ECW Hardcore TV (March 15, 1994)


Paul Heyman is here to hype up the main event between the TV Champion, Sabu, and the human suplex machine, The Tazmaniac before we get the opening video.

In the ECW Command Center…

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and runs down the card. We get a double main event tonight. In addition to the match Heyman announced at the top of the program, we also have a six man tag team match pitting Shane Douglas & The Public Enemy against Terry Funk, Kevin Sullivan and Hugh “Crash” Morrus. Joey then tosses it to Douglas and the PE who are standing by in an unfinished basement.

Meanwhile in an Unfinished Basement…

Shane Douglas and the Public Enemy talk shit about their opponents. Douglas wants the PE to take care of Sullivan and Hugh Morrus and leave Funk to him. The PE is amenable to this and steal from Douglas’ fanny pack. Rocco Rock refers to Terry Funk as an old “rubber band man,” do to the wobbly way he moves and threatens to snap the rubber band man. It’s a pretty solid promo.

Match 1: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & The Sandman (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. “Ironman” Tommy Cairo & Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer wants Snuka but Cairo is holding him back. Snuka seems blase about the entire thing. The Sandman and Cairo start things off. The Sandman sends Cairo into the corner and works him over. Snuka tags in but Cairo takes control. He hits a pretty nice spinning heel kick and after slamming Snuka, tags Dreamer in.

Snuka quickly tags The Sandman back and heads to the floor. Dreamer doesn’t give a shit about Sandman and is jawing with Snuka on the outside. The Sandman tries to get Dreamer’s attention instead of just clotheslining him while his back is turned to no avail. So The Sandman does the only logical thing to do: spit in Tommy Dreamer’s eye.

This gets Dreamer’s attention and he goes on a tear, nailing Sandman with an inverted atomic drop and spitting in his face. He the goes after Snuka again, but the Superfly heads to the floor once again. Sandman sneaks up from behind and takes out Dreamer’s knee while he’s distracted by Snuka and then lays out Dreamer with a suplex.

Dreamer is able to hit a belly to belly suplex and make the tag to Cairo. Cairo comes in with a belly to belly suplex of his own and then destroys The Sandman with German suplex. He goes for the pin, but Snuka comes in a breaks up the attempt. This brings in Dreamer.

Dreamer applies a sleeper hold. Snuka is going out. The ref is checking his arm for some reason even though neither Snuka or Dreamer are the legal men. Meanwhile Sandman is making a comeback. He nails Cairo with an implant DDT and makes the pin.

While the ref is counting the pinfall, Hunter Q. Robbins the third comes in and whacks Dreamer with his cane to cause him to break the sleeper hold. Sandman’s pin was successful.

After the match Dreamer takes off Robbins’ glasses and punches him and then body slams him.

Winners: “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & The Sandman

This was a pretty good match and a decent way to combine two feuds into a single match. They did a good job of keeping Dreamer and Snuka apart for the most part so we want to see their actual match later in the month instead of being like, “Meh, we already saw them lock up back on the 15th…who care about this grudge match?”

Meanwhile at the Valley Forge Music Fair…

Tod Gordon is outside the Valley Forge Music Fair which seems to be a building rather than an event hyping the upcoming Ultimate Jeopardy Match. Everyone in the match is going to put the thing that is most important to them on the line, though some of the gambits are not as risky as others. Like if Shane Douglas loses he has to shave his head, but if the Public Enemy lose they lose their tag team belts and are out of the ECW forever. Shrug.

Matty Indahouse shows up to buy tickets and then he yells some junk. Tod Gordon’s like, “Matty you didn’t have to come all the way down from New York to buy tickets! You could have called the ECW hotline at the blurred out number on screen now and we could have set you up with tickets for the MOST VIOLENT MATCH ECW HAS EVER PUT ON!” Matty yells some more junk and then it’s ovah!

Meanwhile in an Unfinished Basement…

Matty Indahouse has teleported from the Valley Forge Music Fair to an Unfinished Basement and also changed out of too much leather into what appears to be a suit. Speaking of suits he’s joined by Jason and Mr. Hughes.

“Jason what about Hawk?”

“…” replies Jason as he drops a thing.

Mr. Hughes glowers.

Match 2: Mr. Hughes vs. Billy Firehawk

Squash. Squash. Squash. Squash. Sidewalk slam. One. Two. Three.

Winner: Mr. Hughes

Mr. Hughes is in Ultimate Jeopardy. He needs to look strong.

Match 3: Shane Douglas, Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. Terry Funk, Kevin Sullivan & Crash

Douglas has Sherri go to the back as the match gets underway. Styles tells us that Woman is in the locker room helping Taz prepare for his upcoming TV Title match and wonders aloud if they should send a camera crew to the back in case a catfight breaks out between Woman and Sherri Martel.

Rocco Rock and Sullivan start things off. Sullivan clotheslines Rocco a bunch and sends him out of the ring. Some back and forth. Crash tags in and hits a power slam before tagging in Funk. Funk goes up for a moonsault, but Douglas knocks him off the top rope.

Crash randomly decides that he should do a moonsault instead and goes up and hits the moonsault. Joey Styles loses his goddamn mind over this. The fact that a giant man just did a moonsault would probably have impressed me more if I hadn’t already seen his run as Hugh Morrus in WCW where he was doing moonsaults left and right.

Crash goes for a pin but Johnny Grunge breaks it up. Funk’s back in the ring. He nails Rocco Rock with a piledriver and goes for the pin, but Grunge makes the save again. Rocco gets to his corner and tags in Grunge.

Grunge comes in and hits Funk with a neckbreaker and then tosses him out to the floor. Crash starts arguing with the ref about something which allows Douglas to piledrive Funk out on the concrete. They roll Funk back into the ring and the PE continue to work on Funk’s neck. They work quick tags and stay on Funk’s neck.

Grunge hits another piledriver and finally tags in Douglas. Douglas hits Funk with another piledriver and goes for the pin, but Funk kicks out. Funk is soon on the receiving end of piledriver number four, but again he kicks out.

Funk gets to his feet and does wobbly punching and headbutts. He’s split open but I don’t know why. Funk and Douglas both get to their corners and make tags so the Public Enemy, Kevin Sullivan and Crash all hit the ring and start brawling and moments later Sullivan hits Grunge with a piledriver to pick up the win.

Winners: Terry Funk, Kevin Sullivan & Crash

PILEDRIVER! PILEDRIVER! PILEDRIVER! So goddamn many piledrivers here. Joking aside, this was a really good match and another good example of combining a couple different feuds and giving people a little taste of a bigger match to come. Douglas and Funk are the big feud going on right now but in this match their interaction with one another was pretty limited and I, for one, want to see them lock up at Ultimate Jeopardy.

Meanwhile in the Valley Forge Music Fair Parking Lot…

Matty Indahouse has teleported back to Valley Forge Music Fair and gives us a rundown of the Ultimate Jeopardy match and what the various competitors have put on the line in the match.

There are a couple championships up for grabs. Douglas will shave his head. Jason could get beat up for five minutes after the match. Taz and Sullivan will break up forever and Road Warrior Hawk will never again be called a Road Warrior if he loses.

Not all gambits are created equal…

Match 4: Sabu (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Tazmaniac (w/ Woman)

This is for the ECW TV Championship. They start off brawling in the aisle before making their way into the ring. “There’s a novel idea, wrestling in the wrestling ring!” quips Joey Styles.

Taz is on the outside. Sabu hits a springboard moonsault in the crowd. They climb back into the ring. Taz tosses Sabu over the top rope out of the ring with a belly to belly suplex that looked painful as fuck.

Taz locks on a “Japanese style submission hold,” but lets it go and hits another suplex. He goes for a headbutt but Sabu gets out of the way. Sabu gets in control and gets a two count after connecting with a leg drop. Another suplex from Taz! He goes for another belly to back suplex, but Sabu hold on and gets Taz in a pinning predicament for another two count.


Taz grabs the chair and goes after Sabu. Sabu misses a springboard senton giving Taz an opening. He hits another suplex. Sabu is back up though and dropkicks Taz. He puts Taz up on a table and goes up top but Taz moves and Sabu goes through the table himself.

Paul Heyman nails Taz from behind with his phone. Woman goes after him, but Paul grabs her and is going to hit her with the phone, but Kevin Sullivan shows up and ruins Paul Heyman’s shit.

Sabu goes up top and looks like he’s going to dive onto Sullivan, but Taz knocks him down and hits another suplex that drops Sabu on his head. He goes for the cover. One! Two! Three! NEW CHAMPION!

Winner: The Tazmaniac

Two weeks in a row with title changes. This was a pretty good match. It was a decent mix of brawling and in ring wrestling. True, Taz just spammed suplexes, but Sabu was pretty great through out the match.

Meanwhile Back In The Ring…

Sabu puts himself through a table as the show goes off the air.

Final Thoughts

This was a another very good episode of ECW, possibly the best episode I’ve seen since I started watching these this go round. The double main events were both really good and The Tommys vs. Sandman and Snuka was pretty solid too. ECW seems to have found their groove.


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