Ahmed Johnson vs. Goldust (WWF King of the Ring June 23, 1996)

Oh the gay panic involved in this match! In the weeks leading up to the King of the Ring, Goldust gave an injured Ahmed Johnson mouth to mouth resuscitation. The fact that another man had put his lips on his own was too much for the uber-heterosexual Ahmed Johnson to bear and so he put on his forty-seven kneepads and his booty shorts and challenged Goldust to a match…a match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship!

The match starts out with Ahmed Johnson busting out of the entrance area, knocking over dudes dressed as squires and rushing to the ring to hoss the fuck out on Goldust for a couple minutes.  Clotheslines and power slams abound before Goldust mounts some offense of his own.

Goldust ends up “knocking out” Ahmed Johnson and once again gives him mouth to mouth enraging Ahmed who in a flurry of offense overpowers Goldust and picks up the win and championship gold.

When all is said and done it’s a pretty mediocre match. Vince McMahon’s commentary about Goldust is pretty grating and reminds me a lot of the commentary from WWE 2KWhatever games in that he repeats the same phrases again and again.  Owen Hart on commentary is probably the high point of the entire thing with honorable mention going to Marlena for reminding me about mid-90s Marlena.


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