WWF Fully Loaded: In Your House (July 26, 1998)

Fully Loaded 1998.jpg

We get a cold open of Jerry Lawler going into Sable’s dressing room. He wants to know what kind of bikini she’s going to wear for the bikini contest. She tells him that a picture is worth a thousand words or something and offers to show him.

Sable goes behind one of those dressing screens and strips off her top and tosses it out to Lawler and then invites him behind the screen for a peak. Jerry Lawler basically has an aneurysm.

We then get a hype video for the show talking about the shit going on with Taker and Austin and wondering if they can coexist tonight when they face Kane and Mankind for the tag team titles. It’s not one of the better hype videos WWE has done, but for an In Your House PPV I guess it suffices.

JR welcomes us to Fresno, CA and Fully Loaded as fireworks explode and the cameras pan around the crowd.

Match 1: Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee & Southern Justice)

The ref stops Jarrett’s entourage in the aisle and sends Southern Justice to the back. Kaientai come out and they also get sent to the back with the exception of Yamaguchi-san who comes down to join JR and Lawler on commentary. Yamaguchi-san is wearing an LA Dodgers Nomo hat with tags still on it (which fits his gimmick perfectly).

Venis starts things off with a drop toe hold and some pelvic thrusts. The do some back and forth counter-wrestling and rope running that ends with Val missing a body press. He recovers pretty quickly and hot shots Jarrett and goes for a cover. Jarrett gets his shoulder up at two. Val hits some knees to Jarrett’s midsection before taking him down with a Russian leg sweep that’s good for another near fall.

On commentary Lawler busts Yamaguchi’s balls because his wife appeared in Val’s video. Yamaguchi vows that on Raw tomorrow night Val Venis would learn about Kaientai style…oh fuck it’s coming.

Back in the ring Jarrett goes for a piledriver, but is blocked by Val. Jarrett gets Val up again, and this time just powerbombs him. Double J then dumps Venis to the outside where he is cheapshotted by Tennessee Lee. Jarrett follows up with a baseball slide before Venis gets sent back in.

Venis goes for a suplex only for Jarrett to counter it into a DDT. Jarrett then gets Venis in a sleeper hold, but Venis reverses it and then hits a belly to belly suplex that downs both dudes. Both men return to their feet and start throwing chops. The crowd’s really into it.

Val hits an ATOMIC DROP and then a suplex that’s good for two. Val misses with two blind charges in a row which gives Jarrett a chance to go high risk. He goes up top and hits a flying crossbody that earns him a near fall.

Val powerslams Jarrett and then heads to the corner. Jarrett is on him, but Val hot shots him off the top rope causing his head to collide with the ref’s. Val then goes up for the Money Shot. His cheek is split open for some reason. Before Val can hit his move, Tennessee Lee crotches him.

Jarrett hits a superplex and goes for a Figure Four, but Venis counters with a roll up that’s good for two. Tennessee Lee is up on the apron. Jarrett gets sent into him and Val rolls him up for the win.

After the match Val makes fun of Yamaguchi-san for being short and Yamaguchi-san bails.

Winner: Val Venis

This was a very solid opening bout. Even though I hate Jeff Jarrett as a performer and a character I can’t deny that he is technically sound in the ring, and Venis has been surprisingly good since he’s showed up in the WWE. Sure, he’s saddled with a pretty shit feud, and a laughable gimmick, but the dude is good on the mic, committed to the character he’s playing, and pretty great in the ring. [***]

Meanwhile In Calgary, Alberta…

We get a shot of the Hart House where Owen Hart will be taking on Ken Shamrock in a Dungeon match later tonight!

Match 2: D’Lo Brown (w/ The Godfather) vs. X-Pac (w/ Chyna)

D’Lo starts the match off by knocking X-Pac down with his weaponized chest protector. The crowd is not pleased by this and tell D’Lo how much he sucks. X-Pac hits an armdrag and then wastes time with crotch chops.

D’Lo gets him in a side headlock. X-Pac escapes and lays in some kicks but D’Lo’s got a chest protector on so he’s impervious to educated feet of X-Pac. D’Lo lays him out with a dropkick and covers for two.

X-Pac charges the corner, but misses and is nearly pinned again after D’Lo hits a clothesline. D’Lo then locks on a rear chinlock and the crowd chants for Chyna as X-Pac roll around on the mat. He gets back to his feet but gets hurled into the corner. D’Lo then hits a legdrop that’s good for two.

X-Pac gets sent headfirst into the corner. D’Lo lays into him with some chops, but X-Pac fights his would out of the corner. He goes for a spinning heel kick but misses and gets bodyslammed. D’Lo goes to the second rope and hits an elbow drop that gets him a near fall.

He follows up with a reverse chinlock, but X-Pac hits a jawbreaker to escape. D’Lo recovers and short clotheslines X-Pac and then goes up top for a moonsault, but X-Pac moves so D’Lo eats canvass. X-Pac recovers and kicks D’Lo in the head which puts him in the corner. Time for a Bronco Buster!

The Godfather is up on the apron. He nails X-Pac, but apparently not enough to damage the 1-2-3 Kid since X-Pac just hits him back causing the Godfather to drop to the floor. X-Pac turns back around and slowly walks into D’Lo’s Sky High. Three seconds later D’Lo is declared the winner.

Winner: D’Lo Brown

I hate when WWE does this. The dude is the champion, he wrestles a match that’s apparently a non-title match and then still ends up winning. If you’re going to have the guy win anyway (and win via cheating to boot) just make it a championship match. The face still looks good since the heel had to cheat to win and the heel still gets heat for cheating to win.

The actual match wasn’t that bad since D’Lo and X-Pac are both kind of underrated guys, but the booking was kind of stupid. Since making it a non-title match decreased the overall excitement for the bout. [**]

Meanwhile in the Audience…

Edge is out in the crowd looking tortured.

Meanwhile at the WWF.com Command Center…

Kevin Kelly and Tom Prichard have breaking news for us. The Undertaker hasn’t arrived at the arena yet. WWF.com cameras have been deployed throughout the arena so if he arrives they’ll have footage of it.

Match 3: Faarooq & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Terry Funk & Bradshaw

Faarooq and Scorpio head out and we cut to the back where Funk and Bradshaw are standing by. Funk announces that this is his “Last match….for like six months or something,” and Bradshaw is pissed. “You couldn’t have told me this before our match!?” Bradshaw shouts. I’ve never seen these two guys tag together before this match so I’m not sure why Bradshaw is pissed.

The Texans head out and after Scorpio and Funk shake hands (since they had been a long time tag team), the match gets underway with Bradshaw and Scorpio starting off. Bradshaw easily overpowers Scorpio who hits Bradshaw with a dropkick but fails to take him down. A hurracanrana, however, does the trick and after hammering on Bradshaw for a bit Scorpio makes the tag.

Bradshaw goes up top and hits a flying shoulder block that scores him a near fall and then tags in Terry Funk. Funk comes in with a neckbreaker that gets him a two count, but then proceeds to get his shit ruined with a backbreaker.

Funk holds Faarooq as Bradshaw comes off the top, but whatever Bradshaw had in mind doesn’t work since Faarooq powerslams him out of the air and covers him for two. Faarooq makes the tag and Scorpio takes it to Bradshaw. He slams the big Texan hoss and goes up top but Funk shakes the ropes crotching Scorpio. Lawler says that Funk probably just fell down from being old and infirmed.

Bradshaw back suplexes Scorpio off the top and scores a near fall. He then goes for a powerbomb that Scorpio attempts in vain to punch his way out of. He wastes time in making the cover though and only gets a two count.

Funk heads in and tosses Scorpio out to the floor where he whips him into the guardrail. Funk pounds on Scorpio and then rams his head into the side of the ring and climbs up to the middle rope. He goes for an Asai moonsault and gets enough of it to drop Scorpio.

Back in the ring, Scorpio goes for a bodyslam, but can’t get Funk up and is rolled up for two. Funk gets pushed into a clothesline for two and Scorpio goes up top. Some fuckers are chanting “Boring,” as Scorpio hits a twisting splash off the top that’s good for two.

Scorpio hits a guillotine legdrop and covers but Bradshaw makes the save. Faarooq knocks him to the floor. Scorpio goes back up top as the future Acolytes brawl with one another on the floor. He hits the 450 splash and makes the pin.

After the match Bradshaw takes Funk’s head off with a clothesline which causes Scorpio to return to help his friend. He gets turned inside out with a clothesline for his troubles.

Fully Loaded 98 001.gif

This carnage prompts Faarooq to return to the ringside area and check on his partner. Bradshaw levels him with a chairshot to the back and then leaves in a huff.

Winners: Faarooq & Too Cold Scorpio

The actually wrestling was mostly fine, but the entire Bradshaw turns on Funk thing was really poorly done. I checked Cagematch and Bradshaw and Funk had teamed like four times prior to this including houseshows. Their televised matches were on Shotgun (which is why I never saw them) and had all taken place over the past couple weeks, so it wasn’t like some long standing tag team imploding or anything. They were a randomly thrown together team that had a couple matches together and one guy was retiring after the match here which would have had no bearing on what happened in this match. It would have been okay on Raw (or Shotgun Saturday Night) but on PPV no one gave a fuck about it. [*¾]

Match 4: Vader vs. Mark Henry

Speaking of Shotgun Saturday Night…Vader and Mark Henry come out to have a hoss match because of a tug of war that took place on an episode of Shotgun Saturday Night apparently.

They do that Big Man Match thing where they take turns running into one another and standing their ground to start things off. The crowd is solidly behind Vader. Eventually Henry slams Vader and drops and elbow on him. Vader rolls to the floor to regroup and is promptly run over as soon as he gets back into the ring. Henry kicks Vader and nails him in the back a double axe handle and gets a two count.

Henry drops an elbow, causing JR on commentary to declare that Mark Henry can dunk a basketball. Maybe on one of those Little Tikes hoops for toddlers JR. Henry stomps on Vader and then drops a legdrop for another two count.

Vader sits on Henry after Henry fails with a sunset flip and then hits a big splash for a near fall of his own. Vader mauls Henry in the corner with rights and lefts and then hits an Avalanche. Henry gets short clotheslined and then dumped out to the floor by Vader.

Vader goes out after him and send him into the steps headfirst. They head back in and Vader works over Henry with some punches and then slams him and heads up onto the ropes. Vader hits him with a Vader Bomb and pins him, but Henry manages to kick out at two.

Henry reverses an Irish whip and catches Vader mid-air for a powerslam and then hits a big splash off the ropes to pin him and pick up the win. The crowd is none to happy about this.

Winner: Mark Henry

This was not so good. Mark Henry was not that great at this point. Vader was mostly fine, but clearly gave zero shits at this point. It was a short, mediocre big guy match taking place because of something that happened on a b-show no one really watched. This could have happened during the first hour of Raw Is War but here it is, on PPV, just taking up time. [*]

Here Come The Tag Team Champs…

Kane, Mankind, and Paul Bearer come out to cut a promo on Austin but are interrupted by The New Age Outlaws who are like, “If you’re so confident you’re going to win tonight, why not put the titles on the line against us tomorrow night on Raw?” I don’t think there’s a definitive reply from the champs, but the Outlaws attack and there’s brawling. Officials comes out and separate the two teams.

This is the second PPV segment designed to promote something happening on free TV the next day. Vince Russo booking y’all!

Match 5: DOA (w/ Paul Ellering) vs. Legion of Doom

Animal is double-teamed early on, with DOA spamming elbow drops on him, but eventually he makes the tag and Hawk comes in with a flying clothesline. Hawk pounds on one of the Harris boys on the outside. Not even JR and Lawler know which one it is.

Hawk and Animal work some quick tags and keep on of the DOA guys isolated, eventually connecting with the Hart Attack that gets Hawk a two count. Hawk beats on the DOA guy for awhile, hitting an elbow drop, but ends up eating the ringpost when he misses a charge into the corner.

He gets pummeled on the floor by Ellering and the other DOA guy while the first DOA guy has the ref distracted. JR acts like Ellering is some sort of maniac even though he’s acting exactly the same as every other heel manager we’ve ever seen in the history of wrestling.

Animal attempts to make the save but does not succeed and Hawk continues to get pummeled and sent back into the ring where he’s nearly pinned. The DOA dude gets him in a rear chinlock before making the tag to 8-Ball (maybe).

8-Ball nails Hawk with a boot to the face and covers for two. Hawk then eats a knee to the and a clothesline. The fans get behind Hawk, but he gets choked out and stomped on and put back in a chinlock. More boring DOA offense before Hawk fires up and clotheslines through both DOA dudes and slowly inches his way back to his corner…

Animal gets the HOT TAG and cleans house. Skull gets sent out to the floor and 8-Ball gets his shit wrecked. Legion of Doom hit the Doomsday Device but Skull barely makes the save. Paul Ellering gets decked by Animal, but while this is happening the DOA boys pulls some Twin Magic. Skull hits a DDT and makes the pin despite not being the legal man.

Winners: DOA

This was your standard issue tag team. The face team dominates, heels take over and get the heat, HOT TAG, finish. For a midcard tag team match it’s all acceptable. The feud leading up to this match made sense and the heels did shenanigans to win so the faces have a reason to demand a rematch. It was all fine.

That being said it was the Legion of Doom vs. The Bruise Brothers and acceptable is about as good as it’s going to get. [**]

Here Comes Vince McMahon…

McMahon and company head out as the Legion of Doom make their way to the back. Vince says something to them that seems to piss them off. Some refs drive DOA’s motorcycles to the back and Vince gets in the ring.

Vince talks about how if the Undertaker doesn’t show up it’s not his fault. It wasn’t him that smacked Taker in the head with a chair on Raw or flipped him off…that was all on Austin. He then talks about how in all the ads for Fully Loaded there was fine print that said, “Card subject to change.” Vince says that if Taker doesn’t show tonight he’ll have to change the card and give Austin a suitable replacement partner and that person is none other than THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER!

Brawler comes out to the ring and hugs Brisco and Patterson actually gets a pretty decent pop. He poses for a bit and then heads to the back with McMahon and his lackeys.

Match 6: Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock

Time for the Dungeon Match between Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock contested in the basement of Owen’s childhood home. Dan Severn is the ref and to win you have to get your opponent to submit.

Ken Shamrock makes his dramatic entrance by roaring at the top of the stairs into the basement and then heading down to the Dungeon where Owen, wearing a t-shirt and Zubaz, and Severn are waiting. It looks like the sort of thing my friends and I would have filmed when we did backyard wrestling circa ’96 or ’97.

Severn tells them to get it on and Owen scores a takedown right off the bat. Shamrock punches him and then goes for a kneebar, but Owen gets out of it. Shamrock proceeds to slam Owen into one of the wooden walls but gets a low blow from Owen and then taken down with a leg lariat.

Shamrock goes to the guard to block Owen’s punches, so Owen just rams him into the wall and then hits a German suplex. They grapple for awhile on the mat before Shamrock slams Owen into the wall again.

Owen jumps up and grabs a water pipe and proceeds to rana Shamrock from it. Shamrock recovers and slams Owen into a weight bench and the wall before attempting to hit an aerial move off the pipe as well. Owen counters and powerbombs Shamrock and then hiptosses him into the pipe. He gets Shamrock up and lifts him into the air, putting his head through the ceiling before slamming him down to the mat once more. Owen then gets Shamrock in the Sharpshooter.

Fully Loaded 98 002.gif

Shamrock fights out of the Sharpshooter and goes for a kick but ends up blasting Dan Severn in the dome, causing him to be temporarily dead on the floor. Owen grabs a dumbbell and brains Shamrock with it and then half gets him in a Crippler Crossface while he clearly slaps Shamrock’s hand on the floor. Severn assumes this is Shamrock himself tapping out even though it’s clearly Owen doing it.

Owen then wanders off out of the dungeon, undoubtedly to go upstairs and ask his mom to make some sandwiches for his friends Dan and Ken.

Winner: Owen Hart

This was kind of a weird match that kind of mixed grappling, UFC, and backyard wrestling. Shamrock and Hart both did some cool, brutal looking stuff here. The ending was kind of bullshit, but I guess it protected Shamrock while still allowing Hart to win. I don’t know why they didn’t just do the “Oh fuck I guess Shamrock passed out from the pain of this Crippler Crossface and not a random blow to the head with a dumbbell. You win Owen!” ending.

I enjoyed it for the same reason that I liked the Broken Matt Hardy stuff in that it tried to do something different with wrestling and more or less succeeded, though I could see a live crowd being bored with it, since it was a prerecorded thing that took place miles and miles away from where they were. Stuff like this generally works better with pre-recorded shows to be honest. [***]

Match 7: The Rock vs. Triple H (w/ Chyna)

Two out of three falls match for the Intercontinental Championship. This was originally supposed to be a title vs. title match, but Triple H lost his European Championship to D’Lo Brown on Raw.

Both dudes come out with their respective factions but the ref isn’t having it and everyone except Chyna gets sent to the back. She’s allowed to stay because she apparently has a manager’s license. I am all about this concept.

Triple H kicks things off with a crotch chop and then The Rock proceeds to beat him down. He scores a near fall off a lariat. He does his goofy kicks but then proceeds to walk into a lariat from Triple H.

Chyna nails The Rock when the ref is not looking and Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but gets dumped on the outside. The brawl in the aisle and Lawler wonders what happens if both guys get counted out. Would it be tied at a fall apiece?

Triple H gets sent into the steps and The Rock takes control. Back in the ring, The Rock continues to dominate and gets a two count off a lariat. Triple H scores a desperation neckbreaker but can’t capitalize on it. He hits a suplex and the drops a knee for a two count. Triple H keeps it up, but he gets tossed to the floor and Rock follows him back out to brawl.

Some dude in the front row is screaming, “Rocky, you suck dick!!!!” super loud. I kind of want The Rock to slap him. The Rock distracts the ref so Mark Henry (Run-In #1) can make his way down to the ringside area and flatten Triple H with a big splash. Billy Gunn (Run-In #2) shows up and makes the save.

The Rock then lays out Triple H with a belt shot that earns him a two count. He follows up with a swinging neckbreaker that gets him another two count. Some punches lead to another two count and then the Rock locks on a chinlock to run down the clock.

Triple H fights out of the chinlock but The Rock hits a lariat that gets him a two count. We go back out to the floor where the Rock proceeds to strangle Triple H with a cable before heading back in where the Rock hits a zany DDT.

Fully Loaded 98 003.gif

“It looks like he was trying three different moves before settling on the DDT,” says JR.

He goes back to the chinlock and then rams Triple H to the mat facefirst and scores a two count. Triple H makes a comeback and hits The Rock in the face with a knee. He gets hot shotted into the top rope as The Godfather (Run-In #3) heads down toward the ring. He doesn’t get far though since The New Age Outlaws (Run-In #4) cut him off in the aisle. This was pointless.

The Rock gets in the ref’s grill to distract him so D’Lo (Run-In #5) can come out with the European Championship belt. Before D’Lo can use it though he gets taken out by Triple H. Triple H then turns and walks right into a Rock Bottom that ends up giving The Rock the first pin fall of the match.

After the one minute rest period The Rock tosses Triple H to the outside for some more brawling. Tiple H gets slingshotted into the Spanish announce table, but it holds fast. Triple H gets whipped into the railing, but rebounds off it and kills The Rock with a clothesline.

Back in the ring The Rock hits the People’s Elbow and gets two as D’Lo Brown is getting hack to his feet. Triple H hits a big clothesline for a double down. We’ve got less than ten minutes remaining.

On the outside D’Lo Brown gets taken out by Chyna. The ref goes over to yell at her and while he’s distracted, X-Pac (Run-In #6) hits the ring and lays out The Rock with the X-Factor. Triple H covers and gets a near fall.

The Rock ends up getting a chair, and goes to waffle Triple H with it but ends up killing the ref with it. With the ref down, Chyna (Run-In #7) comes in a punches The Rock in the dick before DDTing him onto the chair. Triple H makes the cover and scores a pinfall.

After the one minute rest period, refs have come out to help their fallen comrade, but there’s no official in the ring. Triple H covers the still unconscious Rock again but there’s no one to count. A ref hits the ring and counts but The Rock manages to kick out at two.

They brawl outside again for a bit before heading back into the ring. Triple H hits a facebuster and a lariat that score him another near fall. There’s one minute left. The Rock lays Triple H out with a Samoan Drop for a near fall of his own.

The Rock and Triple H slug it out center ring. The Rock sets up for the Rock Bottom, but Triple H counters into a Pedigree as time expires. The match is ruled a draw. Some booing from the fans as DX and The Nation hit the ring to have a brawl.

Winner: Draw

Even with all the run-ins and Attitude Era shenanigans this was a pretty good match, though it’s probably overshadowed by other matches these two had (that Iron Man match for example). Having the match end as a time limit draw was weird to see as someone watching WWE in 2017, since it’s not a thing they ever do anymore, but it’s such a good way to end a match in order to continue the feud without either guy looking like a chump. It’s something I wish they still did. [***½]

Meanwhile Backstage…

The Undertaker has finally arrived. Are he and his brother in cahoots?!

Meanwhile in the Parking Lot…

The Rock and D’Lo (wearing a Gap t-shirt) are leaving the arena. The Rock tells Triple H that if he wants a rematch it’s on!

Highlights for Children!

We get highlights of the Jacqueline and Sable feud. It’s awful. I hate myself and want to die.

Match 8: Jacqueline (w/ Marc Mero) vs. Sable

Before this match can get underway, Dustin Runnels shows up and conducts a prayer, asking the Lord for forgiveness for all of us watching this and for the women taking part in it. It’s awkward and uncomfortable.

Lawler sends him off and now it’s time for pointless titillation. Jackie and Mero are out first. She’s got Marc Mero’s boxing robe on. Sable comes out second, wearing a t-shirt.  Jackie shows off her bikini first. It’s basically suspenders with a bit of cloth to cover up her vag. She shakes her shit and a tit falls out.

Sable’s up next. She strips off her t-shirt and has a pair of panties and a half-shirt on. Lawler is not pleased since this is not what he saw when she gave him a preview backstage. Sable says that Vince heard what she was going to be wearing and told her to wear something more conservative so she changed, but this is live TV and there’s nothing Vince can do to stop her from showing the goods!

Sable pulls of her top and it’s that painted handprints on her tits thing. She wins based on audience applause. Mero tries to get her to cover her tits up but she slaps him. Eventually Vince comes out and covers her up with a jacket and leads her into the back to a chorus of boos.

Winner: Sable

This was shit. I always thought that Sable was kind of trashy looking and here without clothes and with giant 80s mall hair she looks even worse. [-***]

Meanwhile in Sable’s Dressing Room…

Jackie and Marc Mero show up in Sable’s locker room. They argue and call each other bitch. Sable screams, “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” like a six year old brat. Jackie and Marc are sent out. This feud must continue!

Highlights for Children!

We get a recap of the Austin vs. Kane vs. Mankind vs. Taker feud(s) that have been going on since King of the Ring. We see Austin lose and regain the WWF Championship, Undertaker maim Mankind in Hell in a Cell, Taker become number one contender, Mankind and Kane win the tag titles, and a bunch of people ask Undertaker if he and his brother were in cahoots. Attitude Era!

Match 9: Mankind & Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Steve Austin & The Undertaker

The WWF Tag Team titles are on the line here. The champs come out first, I guess since they’re kind of an actual tag team. Taker comes out next. Fourteen years later he arrives in the ring. Austin is the last to come out. Taker starts heading up the aisle toward him, but before cahoots happen Mankind and Kane come out as well and they start brawling in the aisle before the bell rings.

Austin sends Kane into the railing and tosses him into the steps as Taker rolls Mankind into the ring. Austin and Taker have a staredown then ends with Austin flipping off Taker and getting into the ring to kick Mankind’s ass.

Austin pounds on Mankind, clotheslines him and hits a suplex before getting caught in the corner and worked over by Kane. Austin hits A Thesz Press and unloads on the Big Red Machine. He hits an elbow and then goes for a Stunner, but Kane blocks it and heads out to the floor.

Austin gets punched off the apron and starts unloading on Kane. Mankind gets involved and is promptly hit in the dick before Austin delivers a devastating Double Noggin Knocker!

Back in the ring, Taker gets tagged in. He unloads on Kane and after hitting a Russian Leg Sweep, flips Austin off for earlier. Austin thinks this is hilarious. I find Austin thinking this is hilarious to be hilarious.

Fully Loaded 98 004.gif

Mankind gets tagged in and chucked around by the Undertaker. He gets his shit ruined in the corner by a pair of Stinger Splashes. Taker does Old School, which I think at this point is just School. Mankind returns with an elbow after being whipped into the corner.

He pounds on Taker for a bit but gets goozled and thrown into the corner. Undertaker unloads on him, but Kane makes the blind tag. Taker turns and walks straight into a chokeslam from Kane. An elbowdrop follows.

Mankind gets tagged in and he and Kane double team Kane for a bit. Mankind hits a running knee and follows it up by running Taker face first into the top turnbuckle. Undertaker tries to fight back but Mankind cuts him off with a kick to the knee and then wrecks his shit with a double-arm DDT that gets him a two count.

Mankind sends Taker out to the floor with a Cactus Clothesline, but Austin comes in a makes the save, sending Mankind off the apron into the Spanish announce table. For whatever reason, the table does not break tonight, so Mankind just kind of bounces off it and looks like he might be dead.

Fully Loaded 98 005.gif

Kane clotheslines Undertaker and sends him into the steel steps before sending him back into the ring where Mankind takes over on him. Mankind telegraphs a backdrop though and Taker hits him with a DDT. Mankind tags in Kane who then proceeds to shove Taker back into his corner allowing Steve Austin to make the BLIND HOT TAG!

Austin cleans house. He chokes out Kane in the ropes and then blasts him with a chairshot to the dome.


The ref however was oblivious to this chairshot and after getting back into position, counts the pin fall. Kane kicks out and hits a big boot before tossing Austin out to the floor where Mankind is waiting. He runs Austin into the railing before Kane drops him across the railing and then proceeds to stand on Austin’s head.

Back in the ring Austin continues to play the face in peril as Mankind chokes him out. Kane gets tagged in and proceeds to stomp on him. Austin gets whipped into the corner with such velocity that he collapses to the mat. Kane stays on him, hammering him and choking him out. Austin fights back to his feet and staggers Kane with a clothesline. He goes for an Irish whip, but it’s reversed and Kane elbows him before tagging in Mankind.

Mankind takes Austin down and scores a near fall and then gets him in a chinlock. Austin fights back to his feet and punches himself free. He and Mankind both come off the ropes and clothesline each other for a double down.

Mankind recovers first and makes the tag to Kane who cuts Austin off and decks Taker just for standing in his corner. Austin gets bodyslammed and pinned for a two count after Kane hits a legdrop.

Kane forces Austin into the heel corner where he and Mankind just maul him. Undertaker comes into the ring and just stands there, distracting the ref as Austin gets mugged.

Kane hits the chokeslam on Austin and goes for the Tombstone but Austin reverses it into a Stunner. Mankind hits the ring and gets Austin in the Mandible Claw but Austin has a Stunner for him too. Austin tries to get to his corner, but Taker’s just standing there. The crowd is pissed. He finally reaches out and gets the HOT TAG!

Taker comes in an runs wild for a bit and finally finishes off Kane with the Tombstone as Austin takes out Mankind with a clothesline. Taker makes goes for the pin and picks up the win. Taker gets both tag team belts and walks off with them, leaving Stone Cold to shout shit at him from the ring as the show goes off the air.

Winners: The Undertaker & Steve Austin

This was a mostly fine match but I think it was stupid to take the belts off the Outlaws for it since the belts are pretty much insignificant to the story that they’re trying to tell here. I’m also not sure how I feel about Kane and Mankind having been booked more or less like chumps since King of the Ring. Yes, they won the tag titles, but they needed The Nation of Domination’s help to do so and haven’t won a single match since that one. [***]

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty okay PPV. There really wasn’t anything fantastic on it, but outside of the bikini contest there really wasn’t anything dumb either. It was a lot of middle of the road wrestling action. I thought the match between The Rock and Triple H was pretty decent (even with the run-ins) and thought that the Dungeon match was cool for at least trying something different, but ultimately a lot of this seemed like it was booked not to resolve feuds, but to get people to watch Raw on free TV the following night.


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