NXT (June 7, 2017)

NXT 2017 Logo

The show begins with a video hyping the matches between No Way Jose and Killian Dain and Hideo Itami and Oney Lorcan. We get the opening credit with their new theme song and then its on to Full Sail where the crowd is already chanting “NXT! NXT!” and then it’s on to the ring for the first match of the night.

Match 1: Heavy Machinery vs. Victor Andrews and Lars Sullivan

Heavy Machinery head to the ring as the crowd chants, “STEAKS AND WEIGHTS!” at them. Their opponents are already in the ring. Victor Andrews gets an inset promo talking about how this match is a big opportunity. His partner puts his hand on Andrews’ shoulder and asks him if he’s ready.

This get underway with Sullivan and Knight locking up. There are few men who make Tucker Knight look like a normal sized dude, but Lars Sullivan is one of them. Sullivan backs Knight into the corner and then breaks the hold.

Tucker Knight gets Lars in a headlock, but Lars Sullivan escapes and runs the ropes. He crashes into Knight, but neither man budges. They run the ropes a couple more times but are unable to move each other until Sullivan takes Knight down with a shoulder tackle.

Knight gets sent into the corner and Sullivan follows him in, but Knight gets his foot up so Sullivan eats a boot. Knight follows up with a dropkick and then runs the ropes, but gets dropped by Sullivan with a slam.

Andrews wants in so Sullivan gives tags him in and Andrews promptly runs into a bearhug. Dozovic tags in and Knight chucks Andrews into Dozovic’s arms for another bearhug. Dozovic hits a belly to belly suplex and Knight is tagged back in. They double team Andrews and crush him and then Dozovic gets tagged back in. Knight and Dozovic hit a double team they call the Compactor which is basically a bodyslam from Dozovic as Knight Thesz Press on Dozovic’s back. BOOM SHAKALOO!

Heavy Machinery celebrate in the ring and then make their way up the ramp. Sullivan is still there on the ring apron, glaring at Andrews. He enters the ring and the crows starts chanting “DELETE!” Sullivan starts clubbering Andrews and then wrecks his shit with a big slam. He scoops him up in a reverse bearhug over his shoulder and then drops Andrews to the mat and leaves the ring. The crowd chants, “Say you’re sorry!” but I don’t know if it’s directed at Sullivan or Andrews.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Decent match for the Heavy Machinery boys. I’m also kind of curious where they’re going with this Lars Sullivan plot. Are they going to go the American Alpha route and have him go through a series of shitty tag team partners until he finds someone who kicks as much ass as he does or is this more like late 80s WCW Cactus Jack, where he basically beats up tag team partners to get over as a heel before going solo? [**]

Highlights for Children!

We get to see footage of No Way Jose returning last week to even the odds as Strong and Ohno took on Sanity. Following the highlights we get a backstage interview with Killian Dain who promises to ruin No Way Jose’s shit next week (aka tonight).

Meanwhile In The Ring…

Roderick Strong heads down to the ring. The crowd chants for him as he gets on the mic. He says that the past year has been a roller coaster: he’s in NXT, he has a beautiful fiancé and a handsome baby boy, and he finally had a chance to tell the fans his story. He says he was afraid they’d turn against him, but they didn’t they welcomed them with open arms and he thanks them for it with all his heart.

The crowd starts chanting, “Thank you Roddy!” which causes him to shake his head and say, “No, thank you.” He continues to say that there’s one more thing that he wants…one more thing that he needs. The NXT Championship. This time though it’s not Roddy versus the World, it’s Roddy, Marina and Troy versus the World. He says that he’s more dedicated than ever to become the NXT Champion and then Bobby Roode’s music hits.

Roode appears up on the stage with a tissue. He plays at wiping tears from hims eyes. He tells Strong he should be proud of himself. “You’re finally winning matches, you have a marginally hot wife, and your son looks somewhat normal,” says Roode. Some quality heeling right there.

Roode says he gets it. Diapers don’t pay for themselves, so Strong wants to play the Bobby Roode Lottery, because that’s what people like him do…they play the lotto and hope that one day they can move out of the trailer park to the mansion up on the hill. He says that maybe some day he’ll take a selfie with Strong so Strong can show it to his son and say, “There’s the Champ, and there’s your daddy.”

Roode says Strong’s a good hand, but tells him to do himself a favor and not try to play the Bobby Roode Lottery because he can’t win. He leaves and a stunned Strong exits the ring as his music plays.

Meanwhile Backstage?

Nikki Cross is somewhere in darkness. She takes off her vest and starts whipping it around as she demands Asuka and Ruby Riot come out and play. The commentary talk about the Triple Threat Elimination match between those three women for the NXT Women’s Championship scheduled for next week.

Video Package!

We get Paul Ellering reading from a book and wondering who can beat the Authors of Pain. We see Heavy Machinery, Sanity, and the duo of Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss as he talks about no one being ready to face the Authors of Pain because they are so goddamn badass.

Match 2: Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

Sarah Logan used to be Crazy Mary Dobson. Now she’s a country girl from Kentucky who grew up in the mud and used to watch “sports entertainment” with her grandmother and practiced wrestling a goat before she went to Japan to train the day after she graduated from high school.

Peyton Royce comes to ring holding hands with Billie Kay. Nigel McGuinness compares them to Golden Age of Hollywood starlets again.

The two women lock up. Royce sends Logan into the corner easily, but Logan comes right back. Royce sends her back into the corner and tries to work her over, but Logan hits a fireman’s carry into an armbar.

Royce gets back to her feet and drops Logan with a spinning kick that gets her a two count. She locks up Logan’s leg and drives her knee into the mat and gets her in a submission hold, but Logan rolls through to get Royce in a pinning predicament. Royce manages to escape and hits a Death Valley Drivers for another nearfall.

Royce is insulted that Logan had the gall to kick out and slaps her around. Logan responds with a headbutt that she follows up with a dropkick. Logan lays in some chops and hits a knee to Royce’s head that gets her a two count.

Royce blocks a punch and then battles back, hitting a back elbow and a fisherman suplex to pick up the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

Solid TV match. Logan looks good and will be a decent addition to the women’s division and Royce got to keep her momentum as she and Kay go on to undoubtedly feud with Ember Moon. [**]

Highlights for Children!

We see Cezar Bononi getting an upset victory of Andrade “Cien” Almas and then catch up with Almas after his match heading off to a night on the town with some ladies. The blonde interview lady tries to interview him, but he’s otherwise occupied and ignores him.

A random lady appears and says some stuff to him in Spanish and then asks in English, “Is this who you are now?” Almas is like, “Yes,” and the mysterious woman slaps him in the face and storms off. Almas kind of laughs this all off.

Match 3: Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan

Hideo Itami makes his way to the ring and we get a backstage interview from earlier in the day where Itami is asked if he is going to go back to Japan after his loss at TakeOver. He insists that he’s staying where he is.

Back in the arena Oney Lorcan makes his way down to the ring. The bell rings and the match is underway! Itami and Lorcan lock up and Lorcan gets Itami against the ropes. He breaks the hold. They lock up and this time momentum goes the other way with Itami muscling Lorcan into the ropes. He is forced to break the hold and does so, only to slap Lorcan in the face.

Itami whips Lorcan into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline for a two count. Lorcan mounts a comeback but gets cut off by Itami who takes him down with knees for another two count.

Lorcan fights back and hits a Buff Blockbuster for a two count. Itami rolls out of the ring. Lorcan hits the ropes and goes for a dive, but Itami blasts him in the face as he comes through the ropes. Itami pushes Lorcan back into the ring and then goes up to the top rope. He nails Lorcan with a top rope clothesline for another near fall.

Itami lays into him with strikes, but Lorcan rolls him up for two. Lorcan gets fired up and starts chopping the fuck out of Itami, but Itami yells at him to hit him harder and then goes for the GTS. Lorcan escapes and hits a bunch of slaps and then a pair of running European uppercuts that send Itami to the floor. Lorcan goes up to the top rope and hits a senton bomb onto Itami down on the floor.

They head back in and the ref has Lorcan back off as Itami’s knee appears to be injured or something. Lorcan backs away and Itami cheap shots him in the shin and then lays into him with strikes and kicks. He gets Lorcan up and hits the GTS, but instead of pinning him he picks Lorcan up and nails him with another GTS. The ref is yelling at Itami as Itami picks up Lorcan and nails him with a third GTS.

Itami looks crazed and picks up Lorcan again, but Kassius Ohno hits the ring and is like, “What are you doing man?” Itami shoves Ohno, but Ohno is a mountain of a man so doesn’t move. He looks upset and then shoves Itami back and Itami goes ass over teakettle and then bails, glaring at Ohno as he makes his way up the ramp.

Winner: No Contest

The match was really great up to the Itami heel turn shenanigans. Lorcan is a solid dude in the ring with a really unique wrestling style. I hope they do more with him. As for Itami’s heel turn, it wasn’t unexpected but it was kind of needed and done pretty well here since NXT has a glut of upper midcard/main event faces and no real heels outside of Bobby Roode. The feud between Ohno and Itami should be good too. [***]

Video Package!

We get a Drew McIntyre video package. He’ll be back in action next week.

Meanwhile Backstage!

The blonde interview lady interviews Ember Moon asking her about next week’s NXT Women’s Championship match. She says she’s disappointed that her chances to compete for the title haven’t gone the way she’d wanted, but she was going to watch the match next week and she promised that her next chance would be THE chance, but before that she had some unfinished business with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay to take care of first.

Match 4: No Way Jose vs. Killian Dain

Jose dances his way down to the ring. Dain comes out next with Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe. They have some new version of their “My Name is Mud” ripoff theme song. I don’t like this version as much. It’s got weird flutes in it and stuff. Maybe this version is just for Killian Dain because he’s an Irishman.

They brawl at the bell, but Dain quickly takes control with a shoulder block to Jose. He gets Jose into the corner but battles back. Jose goes to the top rope and hits a double axe handle that sends Dain to the floor. TAPE MACHINES ARE ROLLING!

Dain is in control as we return from break. Jose is trying to fight back with rights but Dain takes him out with a running cross body block. He then puts the boots to Jose. Jose gets back to a vertical base but Dain takes him down with some clubbering and then drops ‘bows on him.

Dain grounds Jose with a chin lock. Jose tries to fight out of it, but Dain beats him down slowly and goes right back to the chin lock. Jose gets fired up again and hits the ropes but runs right into a Samoan drop. Dain screams, “YOU’RE GONNA DIE!” and hits a senton that gets a near fall.

More clubbering and Dain gets Jose up for the Ulster Plantation, but Jose escapes it and starts fighting back with rights. He unloads with knees and uppercuts, but Dain is still on his feet. Dain whips Jose into the corner but misses a charge giving Jose an opportunity.

Jose hits a clothesline and then gets Dain up onto his shoulders for the TKO. He covers and gets two. Jose goes for the windup punch but C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Dain nails him with a headbutt and then dropkicks Jose into the corner.

He gets Jose up again and this time nails the Ulster Plantation for the win. The show ends with Killian Dain standing tall in the ring while Jose glowers at him from the outside.

Winner: Killian Dain

This was an okay TV match I guess. Killian Dain getting the win was the right call though I probably would have switched this and the Itami match on the card, since for my money have Itami and Ohno glare at each other as the show went off the air makes for a much better show closing image than Dain standing in the ring after cleanly pinning No Way Jose in a random match that’s probably not the end of this feud.

The match itself never really got out of first gear. There weren’t really any big botches or anything like that it was just a lot of slow, lethargic clubbering. To be honest it felt like something I could have seen on a Saturday Night’s Main Event from 1985. [*¾]

Final Thoughts

The Itami angle is pretty great and should lead to a decent match or two against Ohno somewhere down the line. I also thought the Strong and Roode segment was really good. Roderick has to win the title at some point doesn’t he?

The rest of the show was stuff that was fine for TV, but nothing really that great, but that makes sense since this was the first real episode back after TakeOver so they had to set up a bunch of new feuds and stuff like that.


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