Mr. Pogo vs. Kim Duk (WING September 27, 1992)

You had a good run Mr. Pogo’s Boot, but all good things must come to an end and in this match with Kim Duk you did not come into play at all, and I, for one, found the match to be lacking because of it.

Also coming to an end this match?  Mr. Pogo’s alliance with Victor Quiñones.  For reasons the promo package at the beginning don’t make clear (or maybe they do in Japanese) Pogo’s out and Quiñones has got a new “No. 1,” the one time Tiger Chung Lee, Kim Duk.

The match is nothing special really.  They brawl all around the arena and hit each other in the head with things (though sadly not either of Mr. Pogo’s cowboy boots) just like in every other WING match.  There aren’t any crazy stipulations: no barbed wire, no fire, no explosions.  The match is apparently a Falls Count Anywhere match because Kim makes a couple pinfall attempts outside of the ring and ultimately picks up the win after a piledriver in the stands.

Following the victory Kim brings Pogo into the ring to beat him down.  The beat down is going swimmingly until Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, in keeping with Mr. Pogo WING match tradition, runs down to the ring post-match, only this time instead of beating the crap out of Pogo he helps him fight off Kim and Quiñones, and the match comes to a close with Matsunaga, Pogo, Crash the Terminator and some dude I didn’t recognize shaking hands and forming some sort of alliance against the dastardly Quiñones.


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