Lucha Underground (November 19, 2014)


It’s time for lucha madness with Lucha Underground! The Lucha Underground Band makes a return after an absence of several weeks to hype the crowd up as Striker and Vampiro welcome us to Lucha Underground. The action gets underway right away with…

Match 1: Sexy Star vs. Ivelisse 

These two apparently have unfinished business stemming from their mixed tag team match a couple weeks back. Sexy Star comes out first and cuts a promo on Chavo Guerrero Jr. for hitting her in the head with a chair. She promises to kick his ass and says that she’s going to end the Guerrero Dynasty once and for all.

Ivelisse comes out next and told Sexy Star that she wasn’t enough of a badass to take on the men and that the reason she wore a mask was because of how ugly she was. Ivelisse then declared herself the “baddest bitch in the building.” Sexy Star challenged this claim with a slap to the face and the match got underway.

Ivelisse takes down Star quickly, but Sexy Star traps Ivelisse’s head. Sexy Star lands a few arm drags and a hurricanrana before Ivelisse knocks Star into the corner and throws her around the ring. She continues to stomp Sexy Star and goes for a quick cover.

Ivelisse lands a few kicks to Sexy’s chest. Sexy Star breaks out of a headlock and hits a codebreaker. Both women are laid out on the ground. Sexy Star makes it to her feet first and hits a series of clotheslines. Sexy Star follows up with some suplexes and goes for a cover. Ivelisse kicks out and locks in a rear naked choke and then goes for a cover. Sexy Star escapes and picks up the win via a La Magistral cradle.

Winner: Sexy Star

This was a pretty good match. I like what they’re doing with Sexy Star and hope to see more of Ivelisse in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile Backstage… 

Dario Cueto meets with Drago and tells him that last week he didn’t lose his match, but he didn’t win either so he’s not entirely sure what to think of him. Dario says that Drago will have a match later that night to prove himself against a debuting King Cuerno…

Match 2: Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr. comes out first and gets on the mic saying that he’s not respected in Mexico: not by the promoters, not by the fans, not by the other Pentagons, but here in Lucha Underground, Dario Cueto gave him an opportunity and respect. He says he’s going to take out Fenix.

Fenix comes down and the match gets underway. The match starts off with some quick back and forth action. Both men go for quick roll ups early on before ending up outside the ring and battling there.

Back in the ring, Pentagon hits a back breaker for a two count. Fenix hits a neck breaker for another near fall. Pentagon then delivers a devastating pile driver for yet another near fall. Pentagon hits a body scissors for a two count and then heads to the top rope. Fenix gets back to his feet and kicks Pentagon in the head. Fenix climbs to the top and hits a Spanish Fly for the win.

Winner: Fenix

These two dudes have really good in-ring chemistry with one another and I liked this match a lot. It seems like they are building Fenix up to be their big star, and even though Pentagon lost again, he looked dominant for much of the match.

Like the three way dance/triple threat/three man punch fight, from the last episode this match was slick and spotty as hell, and if such things don’t do it for you, you probably won’t like this one much, but if you don’t mind such things, this was a fast-paced match that managed to pack a lot of action into a relatively short match.

Video Package!

We get a video for King Cuerno, a masked luchadore who hunts the most dangerous game: man! He’s in action next!

Match 3: Drago vs. King Cuerno

King Cuerno (apparently Spanish for “King Horn”) is billed as a hunter, and comes out to the ring wearing a deer’s head as a hat (I wonder if it was Pierre the Hardcore Reindeer from late 90s WWF).

Both men lock up quickly but Cuerno hits some blows to Drago’s back and takes control. Drago makes a comeback with a hurricanrana. Cuerno takes control briefly afterwards until Drago made it back to his feet.  There’s a ref bump and Drago uses the ref’s back to hit a crazy front flip to the outside onto Cuerno.

A moment later Cuerno kicks Drago off the ring apron and hits a suicide dive on Drago. Cuerno is back in control, but Drago gets Cuerno in a crazy roll up for the one-two-three.

Winner: Drago

I like how unpredictable this match was. In the lead up they seemed to make Cuerno out to be this bad ass dude that Cueto was going to use in a similar fashion to Mil Muretes, which is more or less how he came off once the bell rang. I was nearly certain that Cuerno would be the one getting his hand raised, but Drago was able to eke out a victory.

Meanwhile Backstage…

Konnan arrives as Prince Puma is training  and tells him to stay out of the main event because Mundo’s fight isn’t Puma’s fight. Konnan says that he doesn’t care if the entire locker room goes out to bum rush Mundo, Puma is supposed to stay out of it.

Match 4: Johnny Mundo vs. Big Ryck

The announcer introduces Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson who got a jobber entrance and is already in the ring. Johnny Mundo comes out next in his John Morrison entrance attire complete with the windblown locks.

The two work a decent power vs. speed match, but a lot of it seemed to be stalling. Big Ryck tosses Mundo around for awhile before Johnny hits a Moonlight Drive for a two count. Johnny doesn’t let up and nails Ryck with a springboard kick to the head.

Meanwhile Backstage…Cortez and Cisco administer a beat down to Prince Puma before running out to the ring.

The two jump in and start beating down Johnny Mundo causing the DQ right before Mundo was about to put Big Ryck away for good. The two gangbangers get a table out from under the ring and set it up center ring. Big Ryck chokeslams Mundo through the table and the show closes with Big Ryck and his boys standing tall in the ring while Johnny Mundo lies in a heap of broken table chunks.

Winner: Johnny Mundo (by DQ)

I thought this was an okay match, but probably the worst match of the night. Everything before this was fast-pace flippy shit which made this feel slow and plodding. I get that Mundo/Puma/Big Ryck is the closest thing to the main event in Lucha Underground at the moment, but think this would have done better elsewhere on the card (or with a less exciting undercard), but maybe that’s just me.

From a storyline perspective this match was pretty good. Mundo and Puma both have reasons to want to kick Big Ryck and his crew’s asses so the story has a reason to continue.

Final Thoughts:

This was the opposite of the previous episode which featured a ton of backstage stuff and very little wrestling. Tonight there was a ton of wrestling and very few backstage segments. I’m not complaining about this in the least since the action in ring was more or less top notch.

The Big Ryck vs. Mundo fight was the worst match of the night, but that’s more because of how good the other matches were then because of any sort of defect in that particular match.


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