WWE 205 Live (January 3, 2017)


We kick things off with a recap of Neville wrecking house on Rich Swann before we go live to somewhere in Florida for the most exciting hour of television that’s not actually on television! The announcers let us know that because of Neville’s heinous attack, Rich Swann is out of action this week, but we’ve got excitement nonetheless so let’s get down to the ring for action!

Match 1: Sean Maluta vs. Tajiri

This is Tajiri’s 205 Live debut and he comes out to a pretty big pop. Sean Maluta gets the jobber’s entrance. Sorry Sean!

Maluta gets some scant offense in, but the match is more or less a Tajiri’s Greatest Hits collection. We get the Tarantula, that handspring elbow thing, some kicks. It’s a pretty short affair and Tajiri picks up the win after a buzzsaw kick.

Post match, THE Brian Kendrick comes down to the ring and is like, “Hey Tajiri remember when we were in 2003 Smackdown and how awesome it was? Let’s do that with 205 Live!” He offers Tajiri his hand which the Japanese Buzzsaw takes before blowing Green Mist in THE Brian Kendrick’s face.

Winner: Tajiri

This was a decent introduction to Tajiri for those who never saw him before and a good reintroduction for those of us who have seen him. I’m assuming that he and Kendrick will feud now which should be pretty good.

I liked him in the Cruiserweight Classic, so I’m glad that Sean Maluta’s sticking around, even if he is just 205 Live/NXT enhancement talent at this point.

Meanwhile Backstage…

Neville is pissed off that he’s been discriminated against for his nationality and the way that he sounds and because he has a butterface. He promises to end TJ Perkins in their match that night because he’s the king of the cruiserweights.

I like how pissed off Neville is here. He continues to surprise me with how good he is as a heel.

Video Package!

Tony Nese is one of the best, but got passed over by the WWE because he was small. He’s going to show why he’s one of the best.

Video Package!

They recap Jack Gallagher and Ariya Daivari’s duel from the previous week. It was great the week before and it’s great to see it again here.

Match 2: Tony Nese (w/ Drew Gulak) vs. Jack Gallagher

Nese starts out strong, grappling with Gallagher, but Gallagher counters everything and outwrestles Nese. Nese switches to forearm strikes and forces Gallagher into the corner where he does his headstand spot and keeps Nese at bay.

Gallagher gets in control but Ariya Daivari comes running out to the ring and chopblocks Gallagher in the knee and then puts him in the Tree of Woe and beats him down for awhile while yelling, “YOU EMBARRASSED ME!” Refs come out and Daivari eventually stops the attack.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

The brief bout Gallagher and Nese had before the Daivari run in was pretty good and I hope to see them wrestle an actual match sometime soon.

Meanwhile Backstage…

Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox talk and she blames herself for Cedric’s recent string of losses. Cedric is like, “No, I’m responsible for what happens out there in the ring but please be more careful, okay?” She is like, “Okay I will,” and then they kiss.

Match 3: Mustafa Ali vs. Noam Dar 

Dar controls the early going of the match with a slow pace and strikes. He does the cowardly heel thing and screams for the ref to break a hold when he and Ali end up in the corner.

Ali starts to pick up the pace and gain momentum but Dar starts working the arm. Dar works the arm for a decent stretch before Ali makes a comeback, hitting a tornado DDT. He follows up with a kick to the face and a neck breaker that earns him a two count.

Ali is selling the injury to his arm as he goes off the ropes. Dar catches him in an arm bar further assaulting the injured arm. Ali is able to fight out of it and lays out Dar. He goes up to the top rope and hits an inverted 450 splash to pick up the win.

Post match Dar gets interviewed about his loss. He said that 2017 was going to be a big year for him and that Alicia Fox would always be welcome in his corner.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

This was a pretty good match. Ali looked like a million bucks. Like Maluta he was another CWC guy that I liked so I’m glad he’s getting another chance in the WWE. I thought he did a great job selling the injury to his arm during the match and am glad that he picked up the win in the end.

Noam Dar is a great weasely little fuck: the kind of guy you want to see a face wreck house on so kudos to him too.

Video Package!

Ceasaro talks about how good of a wrestleguy Akira Tozowa is. Tozowa is coming soon to 205 Live!

Meanwhile Backstage…

TJ Perkins is getting interviewed about his match with Neville. He says that no one was discriminating against him for how he talked or what he looked like or where he was from but because he acted like a douchelord. Perkins then amends it to say yes, some people probably discriminated against Neville for looking all goofy. Perkins calls him a bully and says that sometimes when dealing with a bully you have to kick them in the mouth. Words to live by kids…words to live by.

Match 4: Neville vs. TJ Perkins

Neville’s out first. He’s got a slower, heavier version of his theme song…the “I’m a Heel Remix” if you will. He walks down to the ring slowly and stops to stare someone in the audience down. I’m digging Neville’s commitment to being a heel, changing even the way he’s coming out to the ring.

Perkins comes out next, He’s apparently fighting for the honor of his friend, Rich Swann and so flat out refuses to shake Neville’s hand during the Ring of Honor prematch handshake thing.

The two start off the match pretty evenly matched going back and forth and countering one another. Perkins applies a head scissors but Neville escapes and blasts TJ Perkins in the gut. Perkins answers back with a bulldog that sends Neville rolling to the outside.

Neville heads back into the ring and aggressively works Perkins over before laying him out with a dropkick. He finally heads up to the top ropes and goes for a corkscrew 450, but misses. Perkins capitalizes on this and hits a neckbreaker that he follows up with a dive to the floor. Back in the ring Perkins hits a high cross and nearly scores a pinfall.

Neville hits Perkins with a right and tries for the dead lift superplex, but Perkins still has too much fight in him and escapes from Neville’s clutches and hits a rana off the ropes nearly scoring a pinfall.

Perkins goes for a kick but Neville avoids it and lands a kick of his own. Perkins goes for the rolling knee bar, but Neville catches him and destroys him with a sick looking wheelbarrow German suplex.

TJ Perkins goes up to the top, but gets crotched by Neville. Neville goes up top and sets up for the superplex. Perkins tries to fight him off to no avail. Neville hits the superplex and picks up the win and celebrates by screaming, “WHERE’S MY CROWN!!”

Winner: Neville

Neville is a great heel. I love that he doesn’t do flippy shit anymore because in 2017 WWE simply doing awesome looking moves is enough to get someone cheered. Seriously though, he’s such a good heel that I actually found myself hoping that TJ Perkins would pick up the win. I hate TJ Perkins…or at least did prior to this match.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty good show. There were a couple good matches, all the main 205 storylines moved forward, Tajiri made his return, Mustafa Ali got a big win, and Sean Maluta got a WWE check which is all anyone could really ask for from an episode of 205 Live.


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