Lucha Underground (November 5, 2014)


The gangbangers that took out Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma are already in the ring introducing themselves. They are known as Cortez Castro, Cisco, and Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson. One of the dudes is like, “We’re not here to play games. We’re here to beat people up and take their money.“

This causes Johnny Mundo to come running out and start wrecking house on the dudes in the ring. Ezekiel Jackson bails pretty quickly while Castro and Cisco grab some chairs to go wreck Mundo’s shit, but before they have a chance to use them, Prince Puma runs out to even the odds.

This prompts Dario Cueto to bust out of his office and do his best Teddy Long as Smackdown GM impression…


Match 1: Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma vs. Cortez Castro & Cisco

This was a fast-paced match featuring a lot of aerial offense from Puma and Mundo and worked really well as an opening bout. Castro and Cisco are nowhere near the level of Puma or Mundo and worked a more down and dirty brawling style (Cisco’s wrestling style gets described as “prison shower style,” at one point), but were able to hang with the two faster dudes and it seemed like any pin attempt could win the match.

Mundo wiped out during a dive attempt, leaving Puma to fight on his own for awhile. Eventually Mundo recovered and the duo hit stereo 450s to score the double pin fall victory. Following the match, the cigar smoking Ezekiel “Big Ryck” Jackson departs up the stairs as chants of “This is awesome,” fill the Temple.

Winners: Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma

I thought this was a pretty good match and thought that the announcers (Striker in particular)  did a good job of sell the respect Puma and Mundo had for each other after last week’s bout and painting Dario Cueto as a ruthless bastard (Striker describes him as being similar to the Beyond from the Secret Wars comic book in that he just wants to see people fight and randomly throws them together to do combat for his amusement). Two weeks in and already Mundo and Puma seem like huge stars.

Meanwhile Backstage…

Konnan tells Puma that he did a good job winning his match but warns him that Johnny Mundo doesn’t got it like that and that his fight isn’t their fight, and perhaps most importantly that Johnny Mundo is Puma’s friend. Konnan was his friend. Puma doesn’t say anything but seemed like he didn’t really buy into what Konnan is saying. Konnan closes it out with the first Konnan Brand Odelay as he says, “Odelay! Let’s bounce P!”

Video Package!

We get introduced to Mil Muertes as a lady does some voice-over about how for every man regardless of his strength or power or the flippiness of his flips…”A thousand deaths are coming!” Mil Muertes looks like a fucking roughneck.

Match 2: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Sexy Star vs. Son of Havoc & Ivelisse

Sexy Star is looking for revenge against Son of Havoc in this mixed tag team match. She’s teaming with Chavo Guerrero Jr. with whom she apparently has some history. Havoc and Ivelisse beat on Chavo for awhile before…HOT TAG! Sexy Star comes in and cleans house but Havoc puts the kibosh on that.

Sexy gets another HOT TAG! and Chavo comes in to wreck shit. Chavo hits a Frog Splash on Son of Havoc but instead of attempting a pin, Chavo tags in Sexy Star. She promptly does some rolling pin maneuver for the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Sexy Star 

I think this week’s “Guys, intergender wrestling is a thing,” match was fast paced and fun and worked better than last week’s in introducing audiences to intergender wrestling.

Meanwhile Backstage…

Blue Demon Jr. is getting ready for his match when a lady appears and then disappears and then licks Blue Demon Jr.’s face. Apparently her tongue is what a thousand deaths taste like but that doesn’t really make sense since she randomly licked the dude’s face and taste doesn’t work that way…

Video Package!

Puma trains as Konnan does voice-over work and tells us that a close friend to Konnan, someone we all might know (Disco Inferno?) found Puma in a back alley literally fighting for his life. Konnan took him in, because Puma can fight and because, “Prince Puma is a direct descendant of the fiercest renegade tribe of the Aztecs. Revered amongst their allies, feared by their enemies.” Puma knocks the heavy bag off its hinges.

Match 3: Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Mil Muertes is a big dude in a 1970s “masked man” jobber mask. His cape is pretty much balla deluxe though. Catrina has some kind of red stone covered with a cloth that Striker plays up as being important.

Muertes attacks before the bell, and just pummels the hell out of Demon early on. Muertes wants to brawl, but Demon is wrestling.
I believe Jim Ross would refer to what is happening in ring as a “slobberknocker.” It’s more or less a total hoss fight with Mil Muertes picking up the win with a flatliner.

After the match Muertes keeps beating on Demon bringing a chair wielding Chavo out of the back. Muertes bails and Blue Demon Jr. goes to thank Chavo only to get waffled by him with the chairshot to the dome!

Chavo starts pounding on the now prone Blue Demon Jr. as the audience begins to chant, “Culero,” and “Eres… PUTO!!!” at him.

Some refs come out but Chavo lays them out too. Random wrestlers come out of the back to stop Chavo but he wrecks house on them too.

Another chair shot to Blue Demon Jr. brings Sexy Star rushing into the ring from the back to try and talk some sense to Chavo. CRACK! Sexy Star takes a chair shot to the head. Chavo gives one more to Blue Demon Jr. for good measure.

Chavo soaks in the boos as the stretcher comes out. He’s sets up the chair and is sitting in the middle of the ring laughing as the medics put a neck brace on Blue Demon Jr. and load him onto the stretcher. Once the stretcher is loaded, Chavo uses Blue Demon Jr.’s leg to play tug of war with the paramedics. He punches the injured luchador some more before the medics finally get Blue Demon Jr. out of the ring. Chavo bows in the center of the ring and blows a kiss to Sexy Star. Blue Demon Jr. is put into an ambulance and it zooms away from the temple as the show comes to a close.

Winner: Mil Muertes 

The match between Demon and Muertes was a decent enough boss fight if you like that sort of thing, but the post match heel turn of Chavo seemed rushed. I mean I get why it happened with the condescension from Dario after his match a week earlier, but during the tag team match he was so happy go lucky. I think if they put off Chavo’s heel turn for another week or two it would have felt less rushed.

Final Thoughts:

I thought this was another solid show from Lucha Underground. The in ring action continues to be fast-paced and high-flying and the backstage stuff is really engaging and well produced. Again the pacing of the show is pretty much perfect. There hasn’t been a single wasted segment yet and each match, backstage segment and video package serves to further one or two storylines.


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