WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament – Day One (January 14, 2017)


I love me some tournaments so when I heard that the WWE was going to be running a tournament similar to the Cruiserweight Classic featuring the best wrestlers from the UK (and Ireland, which the WWE seems to think is a part of the UK) I was excited. That being said, when the announced the wrestlers competing I didn’t really recognize any of the competitors outside of Mandrews. Will that matter? I hope not!

We’re in Blackpool, England and as this is a WWE Network joint, Triple H in his, “I’m a good guy business man who wants to put on good wrestling shows,” guise comes out to welcome us to the WWEUKCT and say some stuff about empires before asking if we’re ready. I know I am! So let’s get it on!

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SMW (February 19, 1994)


We’re in a high school gym in Jellico, TN for Smoky Mountain Wrestling! The hosts for this shindig are Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell. Dutch isn’t fucking around and draws a name out of a hat for the Beat the Champ Challenge right away.

He draws Larry Santo so the match is going to be Santo going up against the TV Champ, Robbie Eagle. Larry Santo appears with Chris Candido and Candido says he’s going to give Santo a five minute wrestling lesson in the locker room which will be more than enough for him to beat Robbie Eagle.

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