Hawk vs. The Pitbull (ECW March 8, 1994)

Road Warrior Hawk is on a singles run in good old Eastern Championship Wrestling. Here he’s taking on The Pitbull in a bout with lots of power moves and very little selling. Shane Douglas is on commentary with Joey Styles. He thinks little of Hawk as a singles wrestler.

Hawk picks up the win and this being ECW, Jason tries to attack Hawk only to be thrown by the Road Warrior into The Pitbull. For some reason, this causes the Public Enemy to hit the ring to randomly beat everyone down. Taz and Kevin Sullivan show up with pipes to beat the PE up which causes Shane Douglas to leave the announce location to go fight people in the ring. Terry Funk shows up with a ladder that he randomly hurls into the ring. He and Shane Douglas end up brawling into the back. ECW! ECW! ECW!



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