WWE 205 Live (May 2, 2017)


Why is Chris Jericho writhing around on my screen? Is he back to being a cruiserweight? Oh this is just SmackDown Live overflow…this is a weird way to start the show. They show footage of Kevin Owens kicking the shit out of Jericho on SmackDown before Jericho is carted off by medics. Have fun on tour with Fozzy, Chris!

Highlights for Children!

We kick of 205 Live proper with highlights of the Neville and Aries from Payback and Neville and Perkins discussing wrecking Aries shit on Raw. But that’s not all! There’s also footage of Perkins vs. Aries from Raw where Perkins just destroys Aries knee.

Match 1: Lince Dorado vs. TJ Perkins

Dorado and Perkins start the match with some quick back and forth stuff that ends in a stand off. TJ Perkins dabs and Corey Graves is like, “Goddammit TJ, I just praised you for being more focused and not dabbing so much during your entrance! Why did you have to make a liar out of me?”

Dorado gets in control and sambas at TJP before dabbing himself and hitting a rana. TJ goes out to the floor and Dorado goes to the apron. TJ cuts him off to prevent him from doing any aerial attacks, so Dorado superkicks him in the mush and hits a moonsault.

They head back into the ring and Dorado slams Perkins into the corner, but Perkins gets in control; slamming Dorado into the turnbuckles and then stomping a mudhole in him. Dorado gets choked out in the ropes and then nailed with a slingshot senton. Perkins dabs again before going for the cover. Lince Dorado kicks out at one.

Perkins stomps on Dorado’s face and then set him up on the top rope and proceeds to attempt to pull off Dorado’s mask. Dorado fights him off and then hits some backflip into a double stomp that just looks awkward as fuck.

Perkins gets back to his feet and catches Dorado’s leg. Dorado hits an enziguri and then gets a two count after dropping Perkins with a high cross. Dorado is fired up and goes for neckbreaker, but Perkins counters and start laying in some strikes. Dorado get him with a kick and goes for another cover, but Perkins kicks out at two.

Dorado goes up top, but TJP cuts him off and follows him up. They battle on the top rope and Dorado shoves him off and hits an ugly looking sunset flip. Perkins pulls at Dorado’s mask to escape and locks in a knee bar. Dorado has no way to get to the ropes and taps out.

Winner: TJ Perkins

There were some rough spots in this, but for a TV match it was fine I guess. It further established TJP as a jerkass heel and TJ Perkins as a heel is a pretty good thing. The stuff with Lince yelling at Perkins and lying in some heavy ass chops after Perkins tried to take off his mask felt legit, so I enjoyed that as well.

Meanwhile Backstage…

We get an interview with The Brian Kendrick from earlier in the day. Corey Graves asks Kendrick about his issues with Akira Tozawa and Kendrick said that he feels insulted by Tozawa. They had had a relationship in Japan or the indies or something and wanted Tozawa to be his protege in the WWE, but Tozawa acts like he knows everything already. Kendrick decided to teach him lessons whether he wanted them or not.

Kendrick says that Tozawa just wants to yell, “AH! AH! AH!” and have the WWE Universe yell with him, but he lacks focus. Kendrick says that Tozawa lacks focus and that he’s done playing and….HOLY FUCK TOZAWA JUST KICKED KENDRICK’S FACE OFF! He came flying in from off camera and legit caused me to jump in surprise. Kendrick’s dead.

Tozawa sits down in the chair Kendrick had been sitting in and smiles before saying, “Lesson five! Always end an interview with an impact! AH! AH! AH! AH!”

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak comes out with a megaphone and a protest sign saying, “NO FLY ZONE.” He cuts a WWF Wrestling Challenge style in picture promo as he makes his way to the ring where he is dressed in a suit and talks like a politician about how terrible high flying wrestling is and says he will make an example out of Mustafa Ali tonight.

Gulak takes it to the mat right away trying to ground Mustafa Ali. Ali manages to escape, but Gulak puts the boots to him and starts talking shit. Ali gets whipped into the turnbuckles. Ali picks up the pace and hits a rana before going up top. Gulak heads to apron. They trade strikes and Ali does some fancy counters but Gulak wrecks his shit with a lariat and then locks on a camel clutch.

Ali manages to escape. He hits some strikes and then picks up the pace and nails Gulak with a dropkick. Ali kicks Gulak in the dome and the lays him out with a rolling neck breaker before heading up to the top rope.

Gulak gets to his feet and grabs Ali’s foot to stop him. He manages to pull Ali down, but Ali lays out Gulak and once more goes up top. Gulak is too far away for the Ali’s usual finisher so he goes for a frog splash, but Gulak gets his knees up. He rolls up Ali in a small package for the win.

Winner: Drew Gulak

This was a pretty decent match and honestly a pretty decent angle. Matches based on a clash of styles can be a lot of fun if the guys involved work well together which seems to be the case here.

In Ring Interview

Gulak gets interviewed after his match and said that the result was vindication for his campaign. He blames the fans for encouraging people like Ali to take pointless risks and says that the match tonight proved that high flying just doesn’t work. Gulak wraps things up by claiming to be the future of NXT.

Highlights for Children!

We get a highlight reel of the stupid endless Love Trapezoid between Cedric Alexander, Alicia Fox, Noam Dar, and Rich Swann. I like all these people well enough, but this is the goddamn worst.

Match 3: Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann

As the match gets underway Tom Philips talks some shit about Noam Dar, calling him a “Eurotrash pervert” for stealing Alicia Fox from Cedric Alexander. This caused Corey Graves to bust on Tom Philips for his recent social media boondoggle and reply, “It’s not like Dar was sending DMs on Instagram to people that he shouldn’t have been. There’s nothing embarrassing about what he’s done. He simply stole the heart of a beautiful woman from Cedric Alexander, who was neglectful. Didn’t show Alicia Fox the attention she deserved. … It’s a lot longer flight than four hours for Dar.”

The match that followed paled in comparison to that exchange as was evident by the fact that the first couple minutes of the match consisted of Rich Swann applying a side headlock, Dar attempting to escape the side headlock, and Rich Swann getting Dar back in the side headlock.

Dar breaks free of the side headlock monotony and crotches Rich Swann on the ropes and then hits him with a clothesline. Rich Swann crashes to the floor hitting every rope on the way down (“Like Plinko on The Price is Right!” exclaims Corey Graves). Dar heads to the floor and rolls Swann back into the ring. Back in the ring Dar starts to kick the shit out of Rich Swann’s back and nails him with some uppercuts before sending him into the corner.

Swann gets fired up and lays in some chops but Dar attacks Swann’s knee and hits a butterfly suplex for two. Things got too exciting there for a minute so Dar goes back to the good old side headlock. Dar keeps the pace slow as he works over Swann with some strikes. He goes for a running kick, but misses, allowing Swann to make a comeback.

Swann runs wild with clotheslines and rights, and then heads to the apron. Dar goes after him. Swann dodges a clothesline, but get caught with a kick to the knee that sends him to the outside. Dar follows him out to the floor, where he attacks Swann’s arm and then heads back in. Swann rolls back in at nine just beating the ten count.

Dar gets tossed back out to the floor and Swann takes him out with a dive. He then drapes Dar over the barricade and hits a RVD-esque leg drop on the Scotsman. They head back into the ring and Swann goes up top. PHOENIX SPLASH!

Swann goes for the cover, but breaks up his pin, as his already injured arm hit first when he did the Phoenix Splash and he’s in excruciating pain. Swann steels himself and makes a cover, but Dar kicks out at two. This was a solid pin attempt with quality selling by Swann.

Dar zeroes in on Swann’s arm, attacking it in the ropes before he gets taken out with a kick to the head. Swann with a roll up for two. Swann goes for an aerial attack, but Dar catches him mid-air with an arm bar. Swann fights his way to the ropes and Dar break the hold right before getting DQed.

Dar tries to go back to the arm, but Swann avoids his attack and lays out Dar with a kick to the dome. Swann goes up top, but Dar kicks his leg out causing Swann to crash to the mat. Dar lays the boots to him, focusing on his arm before ignoring all the work he’d done on the arm and randomly finishing off Swann with a running kick.

Following the match Alicia Fox comes out and reunites with Dar. They hug and she lifts him up to celebrate his victory.

Winner: Noam Dar

This was kind of a dud considering who was involved. I like Rich Swann a lot and Noam Dar is at least good in the ring and one of the few heels in wrestling I genuine hate, but this entire thing was just kind of boring. There were a couple decent spots (the RVD-esque barricade legdrop and Dar clotheslining Swann while he was crotched on the top rope for example) but overall it just didn’t work for me. Dar spent entirely too much time working the arm and then just won with a random face kick which was kind of stupid.

Final Thoughts

This episode was pretty mediocre. Tozawa kicking The Brian Kendrick’s face off and Corey Graves busting “Face Fucker” Tom Philip’s balls about a sex scandal were probably the highlights of the show. The match between Ali and Gulak was decent enough, but nothing essential and clearly something we will see again on Raw or 205 Live or Main Event in the weeks to come.


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