WWF Monday Night Raw (November 4, 1996)


Welcome to Walton, Kentucky where Kevin Kelly is standing outside the house of Brian Pillman for an interview that will be conducted later in the night to give an update on the condition of his ankle after receiving surgery on it last week after Steve Austin had destroyed it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had threatened to come to Pillman’s house and finish the job, but up to this point Austin had not showed…

We go then to an arena somewhere else where Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are standing by with hot mid-90s WWF action!

Match 1: Goldust (w/ Marlena, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Mr. Perfect, Crush, & Clarence Mason) vs. The Stalker (w/ Marc Mero, Sable, Rocky Maivia, & Mark Henry)

Barry Windham isn’t even trying to do the stupid The Stalker gimmick anymore. He doesn’t have the facepaint anymore, just a sweet mustache and a generic WWF t-shirt. He looks like such a jobber.

Anyway Goldust and Windham are on opposing teams at the upcoming Survivor Series so this is the pre-Survivor Series bullshit where a dudes bring out their entire Survivor Series team to stand at ringside in the weeks leading up to the match.

This match is so inconsequential that Dok Hendrix interrupts it in split screen format because Steve Austin is calling from his rental car as he’s on route to Brian Pillman’s house with “a six pack of whoopass riding shotgun,” that he’ll open up on Pillman and anyone else who might get in his way. Austin says that he’s a superstar and the WWF needs him so he can do whatever he wants.

McMahon says that Pillman might have a gun, but Austin says that he isn’t scared and will do what he promised to do.

Back in the ring, Goldust gets sent out to the floor so Windham’s team act like they are lumberjacks and roll him back into the ring. This causes Jerry Lawler (who is apparently on Goldust’s Survivor Series team too) to leave the booth and go over to the ringside area.

Vince kind of start paying attention when Windham and Goldust fight on the top rope and Goldust misses a fistdrop from the top rope before going to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

After the break Windham and Goldust both end up on the outside which causes both teams to start brawling. They fight in and out of the ring and Rocky Maivia hits a flying bodypress off the top rope that takes out Crush and Goldust. Windham’s team clears the ring.

Winner: Double Disqualification

Nothing important happened in the ring, but the promo Austin cut over the phone was fantastic. For history buffs, this was the first time The Rock appeared on Raw, but other than that this was a nothing match to fill TV time while Vince talked to a guy on the phone. [½]

Meanwhile With Dok Hendrix…

Dok Hendrix tells us about Survivor Series and then gives us footage of Mankind, Paul Bearer and our good buddy, The Executioner cutting a promo during a house show somewhere. They talk some shit about Undertaker, who then, from off camera cuts a promo on them and lowers a shark cage that has a mannequin made to look like Paul Bearer hanged upside down in it.

Mankind and Taker will be going one on one at Survivor Series and Paul Bearer will be in a shark cage! It’s going to be wild!

Meanwhile in Kentucky…

We go back to Pillman’s house where Kevin Kelly asks him about his ankle. Pillman says he’s doing well and 1997 is going to be a great year for him. I cringed as he said this, but he moves on quickly, since the more pressing matter at hand is Stone Cold. He thinks Austin’s crossed the line by getting involved in his personal life, so now the rules have changed.

Vince says that Austin’s apparently circling the neighborhood right now. Vince wants to know if Pillman feels like a hostage in his own house. Pillman says he does not and goes on to say that Austin’s a dead man walking since, “Tonight Austin 3:16 meets Pillman 9mm glock!”

Pillman holds up a pistol and someone yells that Austin is outside as we go to commercial! TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

Meanwhile in a Cave…

While Steve Austin attempts to break into the house of a madman with a gun, more pressing matters are at hand, namely a first round match in the Karate Fighters Holiday Tournament pitting Sid against Marlena. It’s your basic squash match with Sid besting Marlena quite easily.

Meanwhile in Kentucky…

Austin arrives at Brian Pillman’s house and starts brawling with a couple of Pillman’s “friends,” who were standing guard outside just in case Austin showed up. Austin dunks one in a kiddie pool and slams another’s head in a car door and chucks a garbage can at him. Austin yells at them never to get in his way again as Vince McMahon opines that this is nothing but a publicity stunt from Austin.

Austin tries to get into the house through the front door but they’re locked so he goes around back and we head back to boring bullshit in the arena…

Match 2: The Sultan (w/ Bob Backlund & The Iron Sheik) vs. Alex “The Pug” Porteau

Oh shit, Alex “The Pug” Porteau! I totally forgot about this guy. He doesn’t last long against the Sultan who gets him in the camel clutch to pick up the win like two minutes in.

Again, the announcers more or less totally ignore the match instead talking about the goings on at Brian Pillman’s residence. Lawler says the the situation has gone over the top.

Winner: The Sultan

Just a squash match that existed to fill up TV time. [¼]

Meanwhile in Kentucky…

We see Pillman sitting with his 9mm at the ready. Outside you can hear Austin yelling. Austin then smashes the glass out of a window on the back door as Pillman’s wife screams like a woman in a horror movie. Austin lets himself in and heads towards Pillman who stands and points his gun at Austin. The satellite feed conveniently goes out as we go to commercial.

Meanwhile in the Ring…

Jim Ross brings out Sycho Sid and WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels, for a debate complete with a podium and everything. They will be facing each other at Survivor Series, but will first have to team with one another in tag team action next week. Vince, meanwhile, declares that if the satellite feed gets restored they’ll go back to Pillman’s house.

JR talks about Sid powerbombing Michaels on Raw back in April of 1995. Shawn says that he has forgiven Sid and was the reason Sid was back in the WWF now since he got him out of the loony bin earlier this year.

Sid bellows, “That’s bullshit!” and goes on to say that if you think he was in the loony bin, you’re an idiot. JR then brings up Sid hitting Michaels from last week. Sid says it was an accident and Michaels agrees that it was not intentional.

Vince tries to send us back to Pillman’s house, but the satellite feed is still non-operational.

In the ring JR says that Sid is the favorite to win, but Shawn’s declares that Sid isn’t even in his league. Sid delivers a solid comeback, which from him is like the greatest comeback of all time, when he replies, “You’re right! I’m not in the little league!” Get it? Shawn Michaels is a tiny man!

Tempers start to flare and Michaels knocks over the flimsy podium and gets in Sid’s face when Sid looks like he’s threatening Jose Lothario. Jim Cornette and Company show up before Shawn and Sid can come to blows. The two frienemies stand back to back as the Camp Cornette boys hit the ring.

Owen Hart whacks Sid with a chair but then Shawn grabs the chair and the Camp Cornette guys bail. Sid turns around and sees Shawn with the chair and immediately thinks that it was Shawn who whacked him, but he does not instantly attack and seems to buy Shawn’s claims that Owen did it.

The Camp Cornette guys hit the ring again but Shawn and Sid wreck house on them and chase them off and then go back to shoving one another until refs and officials step in to separate them. How can these two rivals hope to coexist with one another next week?!

Match 3: Marc Mero (w/ Sable) vs. Fake Razor Ramon (w/ Fake Diesel)

Once again the bullshit happening in the ring is more or less ignored since Vince takes a call from WWF director, Kerwin Silfies, who is on the scene about the situation in Kentucky.

Silfies says that all the power went out in Pillman’s house, but it’s still on in other houses in the neighborhood. They’re trying to get the feed back up, but no one wants to go of the production van. He also says that they’ve called the police, but no one has shown up yet.

Ross, doing his heel Jim Ross thing, yells at Vince for this entire stupid publicity stunt that could very well have gotten a man shot.

Back in the ring, Mero and Fake Razor Ramon keep it at house show level since the main focus is the nonsense with Pillman and Austin. Ramon works a chinlock but Mero gets out of it and starts mounting a comeback as Triple H and Mr. Perfect head down to ringside and we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We come back from break and Mero heads up top for the Wild Thing. Helmsley shoves him off and Razor hits a shitty Razor’s Edge to pick up the win.

Winner: Fake Razor Ramon

Another shitty match that no one cared about. [⅓]

Meanwhile in Kentucky…

With 90 seconds left of TV time, the feed starts to work again. Pillman looks berserk but his friends are holding him back. Kevin Kelly is there looking useless. He says he doesn’t think Austin got shot, but no one knows where Austin is now.

Apparently Austin saw the gun and left. Suddenly Austin reappears and Pillman’s friends try to get him out of the house. Pillman says he’s going to kill Austin and screams “fuck” uncensored on TV as he brandishes a pistol. From the arena Lawler screams at Kevin Kelly to grab the gun. Pillman’s wife cries and we go off the air.

Final Thoughts

It’s weird that the outside of the Austin/Pillman stuff, there was nothing about this episode that made it any different than any of the other awful New Generation Raw episodes that preceded this. There were short, mediocre wrestling matches between guys with goofy gimmicks, a Karate Fighters tournament, Fake Razor Ramon. Just a lot of bullshit.

It was the start of a change, though one that the USA Network wasn’t entirely sure that they wanted. Though they had apparently given the angle their okay before it aired, but when complaints started coming in they nearly canceled Raw entirely. They obviously did not and WWE, emboldened by the success of the angle continued to push things further on their flagship TV show.

It’s kind of worth watching for the non-wrestling stuff, but don’t expect any decent wrestling with this one.


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