Lucha Underground (December 10, 2014)


We kick things off with a recap of the action from last week which is helpful for me because I last watched LU like four or five months ago. From there we head to the Temple for action!

Danny Trejo is ringside as King Cuerno makes his way to the ring. Tonight Cuerno is going up against Super Fly in his first Lucha Underground match.

Match 1: Super Fly vs. King Cuerno

This was mostly a match to make Cuerno look good and further his feud with Drago (who was watching the match from the top of the stands and flicking his tongue). Cuerno dominated the bulk of the match but Super Fly got some offense in, including a pretty awesome looking dive to the outside, but Cuerno ultimately picked up the win.

Winner: King Cuerno

These two put on a pretty good match though it was kind of short. It served its purpose though and made Cuerno look tough while making Super Fly seem like a dude to watch.

Video Package

We get a video package about Pentagon Jr. going to Japan and learning to be a ninja or some nonsense. Technically it was well done and looked kind of cool, but ultimately it seemed kind of pointless. We already have a good idea of who Pentagon Jr. is. This would have been better if it aired before his debut.

Match 2: Fenix (w/ Sexy Star) vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ Pentagon Jr.)

The Sexy Star vs. Chavo feud continues this week with Fenix going up against Chavo after the pair faced off in tag team action last week.

There’s some back and forth between the two. Fenix and Chavo seemed pretty evenly matched. Fenix is a bit quicker but Chavo’s got the experience advantage. The tide of the match turned when Fenix hit a Meteora that Chavo rolled through on into a single leg crab.

Chavo stayed on the knee afterwards, keeping the usually highflying Fenix grounded.

Fenix does a pretty good job selling the injury and at one point instead of just diving through the ropes to take out Chavo and Pentagon climbs the ropes before leaping onto them.

The close of the match sees Pentagon crotch Fenix while the ref was distracted allowing Chavo to hit the frog splash and pick up the win.

After the match Sexy Star got on the mic and cut a promo on Chavo telling him that Blue Demon Jr. had recovered and was coming back for revenge.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

This was a good match but I’m getting tired of the feud. I wonder if they’ll finally put it to rest when Blue Demon Jr. finally returns.

Video Package

Cage is coming to Lucha Underground. This is roided up wrestleman Brian Cage not 70’s comic book hero, Luke Cage, or Mortal Kombatant, Johnny Cage. Wrestleman Cage throws oversized tires about and lifts some weights. He looks like a goddamn monster. I kind of want to see him toss cruiserweight dudes about.

Match 3: Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma vs. Big Ryck

This is a ladder match for $100,000 and hopefully the close of the feud between these three that’s been going on since episode one. The match is pretty much what you’d expect in a match between these three. Puma and Mundo do most of the heavy lifting. Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson is too big and ryck to climb the ladder (and also maybe afraid of heights) so he has his Crew come out to get the briefcase of money for him.

The Crenshaw Crew appear, but get wiped out. Puma hit them with a sick dive through a ladder to the outside when they were out on the floor. Ryck and his dudes get back in control and the match basically becomes three vs. one vs. one. Puma and Mundo work together a bit to try to overcome the odds, but then go back to punch fighting one another once Ryck and Company are dealt with.

A Giant-Size Jeff Hardy Ladder shows up as do tables and a ladder bridged between the ring and the guardrail. The Crew gets sent through tables, but Ryck makes a comeback and press slams Puma through the bridged ladder. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!

Ryck sets up a pair of ladders and begins to climb but Johnny Mundo revives just in time to kick Ryck in the dick (best Dr. Seuss book ever). He starts to climb himself, but a guy in a Pentagon Jr. mask comes out of the crowd and attacks Mundo. I thought it was actually Pentagon Jr. for a minute, which would have made no sense, but instead it’s just some guy. He ends up maskless and I had no idea if he was supposed to be someone I know. I didn’t recognize him, but he’s allied with the Crew now.

Ryck has the Crew climb the ladders as he tries to keep Mundo on the outside of the ring, but Mundo does some parkour shit to leap onto the ladders the Crew are climbing, knocking them over and sending Ryck’s dudes crashing to the outside. Mundo hauls ass up the ladder and grabs the briefcase, earning the $100,000 and hopefully putting this entire feud to bed.

Afterwards Dario Cueto shows up and congratulates Mundo on his victory and then tells Johnny to do the right thing and give him back the key he took before. Mundo’s like “This key?” and Dario’s all like “Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!” and so after some careful deliberation Johnny Mundo lays out Dario Cueto with a punch to the face and then places the key on Dario’s prone body.

Winner: Johnny Mundo

This match had a couple okay spots but otherwise was just another multi-man ladder match. Maybe I’ve seen too many of them at this point in my life, but a ladder match has to be really amazing to impress me in 2017. I thought this one was way to overbooked and five or six minutes too long.

Final Thoughts

This was an okay episode. The ladder match was good but a little too long and overbooked for my liking. I would have been happier if it had been like five minutes shorter with the earlier two matches getting a bit more time or adding another short match. I hope Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson becomes more of a manager/occasional tag team guy because he’s really not great in singles competition.

The Chavo/Sexy Star stuff continues to be good but is probably going to be wrapping up soon. I’d assume once Blue Demon Jr. returns, he’ll get his revenge and Sexy Star and Chavo and the others will move on to something else.

This wasn’t really the best episode of television Lucha Underground’s done, but it was still pretty entertaining and worth looking at, especially if you enjoy overbooked spotfest ladder matches.


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