Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee (ECW High Incident October 26, 1996)

Scaffold matches are usually pretty lame. There are punches, an occasional kick, and then someone falls. The only thing anyone cares about in a scaffold match is the fall. No one cares much about the extremely limited wrestling match that transpires before the fall, so for that reason this is my favorite scaffold match.

The first part of the match is a mid-90s ECW brawl with Dreamer and Lee fighting in the crowd with garbage cans, chairs, and a jack o’lantern among other things. By the time they actually climb the scaffold Dreamer’s already split open.

Once atop the scaffold there are a few punches, a low blow or two, a DDT, and a couple blocked attempts of tossing someone over the edge before Dreamer finally throws Lee from the scaffold into a heap of tables.

Because they more or less limit the scaffold to a spot in a standard issue ECW brawl the overall match works a lot better for me than the standard “two guys punching each other for eight minutes high above the ring before one of them falls” scaffold match, though your mileage may vary.


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