WWF Shotgun Saturday Night (July 18, 1998)


Welcome everyone to WWF Shotgun Saturday Night! It’s 1998 so it’s no longer that weird WWF show that seemed to be aping the aesthetic style of ECW and having matches with midgets and shit. Now it’s just a b-show for midcarders. Our announcers for the evening are Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole, and Christ on a crutch are they terrible. Hopefully the in ring action isn’t that bad.

Match 1: Faarooq & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Savio Vega & Jesus Castillo

Pretty standard issue tag team in the early going. Faarooq and Scorpio control the match early on, but then Los Boricuas get the heat on them. The match eventually breaks down and all four men are in the ring.

Savio Vega and Too Cold Scorpio go to the outside while Jesus slams Faarooq in the ring and goes for the pin. The ref counts this in spite the fact that Scorpio is technically the legal man at this point. Faarooq kicks out at two and brawls with Jesus for awhile before slamming him to the mat and then just heading out of the ring.

Scorpio comes back in without making a tag. The announcers are perplexed by this since they had no idea that Scorpio was still the legal man. Scorpio goes up top and nails Jesus with the 450 Splash for the win.

Winners: Faarooq & Too Cold Scorpio

I liked this match and thought Faarooq and Scorpio were a pretty solid tag team and kind of wish they stuck around as a tandem longer since flippy guy/powerhouse guy tag teams are usually pretty badass. [**½]

Meanwhile With Dok Hendrix…

Dok Hendrix gives us a rundown of the upcoming Fully Loaded card before we get a brief promo from the new tag team champions, Mankind and Kane. They appear to be in hell as Paul Bearer cuts a promo and says some shit about being certain that Mankind and Kane will walk out of Fully Loaded champions. I guess that tag team match is for the belts now.

We go back to Dok in the studio and he finishes up his bullshit and we get back to action…

Match 2: Pierre vs. Edge

This is Edge’s third televised match in the WWE. Prior to this he’d broken the neck of one member of Los Boricuas and bested another Los Boricuas in singles competition without breaking his neck. Pierre is the Amazing French Canadian with an eyepatch, so this is going to be a power vs. speed match probably.

They wrestle a pretty decent back and forth match. Pierre gets a fair amount of offense in in the early going, chucking Edge around before Edge makes his comeback and sends Pierre to the outside and proceeds to nail him with the same move that he broke a dude’s neck with like a month earlier.

There’s some more back and forth during which Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly talk about how Pierre is going to face Dr. Death Steve Williams on Monday in a Brawl For All match and how if he was smart he’d go back to Canada and hide since Dr. Death is the favorite to win.

Eventually Edge hits the Downward Spiral to pick up the win. He then promptly bails into the crowd and exits the arena.

Winner: Edge

Another win for Edge and this time accomplished without breaking a dude’s neck, though that could just have been due to the fact that Pierre had no neck to break. This was another fine television match and served its purpose in building up Edge. [**]

Highlights for Children!

We get highlights of HBK returning and joining JR and Lawler on commentary this past week on Raw before going back two weeks to the DX parody of the Nation of Domination to set up Jason Sensation joining the commentary team this past Monday. The replay some of his impressions and then show Owen Hart coming out and putting him in the Sharpshooter.

The feud between DX and The Nation will continue at fully loaded with  two huge matches. The Rock will take on Triple H in a title vs. title two out of three falls match and D’Lo Brown will do battle with X-Pac.

Match 3: Papi Chulo vs. Val Venis

Val gets on the mic before the match and talks about how the NJ Devils want to recruit him because he has the big stick that can score between the pipes or some such nonsense. HE’S TALKING ABOUT HIS PENIS!

Chulo tries to use his speed, but Venis proves too much for him and he overpowers the smaller Chulo. Val ends up dominating the bulk of the match. Val chokes out Chulo on the ropes and then hits him with an Alabama Slam before getting him in some zany submission hold. Chulo fires back and hits some sort of sunset flip deal that gets him a near fall.

Venis hits a scoop slam and then goes up top and nails Chulo with the Money Shot to pick up the win.

Winner: Val Venis

Basically a squash match. Chulo got like one brief flurry of offense and a near fall, but other than that it was all Venis. It was fine for what it was, but wasn’t anything all that great. [*⅝]

Meanwhile With Dok Hendrix…

Dok sings “Walk This Way” and welcomes us back to Slam Jam which I guess is the name of this segment he hosts. He then runs down the card for Fully Loaded and talks about Shamrock’s upcoming Dungeon Match with Owen Hart. We see Ken Shamrock training for a bit and then Shamrock says that he knows the reputation of the Dungeon but his motto is “Anywhere, any time, any place…” Okay Ken.

Dok applauds Shamrock’s bravery but thinks he’s stupid for agreeing to go into the Hart Family Dungeon. He goes on to inform us that also at Fully Loaded there is going to be a bikini contest. Dok Hendrix vows that that is where he can be found because he’s an old pervert.

Highlights for Children!

We get highlights of Vince interviewing Undertaker on Raw about weather or not he was in cahoots with Kane. Taker tells him to go to hell. Austin comes out to ask the same question of Taker. Taker tells Austin that he can go to hell with McMahon.

DX then comes out and sets up a rematch for the tag team titles that Kane and Mankind won earlier that night with Taker and Austin as special enforcers. McMahon agrees to the match.

We get clips of the second tag team match between the New Age Outlaws and Kane & Mankind. There’s a ref bump so Austin goes in to count a pin on Kane by Road Dogg only to get pulled out of the ring by Taker.

Undertaker then goes in to count a pin attempt by Kane only to get pulled out by Austin. Austin and Taker have a stare down and then get attacked by Kane and Mankind respectively. The Nation of Domination show up to attack the New Age Outlaws which brings out the rest of DX and 14 or so dudes go at it in the ring as Raw goes off the air.

Next Sunday at Fully Loaded…Austin and Undertaker take on Kane and Mankind for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

Match 4: Dustin Runnels vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee & Southern Justice)

Dustin Runnels prays before the match begins. He and Jarrett have a back and forth match that consists primarily of them taking turns hitting moves on each other off the ropes. Lots of clotheslines and shit like that.

At one point Runnels comes off the ropes with a cross body block, but Jarrett ducks so Runnels flies over him and just rolls out under the bottom rope to the floor. Southern Justice proceed to work him over and then roll him back in.

Runnels and Jarrett wrestle some more and Terry Funk and Bradshaw come out and stand in Runnels corner. Jarrett gets sent to the outside so Funk and Bradshaw give him a taste of his own medicine and work him over and then roll him back in as we go to commercial. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

We come back from break and after a bit more back and forth wrestling from Jarrett and Runnels, Southern Justice get up on the ring apron. This causes Funk and Bradshaw to also climb up on the apron, enter the ring, walk across the ring, and engage in fisticuffs with Southern Justice.

The ref is occupied attempting to regain order at ringside so Tennessee Lee gets a chair, climbs into the ring, a whacks Runnels with it. Unfortunately for him the ref turned back around right as Tennessee Lee hit Runnels. He calls for the bell. Dustin Runnels is declared the winner by disqualification.

Afterwards Jarrett and Company beat down Runnels, Funk, and Bradshaw. Southern Justice leave behind a “Problems Solved” business card as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Dustin Runnels

A pretty standard Attitude Era midcard TV match: DQ finish due to outside interference that leads to a big brawl between two squads of dudes. Add in Jeff Jarrett and the worst Dustin Runnels/Dustin Rhodes/Goldust gimmick this side of “Seven” and it was a pretty mediocre match. [*⅓]

Final Thoughts

If you like wrestling for wrestling’s sake, late 90s WWF midcarders, Raw recaps, and Dok Hendrix than this is the wrestling show for you! That being said, outside of announcing a few Fully Loaded matches and making it clear that the Austin & Taker vs. Mankind & Kane match was for the titles nothing all that critical happened here.


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