing to him and just calls her Alicia without doing his goofy “FUUUUUUUX!” thing and then heads to the back while Alicia cries in the ring.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

I hope to god that is is legitimately the end of this entire angle. It went on way too long, but we got a pretty match out of it in the end. I’m glad that they didn’t use the end of this match to try and turn Dar face, since he’s such a good weaselly little cunt that having him turn face by breaking up with Alicia Fox wouldn’t have worked in the long run. So I’m glad that he stayed a douchelord even after dumping her. Thumbs up WWE. [***]

Final Thoughts

As is generally the case with 205 Live, there was a lot of decent to good in-ring action and the non-wrestling segments did a fine job of furthering the ongoing storylines. That being said, outside of the stuff between Tozawa and Neville, everything else is on the show is more or less entirely self-contained, and therefore completely unimportant to the greater WWE product.

Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander, for example, did not have the big blowoff to their multiple month long feud on a PPV or even Raw, but here, on 205 Live, where more or less all the other matches that played into the storyline also took place.


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