Survival Tobita vs. Kodo Fuyuki (FMW April 15, 2001)

Forget Rikidozan or Giant Baba or Shinsuke Nakamura. The greatest pro-wrestler ever to come from Japan is Survival Tobita. Tobita is the owner of Saitama Pro-Wrestling Company, a glorified backyard federation, in which he fights tirelessly to defend Earth from a never ending horde of monsters that seek to destroy us all.

Here Tobita is going up against a somewhat more human opponent as he goes one on one against former AJPW/WAR wrestler, Kodo Fuyuki. Fuyuki, perhaps to prove his manliness, agrees to be handcuffed during the match.

Things go rather well for Tobita in the early going of the match until a hideous fiend emerges with bolt cutters freeing Fuyuki who then proceeds to lay waste to Survival Tobita. It’s a stark reminder of what can happen when Tobita lets his guard down for even a moment.

Oh and Genichiro Tenryu shows up and yells stuff because early aughts Japanese wrestling…


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